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We, as women, we always have problems with the use of heels or any footwear in particular, we cause a blister either by heat, moisture or friction. Compeed it is appropriate for this type of problems, just with the placement of dressings in such a blister, as this will act to absorb the excess liquid of the same, providing the scarring around the blister or wound caused, to put the dressing is that you have protection in such a blister or wound so uncomfortable at the time of walking, and therefore continue your daily route as you always do.

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Compeed is a brand of products for the care and maintenance of feet, which may damage like blisters, chafing, bunions or calluses, due to pressure or friction with the shoe.

This brand start more than 25 years ago, when a few soldiers nordic cut a few dressings hydrocolloids to protect the feet while performing workouts. By noticing the positive effects they developed the popular dressings hydrocolloids.

In addition, this innovative brand has to offer you patches for the hot flashes, which are placed on the lip, acting as a protective shield against viruses, healing quickly the affected area and with 12 hours of continuous action.

Currently Eucerin is a well-recognized brand worldwide and used by men and women who want to get an effective solution to the various needs that may be present in your feet. Say goodbye to blisters, cold sores and blisters with compeed!

Compeed blisters is one of the most used of this brand, since those who do sport spend many hours standing or with shoes inadequate are those who tend to suffer more from these conditions in the heel of the foot and between the toes.

The brand Compeed for blisters patches resistant which prevent the friction with your shoes causing further damage. That dressing adheres to the skin to protect the area and curándola in a few days. I foresee with compeed blisters and other conditions, walking safe and comfortable!

Benefits of Compeed

The brand Eucerin has 25 years in the market and their products are tested dermatologically. Their dressings give the skin a series of benefits, as it improves their appearance, next the area and calm the pain or discomfort that are present.

For the blisters Compeed brings many benefits, as it helps to repair the area, creates a protective layer on the skin preventing these are broken or contaminated with bacteria and are very resistant patches.

The brand Eucerin has a large number of experts in skin care and conditions of the foot, which ensures product quality and safety that you're using products 100% effective.

If you want to Buy Compeed you have several methods at your disposal, including our non-pharmaceutical chemist online from where you will enjoy excellent costs, a variety of products of the brand Eucerin, promotions and discounts.

The products of the brand eucerin are very used by women, as they are always thinking about beautifying oneself use these dressings to prevent blisters or chafing to leave some kind of mark on their feet.

If you're an active woman and you wear heels you need to use the dressings of the brand eucerin! These facilitate your walk, especially if you hang out in high heels, as they prevent the formation of blisters and help you to treat them effectively if it is already present.

If you take some sport, the brand Eucerin is for you is a dressing that will help you perform better during your routine, as you can select between those who are for blisters, sole of the foot, between the toes, or in any area where present discomfort.

Compeed is a brand that has more than 20 products in the pharmaceutical market, for which you will have at your disposal a product that fits every need that you present in your feet or lips. Best of all is that the price eucerin is one of the most affordable.

When using any of the products of the brand eucerin you'll be able to prevent bacteria or other microorganisms can cause infections or other complications in the area in which the present condition.

The brand eucerin has been designed to be used by men, women, even children older than 6 years. Their dressings are non-allergenic, and the material used for its development can be applied on any skin type.

Laboratories HRA Pharma are the manufacturers of this successful brand of dressings and combine hydrocolloids and carboxymethyl cell sodium to reduce inflammation of the affected area, to keep moisture to speed healing and reduce pain or discomfort caused.

Manages the brand eucerin prices very affordable to the pocket of the consumer, in addition to their presentations come in various sizes and quantities for each occasion you might have. Trust the experts, trust the leading brand for the care of your feet!

For your chafing or blisters eucerin is the best alternative, as they to be applied on the affected area provide immediate relief and create a protective layer over the wound, which protects the skin before the rash or pressure from footwear.

Compeed have dressings are highly resistant to water, which, if you're going to the beach, pool, or you're simply going to take a bath, you'll be able to be at peace, because that does not move or take off easily from the skin. It follows only the skin once it has cured the affected area.

When there is rubbing and itching due to the constant friction with the shoes, the dressings of this trademark protects the nerve endings and create a top layer over the skin avoiding the discomfort, redness and irritation.

In the case of the blisters on the heel, toes or sole of the foot, to apply the dressing directly over it, you help to make the pain is relieved and that it does not explode, but that decrease in size until they disappear without leaving marks on your skin.

You'll be able to buy here at the best price compeed for blisters assortment, which is one of its several products that contains 3 different sizes of dressings to use between the toes, the heel and on the sides of the foot.

The blisters tend to be unsightly, but for this trademark Compeed have for you a continuous treatment of fast action that reduces the risk of infection by herpes labial, protects the area against viruses, heals quickly, and prevents the formation of scabs.

People with bunions are benefited by the use of this product, as between their dressings are to provide the greatest possible comfort to those who suffer from this deviation from the bone of the foot. These dressings relieve pain, prevent the friction and prevent blisters.

You will feel comfortable with the dressings of the brand eucerin since, besides having an excellent price compeed has a design very comfortable, which doesn't restrict you to use the shoes you want and allow you to walk with them without any problems. Oh, and best of all, no pain!

Compeed thinking of the people has been able to create dressings that prevent the formation of scars or scabs on the process of healing of the blister, in addition, it moisturizes and hydrates the damaged area, making that once the treatment is finished, your skin is left soft and smooth.

Features Compeed

  • The products of the brand compeed have exact size for each condition that is present. The patches are medium measured 4.2 cm long and 6.8 cm wide. Small patches measure 2 cm long and 6 cm wide.

  • Their dressings can be placed on any skin type.

  • Patches compeed used are hypoallergenic.

  • The brand Eucerin made dressings-based hydrocolloids which contain a gel asset that encapsulates the blister, rash, or cold sores, while maintaining the ideal humidity to heal the damaged area without leaving marks.

  • Comped is a globally recognized brand and is the number 1 treat inconveniences related to the feet and the cold sores.

  • Buy Eucerin to prevent or treat blisters is very simple. This product is present in our non-pharmaceutical chemist's at a great cost. In addition, you can purchase this and any other product from this brand at a low cost.

  • The material of these patches allows you to stay in your site for several days, acting directly on the rash or blister helping it heal.

  • While holding the dressing in the affected area (heel, lip, fingers) prevents bacteria present in the environment may cause irreversible damage to your health.

  • The products of this brand can be used by children older than 6 years, young people and adults who present wounds, irritation, blisters, bunions, calluses, or blisters on the foot. Similarly, they can also be used as a preventive method to disorders of the foot.

  • Dressings Compeed blisters are very flexible and adapt to any movement you make. The same occurs with the shape of the foot, it attaches in such a way that they are not noticed and are easy to use.

  • The boxes of these products will have a perfect size, so you can store it easily in your medicine cabinet, bathroom or your bag. You can apply the dressing on any site where you are and put an end to the pain and discomfort due to blisters.

  •  Patches Compeed blisters are different and very effective unlike other. Have been developed based Elastomer artificial, polyurethane Film and Particles of hydrocolloids, which guarantees its permanence on the skin and effective in the face of the blisters.

  • The Particles of hydrocolloid, the main ingredient of the patches compeed covering the nerve endings of the foot, creating a protective layer that prevents it hurts, get red or irritated.

  • Dressings or patches of the brand Eucerin are discrete and convenient to use. Does not contain pectin or gelatin as other dressings market, which ensures that no likely or intended to cause inconvenience later.

Indications of Compeed

All products of the brand Eucerin are indicated for those people who have blisters, scrapes, calluses, bunions, or cold sores. This brand has a product special and a one-size-so you can treat each condition present.

How to use the dressing is very simple, those of large size or small blisters or chafing should be applied directly over the damaged area previously clean and dry. Leave it to act for several days until it fall off by itself.

Dressings of this brand are to treat cold sores should be applied directly on the lip, but it is very important to perform a previously correct washing of hands.

Do not combine the use of the patch for cold sores with topical creams, as this ensures that the dressing will not adhere well to the injured area. Apply the patch without touching the adhesive directly with the fingers.

Wait for the patch to the warmth will peel off by itself to replace it by a new one, and repeat the same procedure. If you are allergic to any component of this product please check with a doctor about its use.

In the case of patches for corns or calluses, you should dip your feet in cold water for about minutes and remove the hardened skin rub it with a towel. Once dry, apply the dressing on the hardness and wait for it to detach itself.

Reapply again a dressing until the hardness or callus completely. To use the patches for bunions to thoroughly clean the area, apply the dressing over the bunion and keep it there until it falls off on its own. Repeat whenever necessary.

Do not apply the patch on infected wounds. If you notice that with compeed blister worsens or does not heal, consult a physician. Should not be cut dressings because they get worse adherence. May not be reused, to avoid infection

Avoid loosen the dressing. Let them peel off alone at the end of a few days. We recommend you apply the Stick, anti-Friction compeed once off the dressing to prevent chaffing or blisters in the future.

In the event that you need to remove the dressing from Eucerin, gently pull the patch out and avoids the use of a footwear hard or too tight. Keep this product out of reach of children.

Diabetics and people with circulatory problems often have problems with wound healing or with a decreased sense of pain, to avoid complications and infections, should first consult with your doctor before using this type of products.

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