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Colantur is the complement dietary collagen ideal as a dietary supplement, recommended by professionals and ideal for covering nutritional deficiencies.

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  • Colnatur Complex Curcuma 250 g Colnatur Complex Curcuma 250 g
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Colnatur Complex Curcuma 250 g

    Collagen naturally with vitamin C, magnesium, hyaluronic acid and turmeric to the care of joints and bones. With 1 gram of turmeric po oma 12.5 grams each day is a complement diary of your food helping to improve skin, cartilage, bones, skin, and fatigue.

    19,95 € -26.8321% 14,60 €
  • Colnatur Classic Vanilla 300 g
    Colnatur Classic Vanilla 300 g

    Colnatur Classic Vanilla 300 g a formula with natural collagen of animal origin that enriches your food in a formula with collagen to improve the joints and huesoso, ideal for deficiency states and for shots with more than 35 years where we started with the deficit in the food journal. With vanilla flavor, you'll be able to use it daily in a simple way

    16,01 € -21.9244% 12,50 €
  • Colnatur Sport Strawberry 330 g
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Colnatur Sport Strawberry 330 g

    Colnatur Sport Strawberry 330 g

    16,00 € -8.7688% 14,60 €
  • Colnatur Complex Fruits of the Forest 345 g Colnatur Complex Fruits of the Forest 345 g
    Colnatur Complex Fruits of the Forest 345 g

    Colnatur Complex Collagen Natural Fruits of the Forest 330 grams a natural aid to the bones, joints, and vitamin C enriched with hyaluronic Acid improves every day, your body. Enough with each scoop of the day to be able to notice better results in your joints and movement.

    19,95 € -32.3594% 13,50 €
  • Colnatur fruits of the forest
    Colnatur Classic Fruits of the forest 315 g

    Colnatur Classic Fruits of the forest 315 g is a complex food that contains as the main ingredient and collagen protein hydrolyzed in a very natural way, easily assimilated and more pure.

    16,01 € -21.9244% 12,50 €
  • Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g
    Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g

    Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g is the formulas more complete colnatur colagenos, is a formula with collagen plus magnesium, complete with a formula designed for athletes and people from overuse of joints need a daily reinforcement and a contribution of collagen to the greater of the food. great food supplement with quality colnatur.

    18,00 € -18.8875% 14,60 €
  • Colnatur Complex Neutral 330 g Colnatur Complex Neutral 330 g
    Colnatur Complex Neutral 330 g

    Colnatur Complex Neutral 330 g a natural collagen which is comparable with pure magnesium, vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid in a protein that takes care of the huesoso, muscles, and joints.

    18,95 € -28.787% 13,50 €
  • Colnatur Sport Limon 345 g
    Colnatur Sport Limon 345 g

    Colnatur Sport Lemon 345 g a formula of collagen, enriched in magnesium, manganese and essential vitamins deficiency states and in the united maxima requirement, Athletes and people that do Sport on a regular basis as runners or runners are perfect to start with colnatur sport lemon at the best price of the promotional offer.

    18,00 € -18.8875% 14,60 €
  • Colnatur Complex Vanilla 330 g
    Colnatur Complex Vanilla 330 g

    Colnatur Complex Vanilla 330 g a food supplement with collagen plus hyaluronic acid for daily use. improve the joints, bones, already taking it daily aportaras the deficiencies that the food daily has products that improve joint problems or related to bones.

    19,95 € -32.3594% 13,50 €
  • Colnatur Forte 30 Tablets
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Colnatur Forte 30 Tablets

    Excellent for strengthening bones.Relieves joint discomfort for their analgesic properties.Contains optimal amounts of collagen.Double action for their composition on bilayer.Excellent anti-inflammatory.Rich in vitamin C.

    20,00 € -25.255% 14,95 €
  • Colnatur Osteodense Chocolate Flavor 285g
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Colnatur Osteodense Chocolate Flavor 285g

    Food supplement. Collaborate with the care of bones. Promotes joints. Reduces fatigue. Reduces fatigue. It includes a delicious chocolate flavor.

    17,95 € -11.1421% 15,95 €
  • Colnatur natural flavor
    Out of stock
    Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g

    Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g is a food supplement created by laboratories pharmaceutical compound in 95% by protein bioasimiliable of collagen that will help you to recover from injuries or to cope with muscle aches and arthritic pain. it is extracted from raw all-natural.

    16,01 € -34.3643% 10,50 €
  • Colnatur Osteodense Vanilla Flavor 255g
    Out of stock
    Colnatur Osteodense Vanilla Flavor 255g

    It has been clinically proven. It generates better dissolution. Does not include gluten. It includes few sugars and lactose. Does not include fats. Vanilla flavor.

    17,95 € -11.1421% 15,95 €

Colnatur is a product that generates a lot of benefits for the body since it is made from protein-hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C, with an extra hyaluronic acid and magnesium.

This food supplement helps to efficiently protect the structure of the joints, bones, muscles, gums, teeth and skin, while reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

It has been specially crafted to be consumed by those people who want a care the natural way, when you perform moderate physical exercise, you may feel tired or fatigue, in the same time have a special care of the skin, especially after 40 years.

Benefits of Colnatur

Colnatur is made from collagen, which is an abundant protein in the body, as this is included in the structure of the bones, as well as which form the joints, such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, and skin.

Colnatur helps to replace the collagen that with the passing of the years goes consuming and affecting a variety of situations as are sobrentrenamiento, trauma, being overweight, among others.

Colnatur prevents efficiently the collagen of the body to lose density and flexibility, managing to avoid the suffering of discomfort or pain in the joints and bones, to the time that avoids any wrinkles in the skin.

This food supplement is made of a type of collagen that is absorbed easily and quickly by the body, thanks to the innovative process of hydrolysis and degreasing it is made by generating it more digestible and assimilable.

  • It is suggested for people who need to improve and maintain good health in the bones and joints, while providing them with a skin more elastic and radiant.

  • It is specially developed for people who suffer from pain in the joints caused by wear and tear, aging or trauma, especially in athletes, overweight people and women who have more than 40 years.

  • You need the intake of a small dose that should be taken every day that can be taken in one or two servings, preferably before beginning the day.

  • The results are beginning to notice after consuming this supplement for a period of between one month to three months, initially you will feel the decrease in the pain that is felt in the joints.

  • The benefits generated by the intake of this supplement will last while you eat every day, because that was recommended to your intake so indeterminate.

  • It is a product that can be ingested after being diluted in water or other liquid food, it is recommended to shake well to dissolve in the best way.

  • Does not generate any kind of negative consequences, such as the collagen that includes it is a food of natural origin and does not reverse to other foods or medicines.

  • It is suggested intake of Colnatur at the time of a diet reduction measures, since it does not include sugar or fat and gives you a feeling of satiating and anti-sagging features.

  • Does not generate allergies as it does not include among its ingredients lactose, other sugars, or gluten.

  • Colnatur is made with a neutral flavor that can be consumed with any liquid food and its presentation is prepared in a container of 300 grams.

  • Included in its formulation vitamin C, the collagen protein hydrolyzed with the aim of increasing their qualities, as this vitamin helps to increase the normal generation and natural collagen.

  • Colnatur is a product or food supplement containing collagen protein so it works better because it is of natural origin, with a high percentage of this protein and a high degree of hydrolysis or assimilation.

Display Results Colnatur

The main question that arises at the time of ingesting Collagen Colnatur to the daily diet is about the time in which it will be able to feel the effects of eating the recommended daily dose, which is 10g.

It is of great importance to take into account that the assessment of the results will depend on two key factors which include the age and the initial state of the person, taking into account health status, lifestyle habits, diet, among others.

On average people who has ingested Collagen Colnatur have been able to notice the effects that it generates after the expiration of a period average of 1 to 3 months of continuous intake.

Part of the sense of relief experienced and the amount of time that it takes to appreciate it, from the very first shot of this protein collagen, which is comparable and pure, with vitamin C generates the care of joints, bones, muscles, gums, teeth and skin.

Help of a special way to preserve the elasticity of the joints, as well as the well-being of bones, muscles, teeth and skin.

Colnatur Sport

Colnatur Sport is a dietary supplement that helps to generate a better care of your joints and muscles, as it helps to improve the performance when performing some type of sport.

Colnatur Sport is specially developed with ingredients that are beneficial to the body as the Protein-hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C, benefited, with magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin B2, or riboflavin, and B3, or niacin.

Colnatur Sport is specially developed for those people who like to do some sport and you need to improve the conservation of muscle mass, providing a special care of the joints, bones, gums, teeth and skin.

This nutritional supplement can be consumed by an athlete of any age or those who do intense physical exercise and feel that is physically located in your best time, among other features you will find:

  • This food supplement is formulated with collagen protein hydrolyzed, which is of natural origin, assimilated and pure, mixed with nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamins B and C.

  • It is made with a container that is dosed to last approximately 30 days.

  • Does not include among its ingredients fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, gluten, or other compounds that may cause allergies.

  • It is not incompatible with the ingestion of medications or other dietary supplements.

  • It takes approximately three months of intake continues to see its results.

  • The mixture of collagen with magnesium produces mainly a excellent aid to the conservation of the bones in a normal situation, hang time, which helps to improve the functioning of the muscles.

  • Colnatur Sport includes in its formulation a mixture of collagen with magnesium, generating a complement of regular use between those who practice physical exercise or sport a low to moderate.

  • Generates an effective electrolyte balance, as well as protein synthesis and improves energy metabolism.

  • Assists in the improvement of the functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of the teeth.

This supplement is specially aimed at athletes perform training of different intensities, generated multiple benefits to various parts of the body such as:

  • Cartilage: includes vitamin C which helps in the production of natural collagen to improve the normal functioning of this area.

  • Muscles: the protein that it contains help to preserve muscle mass, while magnesium helps to improve the work of normal muscles.

  • Bones: Colnatur Sport is developed with protein, magnesium, manganese and zinc that help the protection of the bones in normal conditions, vitamin C generates the production of normal collagen for the functioning of the bones.

  • Connective tissue: the manganese contributes to the normal generation of connective tissue.

  • Energy metabolism: magnesium, manganese, and vitamin C work together in the development of the energy metabolism normal.

  • Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue: magnesium and vitamins B2, B3, and C generate a reduction of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

It is recommended that the daily intake of 11 grams, or the complete contents of the dispenser, diluted in 150 ml of a liquid food such as water, milk, alone or with coffee, cocoa, vegetable drinks, yogurt or other liquid.

Collagen Colnatur

The agency is trained to generate collagen by itself, although with the passing years with the production of this protein is reduced in a progressive manner, generating the skin loses firmness and elasticity.

You can generate pain in the joints or other diseases musculoskeletal as, for example, osteoporosis, as well as a deterioration in the view, and alterations in the teeth and gums.

Equally handle the realization of any sports or other situations can cause wear and premature of the various bodies, as is the intake of a diet, which is not included with frequency foods rich in collagen.

Generating, as a result, you need to consume an extra dose of Collagen Colnatur which is a protein in hydrolyzed collagen can generate multiple benefits.

The Collagen Colnatur is hydrolyzed collagen, which is the result of a process, called hydrolysis, that helps the body to absorb more easily.

Collagen Colnatur generates a collaboration on nutrition that helps you naturally, to improve the state of the joints, bones, muscles, teeth, gums, and skin.

Individuals of all ages and conditions can be ingesting hydrolyzed collagen, although there are groups and circumstances for which it is especially suited, such as:

  • People who are over 40 years on all women.

  • People of advanced ages who want to preserve the flexibility of the joints, improve the well-being of bones, muscles and firmer skin.

  • Athletes or those who practice physical exercise or lift weights on a regular basis.

The Collagen Colnatur is a protein that has been passed through a process of hidrolizarían, has been extracted from natural raw materials, without using any kind of chemical substances in their performance, making it quite assimilated.

In addition, Collagen Colnatur to be diluted in a very fast way, while its taste and smell are excellent.

Colnatur Classic

Colnatur Classic is a food supplement specially developed collagen-based natural in origin, which is assimilated in a fairly simple way, since it is blended with vitamin C to benefit the care of joints, bones and muscles.

This add-on made with collagen minimizes the pain that is generated in the joints and generates an excellent result to avoid aging and wrinkles in the skin.

  • It is specially developed to protein-based collagen that has been hydrolyzed, natural, easy to digest, and in a pure state.

  • It is recommended to consume 10 grams of Colnatur Classic, so the content of your package can reach to consume for 30 days.

  • Does not contain fat, sugars, artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, gluten or other allergens.

  • There is no known incompatibility with the intake of drugs, or dietary supplements.

  • It takes approximately three months to appreciate the results.

This supplement benefits the body as a result of the nutrients it has in various ways, such as:

  • Cartilage: contains vitamin C which helps to generate typically the collagen that is needed for the normal function of cartilage.

  • Muscles: the protein that includes help to keep the muscle mass of an optimal manner.

  • Bones: their proteins collaborate in the conservation of bone in scenarios normal, in addition to the vitamin C helps to generate the normal production of collagen to function normally the bones.

  • Skin: the vitamin C that includes helps form of natural collagen to improve the health of the skin and assists in the care of the cells to the deterioration that is generated by the oxidation.

  • Teeth: vitamin C assists in the generation of the natural form of collagen to function normally the teeth.

  • Gum: includes vitamin C which helps in the production of normal collagen for the normal functioning of the gums.

It is recommended to consume all the days of 10.2 grams that is the entire contents of the dispenser which includes the additional fee, diluted in a minimum of 150 ml of water, milk, alone or with coffee, cocoa, or other plant-based drinks, other liquids, or yogurt.