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Clomid it is a brand that has a selection of products for topical use that halves the risk of suffering from pressure ulcers, since it has been developed with specific formulations for skin care.

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  • Corpitol Emulsion 100ml
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    Corpitol Emulsion 100ml

    Texture of emulsion. Supports the treatment of dry skin and devitalized. Collaborates with cell regeneration and microcirculation It strengthens the epidermal barrier.

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  • Corpitol Oil 20ml
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    Corpitol Oil 20ml

    Remedies and cares for delicate skin. Take care of your skin between the risk of chafing. It requires the use of a few drops.

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  • Corpitol Oil 50ml
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    Corpitol Oil 50ml

    Format sprayer. Texture of oil. Treats and cares for the skin in the area of risk. You can perform a gentle massage to apply. Their results last for a longer time.

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  • Corpitol Milk 40g
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    Corpitol Milk 40g

    Includes essential fatty acids hiperoxigenados. Provides moisturizing qualities. Improvement of flexibility and firmness. Helps to soothe the itching.

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Each product includes a composition that favors the maintenance of normal oxygenation of tissues that are under pressure, preventing dehydration of the skin, repairing the lipid barrier and increasing its resistance.

Each of the products of this brand provides a lot of benefits, since it includes components that improve hydration and improve the function of the hydrolipidic barrier, while calming and caring for skin with risk of ulceration.

Why use Corpitol?

In order to effectively prevent the appearance of ulcers it is of great importance to preserve the skin intact and with the best scenario, to prevent injuries and this is generated as a result of the contribution of hyperoxygenated fatty acids.

These fatty acids provide essential fatty acids, which cannot be produced naturally by the body and must be provided exogenously, either through food or by topical application.

With the use of this compound a large number of skin problems are improved, such as skin dryness, decreased elasticity, resistance, among others; since it causes an improvement in the barrier function of the skin.

This function is associated with the amount of linoleic acid that the skin has, since it collaborates with the conservation of the integrity of the same, at the same time that favors the moistening of the skin barrier and prevents the excessive loss of transepidermal water.

The reduction of the storage of this essential fatty acid is usually due to the passage of time and is associated with the integrity of the epidermal barrier, so Clomid it has created various health products aimed at improving this disease.

Its products have been formulated with a vegetable oil solution that has a large amount of hyperoxygenated fatty acids, which have been mixed with:

  • Linoleic acid, which is also known as Omega 6 and generates effective results in preserving the integrity of the skin.

  • Tocopherol acetate or Vitamin E: it provides a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • A delicious fragrance that favors the application of the treatment.

The Corpitol offers they have been made in order to care for and treat the skin of patients, since it has elements that are of great importance for the conservation of the cutaneous trophicity.

What are the benefits Corpitol provides?

The products of this beneficial line have a selection of essential fatty acids that have gone through a process of hyperoxygenation in order to generate the following benefits:

  • Improves blood microcirculation reducing the risk of suffering from ischemia.

  • It makes the repair process of epidermal cells easier.

  • Increase cellular fixation of the epidermis.

  • It promotes the resistance of the skin to the various elements that generate pressure ulcers.

  • Prevents skin dehydration from arising.

  • Provides superior care against friction.

  • Decreases skin weakness.

  • Reduces deterioration caused by free radicals.

The formulation of Corpitol Oil it is similar to the products used in health, social and residential centers in Spain, since it has an optimal content of AGHO that prevents the appearance of PU grade I.

At the same time that its use generates an improvement in the protection of the perilesional skin and prevents the recurrence of vascular ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

Although, it is recommended before starting any type of treatment to a patient to be reviewed by health personnel, as they may prescribe:

  • The formats in oil that favor the prevention of pressure ulcers in bedridden patients.

  • The milk and emulsion formats are formulated in order to prevent and treat trophic disorders of the skin, caused as a result of chronic venous insufficiency, improving the condition of the skin of venous ulcers, among others.

These pluripatological patients know the importance of providing optimal care to the skin due to its pathology, giving it greater dedication compared to another person who is not in this situation.

It is essential that the patient intervenes in the prevention and treatment of their pathology, being important the use of this type of products managing to reduce the appearance of ulcers and their complications.

This type of products prevents deterioration of the quality of life of patients and time preventing you from having to attend a specialist in order to treat an injury of this type, so the Price of Corpitol it is considered according to its benefits.

Why use Corpitol Oil?

The Corpitol Oil it has been formulated for the prevention in the appearance of pressure ulcers, since these are lesions that are difficult to heal, so it is the primary problem of people who are immobilized for a large amount of time.

Being advisable to use it for prevention which is the best treatment for ulcers, being able to use them in the company of scrubs and postural changes:

  • General care: it is advisable to make a diet with high protein content, consuming a large amount of liquids and electrolytes to preserve hydration and correct glycemia levels, in company with this oil.

  • Local care: the points of support of the body must be controlled, applying this product applying a gentle massage on the skin to collaborate with the restoration of capillarity of the areas that necrotize more easily and improves circulation.

Its use is recommended for the prevention and treatment of erythema support of the skin, being suggested its use about 2 to 3 applications a day, improving strength, calm and care of the skin of the risk area.

It is important that the massage is applied gently, without generating pain and provides a result that lasts longer, since it repairs the hydrolipidic barrier that protects the skin making the repair of epidermal cells easier.

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