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Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Lemon


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  • Chewy format.

  • Pack of 180 tablets.

  • Rich in marine collagen.

  • It keeps the bones.

  • Strengthens the muscles.

  • Improves the appearance of the skin.

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Do you want to get the best benefits of Marine Collagen?

Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Lemon Flavor it includes a formulation that provides the best benefits of marine collagen mixed with an extremely comfortable and effective presentation.

This food supplement includes in its formulation hydrolyzed marine collagen, mixed with magnesium and hyaluronic acid in order to collaborate with the conservation of the optimal state of bones, joints and cartilage.

Additionally, it includes vitamin C that is involved in the natural production of collagen to improve the appearance of the skin and thanks to its chewable tablet format that melts in the mouth, its consumption is quite simple.

Collmar 180 Comprimidos Masticables Sabor Limon

What would be the benefits offered by the Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Taste Lemon?

Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Flavor Lemon they include various characteristics that favor the functioning of the organism, such as:

  • It prevents the collagen deficit from originating in order to prevent the deterioration of bones.

  • It avoids the deterioration caused by various factors such as age, eating problems and alterations of bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage that can be generated due to a collagen deficit.

  • Its marine collagen content as a consequence causes it to be assimilated in an easier way than other known sources of collagen, for example, pork.

  • Marine collagen has been hydrolyzed in order to generate an improvement in assimilation and passage through the intestine to reach the bloodstream, since it offers a fairly low molecular weight.

How Should I Use Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Lemon Flavor?

Since collagen does not accumulate and decreases over the years, the body can enjoy its benefits by consuming it for long periods of time, favoring its natural production.

The opinion of some experts indicates that Collmar 180 Chewable Tablets Lemon Flavor it can be used for a period of between 3 to 4 months, and then make a one-month break that will start at the end of the cycle again.

This package includes 180 tablets in order to last at least one month following the indicated dosage, using a total of 6 tablets a day distributed to the consumer's liking.

Its use is quite simple since you just have to chew or let the tablet melt in your mouth to enjoy its great lemon flavor, which makes its consumption easier since it can pass for a very appetizing treat to consume.

It should be borne in mind that, although this product has different characteristics that favor the normal functioning of the body, it cannot be used as a substitute for a balanced diet, nor as a healthy way of life.

It is advised that you do not exceed the recommended daily dose, since excessive consumption does not ensure under any circumstances a better effectiveness or speed in the results provided by the product.

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