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Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g


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Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g it is a food supplement created by pharmaceutical laboratories composed of 95% bioassimilable collagen protein that will help you recover from injuries or cope with muscle aches and arthritic pains. it is extracted from totally natural materials.

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The protein that predominates in the body is collagen, since it constitutes part of the bones, of everything that appears as part of the joints such as tendons, cartilage and ligaments, in addition to the skin.

Collagen is reduced and weakened over the years and due to abuse in the performance of exercises, injuries, overweight and other factors, this causes discomfort and ailments in the joints and bones, as well as causes wrinkles to appear on the skin.

Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g it helps in reducing joint pain thanks to the fact that it contains natural type collagen.

Characteristics of Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g

This food supplement has added collagen that is easily assimilated by the body, among other characteristics are:

  1. It is the result of the renewed phase of hydrolysis and fat elimination makes collagen more digestible and assimilable.
  2. It favors its intake in people who require to have a positive health in the bones and joints, as well as a skin that is flexible and smooth.
  3. It is especially indicated for people who suffer from joint pain caused by wear and tear, over the years or bruises, athletes, overweight individuals and women who are over 40 years old.
  4. It is a supplement combined with pure hydrolyzed collagen protein and vitamin C, adding daily the collagen amino acids that the body needs to protect itself from the results of aging.
  5. As a result of its regenerative properties, it will support the body's activities and movement of the organism, increasing the elasticity and toning of the skin, cartilage, joints and muscles.

How to Use Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g

You can ingest 10 grams of Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g every day distributed in one or two doses, especially it should be taken before starting the day to prepare the body for daily activities.

It is advisable to take this supplement at least for a period of one month and after three months the benefits will begin to be visualized, initially the decrease in the ailment in the joints.

When preparing this product it can be diluted in water or other liquid food, it is important to stir with a spoon to favor its homogeneous dissolution correctly.

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Benefits of Colnatur Classic Neutral 300 g

Its positive effects will remain for as long as this daily supplement is ingested, although it can be taken indefinitely.

This supplement does not generate adverse side effects, since collagen is a natural nutrient that should be constituted as part of the usual diet and does not represent incompatibilities with other foods or with medications of any kind.

In addition, it is very suitable if you are following a diet to lose weight, because it does not contain sugar, nor fats and generates a filling and anti-sagging effect, in the same way it does not contain lactose, nor other sugars, nor gluten.

Its taste is neutral, so it is very good to add it in other liquid foods without altering its taste.

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