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  • Fotoultra Redness Rojeces Spf50 50ml Fotoultra Redness Rojeces Spf50 50ml
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    Fotoultra Redness Redness Spf50 50ml

    it is a facial cream with high sun protection designed for redness-prone skin. Formulated with K-ox Eyes technology to reduce redness, SPF50 to protect from UV rays, and niacinamide to soothe and moisturize the skin. Light and non-comedogenic texture, ideal for sensitive skin. Ait helps to prevent and conceal redness, providing a smooth and protected...

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  • Avene Cleanance 400 ml
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    Avene Cleanance cleansing Gel 400 ml

    Does not include soap in its formulation. Brings purification to the epidermis. Respects the physiological pH of the skin. Creates a effect Seborregulador and soothing on the skin. Presents high tolerance. Your presentation is done in a format of savings in 400 ml.

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  • Bio Oil 60 ml
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    Bio Oil 60 ml

    Bio Oil 60 ml innovative treatment anti dryness of the skin and pathologies type stretch marks or scars. Thanks to purcellin Oil is a product sold as it contains Vitamins A and E with natural oils calenduila, lavender and rosemary as well as chamomile. It is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. For all skin types. Even sensitive

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  • Caudalie Agua de Uva 200 ml
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    Caudalie Grape Water 200 ml

    Natural Hydration: Uses the antioxidant and nourishing power of grape water to provide instant hydration and restore skin balance Versatility in skin care: It can be used as a facial tonic, makeup fixative or simply as a refreshing spray during the day to revitalize the skin Natural Ingredients: Reflects Caudalie's commitment to natural beauty by using...

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  • Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Claro Light 30 ml
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    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Light Color Light 30 ml

    Effective Sun Protection: Rosacure Intensive SPF 30 protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays, preventing premature aging Natural Foundation: Its light shade acts as a foundation, providing an even and radiant appearance Sensitive Skin Friendly: Formulated for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, reduces inflammation and redness Simplify Your Routine:...

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  • Avene Antirojeces Crema Spf30 40ml + Agua termal 50ml
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    Avene Anti Redness Cream Spf30 40ml + Thermal Water 50ml...

    Sun protection Relief of redness Complete care Positive opinions

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  • Rosacure Fast Crema Gel 30 ml
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    Rosacure Fast Cream Gel 30 ml

    Effective Sun Protection: Rosacure Fast Gel Cream 30 ml offers an SPF30 to protect the skin against sun damage and premature aging Rosacea Relief: Its soothing formula reduces inflammation and redness, relieving the symptoms of rosacea Balanced Hydration: Maintains the natural hydration balance of the skin, avoiding dryness and irritation Versatility: It...

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  • Sawa Escamas de Sirena Sawa Escamas de Sirena
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    Sawa Scales Mermaid 33 ml

    Epigenetic action. Anti-aging effect. Antioxidant Moisturizer and protector of your skin. Haze Facial. Easy to apply. Protection against blue Light.

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  • Sesderma Azelac Crema 50 ml
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    Sesderma Azelac Cream 50 ml

    Sesderma Azelac Cream 50 ml Promotion

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  • La Roche Posay Agua Termal 150 ml
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    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 150 ml

    Relieves sensitive and irritated skin. Protects against external factors. Prevents skin aging. Prevents cellular oxidation. It creates a sense of calm, softens and decongests. It can be applied on children and adults.

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  • Rosacure Intensive Spf30 Emulsion 30 ml
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    Rosacure Intensive Spf30 Emulsion 30 ml

    Effective Sun Protection: Rosacure Intensive SPF30 Emulsion 30 ml offers a solid defense against UV damage, with SPF30 Rosacea Relief: Formulated for sensitive skin, this emulsion soothes the inflammation and redness associated with rosacea Balanced Hydration: Maintains the natural hydration level of the skin, avoiding dryness and irritation Light and...

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  • Declare Couperose Solution 50ml
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    Declare Couperose Solution 50ml

    Take care of sensitive skin. Complete treatment. Reduces redness. Protects the skin. Decreases sensitivity. Take care of your complexion.

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  • Avene Antirojeces Emulsion Dia Spf30 40 ml
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    Avene Antirojeces Moisturizer Day Spf20 40ml

    Avene Antirojeces Moisturizer Day Spf20 40ml

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  • La Roche Posay Agua Termal 300 ml
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    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 300 ml

    Includes antioxidants. Provides a sense of calm. Can be applied to face and body with sensitive skin. Improves skin cleansing. It causes greater toning and freshness in the skin. Prevents skin aging.

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  • Leti Sr Spf20 Crema Antirojeces 40 ml
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    Leti Sr Spf20 Cream Antirojeces 40 ml

    Leti SR anti-redness Cream is a cream for redness intermittent and permanent. Redensificador skin with active protectors of microcapillaries.

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  • Leti Sr Spf20 Crema Antirojeces Color 40 ml
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    Leti Sr Spf20 Cream Antirojeces Color 40 ml

    Leti SR anti-redness Cream 40ml with color is a cream for tramaiento of problems cutaneos as cuperosis, at the best price of non-pharmaceutical chemist online.

    24,95 € -19.0585% 20,19 €
  • Leti Sr Serum 30 ml
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    Leti Sr Serum 30 ml

    The Serum Anti-redness Leti Sr is a concentrated formula and ultra-restorative is indicated for the daily care of the sensitive skin with redness (erythema facial because eritosis, cuperosis and/or RosAcea Subtype 1) and post-lAser vascular facial.

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  • Repavar Regeneradora Aceite Rosa Mosqueta 15 ml + Pomada Reparadora 15 ml Repavar Regeneradora Aceite Rosa Mosqueta 15 ml + Pomada Reparadora 15 ml
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    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml + Cream...

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml, repairs scars of all kinds and burns, good for all type of skins for the body and face care, it is an oil of 100% of purity that brings smoothness and elasticity to your skin, both face and body. They come in two formats for your application Roll-On and Account drops. Now gift hand cream 50 ml

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  • La Roche Posay Solucion Micelar 750 ml
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    La Roche Posay Micellar Water 750 ml

    Micellar water ultra sensitive skin in sizes of 750 milliliters. Cleanses the skin while removing makeup effectively. Leaves skin unimportant dirt. Soothes and refreshes the skin without drying it out. With physiological pH no soap. no alcohol. no dyes. paraben free. 

    18,95 € -21.6475% 14,85 €
  • Sesderma SENSYNES ROS Cleanser 200 ml
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    Sesderma Sensyses Ros Cleanser 200 ml

    Sesderma Sensyses Rs Cleanser 200 ml new in format nanotechnology in the service of your skin. Capture impurities of all kinds, water-soluble and fat-soluble. Are bubbles smart that trap all kinds of toxins and excess make-up to your step. Specially designed for sensitive skin or redness. Is the make-up remover for skins with rosacea.

    11,95 € -20% 9,56 €
  • Repavar Regeneradora Aceite Advance 15 ml + Mascarilla Repavar Regeneradora Aceite Advance 15 ml + Mascarilla
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    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml a formula enhanced with dual power for healing, best formula, and that is far more effective, with studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. In account format drops secures all the effectiveness that you need to be able to enjoy all the regenerative power and healing of the rosa mosqueta pure repavar.

    16,00 € -10.8926% 14,25 €
  • Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Dorado Brown 30 ml
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    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Golden Brown 30 ml

    Effective Sun Protection: Rosacure Intensive SPF 30 protects against UV damage, preventing premature aging Natural Finish: Its golden shade provides a radiant and even appearance, acting as a foundation Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Formulated for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, reduces inflammation and redness Simplify the Routine: Combine sun...

    33,70 € -24.3481% 25,49 €
  • Dderma Jabon Coco Glicerina 100 g Dderma Jabon Coco Glicerina 100 g
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    Dderma Soap Coconut Glycerin 100 g

    Helps to cleanse and soften the skin It has a creamy texture and is very gentle on the skin It is free of raw or refined ingredients and contains no chemicals or artificial colors It has a soft and sweet coconut aroma

    3,00 € -20.1613% 2,40 €

The Cuperosis is a chronic disease in which dilate the capillaries, most of all those of the cheeks and on the nose, so that the skin is reddened with the temperature changes of both the cold as well as heat, physical activity, stress, spicy food, alcohol, or caffeine.

When we are exposed to these elements, it is normal to produce vasodilation capillary, in the normal state and after a time, these blood vessels become contracted, however, when you are suffering from cuperosis costs incurred again.

What appearance is Cuperosis?

Expands capillaries are known as telangiectasias, which have the appearance of a spider's web under the skin and show up as redness, for what is seen mainly in the cheeks, cheekbones and sides of the nose.

In addition, they usually have the shape of a star with relief, and a red dot central, at that time, the skin tends to find very sensitive and tends to be dry or dry trend.

What makes it worse Cuperosis?

To be treated as a chronic medical condition, it is advisable to avoid the situations that make it appear outbreaks or for worse, and these factors are:

  • Avoid climatic extremes, such as heat or cold, as the sun, wind, humidity, pollution or contamination, pollen, or even the smoke as tobacco or of the cars.
  • Situations that cause stress, as this process generates the secretion of hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline and inflammation, and worsening of the expansion of the blood vessels.
  • External factors, such as products that come in contact with the skin to become more sensitive and easy to irritate, such as perfumes, detergents, irritants, corticosteroid creams, baths or showers with very hot water, saunas, hot spicy foods, excess of alcohol.

Is it possible to cure the Cuperosis?

The Cuperosis is a benign problem of the skin, but it is a medical condition chronic skin, and the realization of a Treatment Cuperosis leads to the improvement in the condition of the skin, in addition, can eradicate telangiectasia with topical treatments, oral and medical-aesthetic.

Among the Treatments Cuperosis more effective, faster and with better results, it is specifically the device IPL laser or pulsed light.

For the dosage of this treatment should be to check the number of dilated vessels and their size, with the aim of reducing the redness of diffuse skin and for its maintenance it is recommended that you perform medical checks annually.

Another treatment that aims to eradicate the visible veins, is the vascular lasers that can be mixed with the IPL, it eradicates directly to the blood vessel dilated and visible.

What care they can provide to the skin with Cuperosis?

It is relevant to note that the skin with cuperosis tends to be very sensitive, which is why the products that we use must respect the tenderness of the skin and avoid all the chemicals that will irritate.

It is not recommended to use soaps that, even though they are natural, they will dry too much the skin and leave it tight, so that for this type of skin are advised mild cleaners, such as the new lipid compact that are soft and do not irritate the skin.

The water micellar usually leave feeling more dryness of the skin, so it is recommended to use a micellar water specifically for skin with redness and even then use a tonic lotion that you can carry, azulene, rose water, oat or probiotics.

Is to avoid essential sun exposure and use sunscreen high protection, at the same time that you can use makeup or Creams Cuperosis to cover the redness and unify the tone, since this type of makeup is too matte, it is quite smooth and leaves a more natural result.

For these reasons it is advised that your use is by means of the placing of the product on the palm of the hand heat a little and add a few drops of oil, the oils that contain hemp that meets the purpose of calming the skin.

Is there an oral treatment for the Cuperosis?

Until the time has not discovered an oral treatment that is specific to redness by vasodilation, although if there is one to the cuperosis, improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels, so it is recommended to intake:

  • Antioxidants.
  • Supplements that improve the microcirculation as the horse-chestnut or the gingko biloba, which will bring a large amount of rutósidos and flavonoids.
  • Vitamins of group B, specifically Niacin or vitamin B3.
  • Fatty acid EPA, which will help to improve the flexibility of the skin.

Are there home remedies for Cuperosis?

There is recipes that can be prepared at home that can help with this problem, as is the tonic lotion in rose water and aloe vera gel.

To make rose water can bring calmness to the skin and when combined with aloe vera gel can be used in the form of tonic lotion with a cotton pad, to the time that it can be used after removing the masks for the removal of his remains.

Another homemade is the mask with oatmeal and yoghurt, which is made by dissolving the oatmeal in warm water until it becomes like a dough and let it rest, so after a while the oatmeal has absorbed all the water.

Being necessary the use of 100 ml of water with two tablespoons of oatmeal, crushed fine, but without getting flour and then add a tablespoon of honey.

While it is still tempered placed two tablespoons of natural yoghurt, to be the most recommended yogurt, and homemade that is dense, then mix it well and let cool.

When it is cool the mixture should be placed in the face to the mask for 15 minutes and finally rinse with warm water, to later put on a tonic lotion.

In addition, there is the mask of rice flour and kefir can be prepared using two tablespoons of kefir and a spoon of rice flour, which must be mixed well and use it directly in the face as a mask.

Like the yogurt and oatmeal should be clarified later with warm water and remove it and then dry with a muslin soft.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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