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Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triple Promotion


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Collagen Bel 500 grams Triple Saving a promotional pack with 3 original containers of 500 grams each as a treatment for three months. With a high content of collagen, hyaluronic, magnesium and selenium it is perfect for the care of skin, bones and joints.

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What is Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triplo Promocion?

Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triple Promotionit is a pack specially developed to provide collagen to the body, so it has a beneficial powder presentation that makes its preparation easier and includes three units of 500g each.

This food supplement has been formulated based on collagen mixed with vitamin C, B3 and B6 extracts that collaborate with the repair of collagen fibers that have been diminished over the years.

With its consumption, an improvement in the health of hair, skin and nails is generated, since it includes hyaluronic acid, grape seed dry extract and vitamin C that provides a beneficial antioxidant effect and its Price it is more accessible in this presentation.

Why Buy Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triplo Promote Pharmacy Market?

This pack has been prepared with the purpose of providing nutrients that favor the care of the body, so that with its regular consumption an improvement in the beauty, health and strength of the body is generated every day, avoiding the deterioration that originates as a result of the passing of the years.

Omega-3 essential fatty oils are included in its composition to cause a strong natural anti-inflammatory effect, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and digestive problems, while collaborating with weight control.

In addition, it fights against some skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and oily skin, while increasing the strength of hair and nails due to its content of EPA fatty acids that take care of the heart and DHA that improves brain health.

The beneficial Offer from this pack they will help you acquire it to generate an improvement in those who practice sports, since it includes a mixture of collagen and hyaluronic acid that favor the joints and provides magnesium to increase energy and muscle strength.

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With the Purchase from this pack, a formulation is acquired that contains a mixture of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that favor the firmness, elasticity and hydration of the skin, while including Vitamin C and Selenium to cause strong antioxidant effects.

At the same time it includes magnesium that when mixed with collagen provides superior care to the skin, teeth, nails and hair, while improving the balance of glycemia, body temperature and provides beneficial anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Benefits of Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triple Promotion

Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triple Promotion this is a pack that includes a composition designed based on collagen and a selection of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and magnesium that provide superior care to the body.

Composition of Collagen Bel 500g + 500g + 500g Triplo Promotion

Naticol® Fish Collagen, Hyamax™ Sodium Hyaluronate, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin C

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