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Coligas Fast Herb Tea 20 Sachets


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  • Anti-inflammatory abdominal.
  • Includes mint.
  • Maintains the biological balance of the gas.
  • Remove the gases.
  • Fast action.
  • Patented system.

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What is Coligas fast Tisana 20 sachets?

Coligas Fast Tisana 20 Sachets it has a formulation that favors the treatment against abdominal swelling that is associated with discomfort produced after food or throughout the day.

Its formula is composed of different natural components among which we have coriander, ginger, mint and cumin and fennel that help with the conservation of the physiological balance of gases in the digestive tract.

With its use it is achieved the eradication of any type of ailment in the body, as a result of the decrease of gases in people who usually have problems of abdominal inflammation as a result of heavy digestions by abundant meals.

Coligas Fast Tisana 20 Bolsitas

Why eat Coligas fast Tisana 20 sachets?

They are infusions presented in small bags that preserve the aroma and are made with ginger, mint, cumin and coriander, since they are plants that provide beneficial characteristics against heavy digestions.

Each sachet includes a mixture of plants that have been selected in order to be ingested in the form of infusions and to reduce inflammation or abdominal tension, since they collaborate with the conservation of digestive health.

Each bag contains a filter created with a patented system of knotted closures without glues or metal points, to preserve to the maximum the organoleptic characteristics and the properties of the herbs.

What is the composition of Coligas fast Tisana 20 sachets?

Coligas Fast Tisana 20 Sachets it is ideal to be used when you suffer from abdominal swelling due to tensions and discomfort that can be felt immediately after meals or during the day, thanks to the presence of:

  • Coriander: this ingredient helps in maintaining the physiological balance of gases found in the digestive tract
  • Ginger, mint and cumin: this mixture generates excellent results for digestion.
  • Fennel: it offers a carminative action that helps eliminate intestinal gases, which, together with the essential oil, gives a particularly pleasant flavor to the infusion.

How to use Coligas fast Tisana 20 sachets?

For best results it is advised to consume this product several times a day, preparing it as follows:

  • First we must boil water in a cup of about 200 ml.
  • The boiling water should be poured over the filter.
  • Then the filter must be covered preventing the infusion from dispersing into the most volatile aromatic substances.
  • It is left in infusion for a few minutes to be consumed.

For the consumption of this product it is not necessary to add sugar since the special formula of this product gives an excellent flavor to the infusion, although you can use honey to improve its flavor.

Who should use Coligas fast Tisana 20 sachets?

This infusion has been developed in order to generate a positive action in people who suffer from bloating and abdominal tension thanks to its totally natural ingredients.

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