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There are a wide range of people who want to maintain a good joint and the tissues continue to remain strong, it is for this reason that Colder you can funcionarte perfectly for what you want, because it is designed to conserve or prevent your tissues and joints of any deterioration. It is worth noting, that if we can maintain these tissues, we could get a excellent maintenance in the flexibility and lubrication of each part of the body, especially the joints. Clearly regardless of the age of the person who choose the option of eating this type of product would be beneficial.

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  • Colder Concentrated Collagen Marine 400 g
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    Colder Concentrated Collagen Marine 400 g

    Colder Concentrated Collagen Marine 400 g composed of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic Acid and magnesium plus vitamin C in the format of the orange taste is a food supplement with vitamins to feed your connective tissue. 400 grams to take less than 40 doses

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  • Colder Collagen Marine 180 Tablets
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    Colder Collagen 180 Tablets

    Colder Collagen 180 Tablets with a net weight of 144 grams each tablet contains 725 mg of collagen hydrolysate more 31.5 mg of magnesium and acid hyaluronic acid. It may take up to 6 tablets daily, spread throughout the day.

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  • Colder Ointment Balsamico 200 ml
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    Colder Ointment Balsamico 200 ml

    Colder Ointment BalsAmico 200 ml with devil's claw, arnica, calendula, rosemary and chamomile all decongestant and soothing action on the body by doing a light massage. Causes a feeling of freshness thanks to all the natural extracts of plants that contain it. or, thanks to all the natural extracts of plants that contain it.

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What is it Colder?

It works for adult or failing to people of the third age, as it is a food supplement with ingredients, vitamins, minerals and connective tissue. Helping these people contain or maintain a perfect state of flexibility in the body, in addition to some lubrication in the joints in order to achieve such flexibility in the body, without any problem when you do. Colder is what you need to be able to have a well-being intact.

Elements of Colder

This food supplement is enriched by a certain minerals, and other substances essential for the achievement of good performance in our joints and movement full of our body.
? Marine collagen: is a protein that forms part of this snap-in, in order to increase the production of collagen, helping to reduce the deterioration in the skin, such as deep wrinkles are noticeable in the face. It is important to note that this element is similar to human collagen, that is why its consumption is indispensable.
? Shark cartilage: is part of the supplement, to be considered fit for human consumption, with the aim of regenerating the joints that they are indeed impaired, either by age or in his absence, by another drawback. In addition to the regeneration allows you flexibility in all parts of the body.
? Magnesium: a mineral that allows the fixation of calcium in the bones and joints, and for this reason is included in the supplement Colder, in order to prevent any deterioration in our skeleton.
? Glucosamine sulfate: this substance forms part of our body naturally, since that is present in the fluid that is around joints. Your intake is necessary when many times it is not enough to the natural one, as it can treat arthritis and joint pain that many times in evidence in our body.
? Chondroitin sulfate: is a substance that is in charge of protecting the cartilage, so as to get an optimal elasticity together with the lubrication of each of the joints of the body. Without leaving behind that has some anti-inflammatory properties.
? Vitamin C: this substance contains antioxidant properties acting satisfactory in the skin, thus achieving a rejuvenating effect and look shiny, so that the collagen also promotes the skin.
? Iron: is included in the supplement, as it has a satisfactory result in the joints, so that these are kept in an optimal operating articulate, regardless of age with the person who consumes it.
? Vitamins of group B: this substance is part of the supplement Colder, by helping to maintain the health of the tissues of the skin. Taking aim at the skin glowing at all times regardless of the age that this person has.

Benefits of Colder

? It favors the regeneration of the wear and tear on the joints.
? Helps to regenerate the degaste of the bones.
? Participates in the formation of proteins to the muscles.
? Helps to strengthen the joints.
? Ideal for those with any medical condition to articulate.
? The food supplement is of orange flavor.
? Contains vitamins to nourish the tissues connective present in your body.
? Is a food supplement for daily use on all of the needs that require maintenance as they are the bones or in his absence the joints.
? Can be use daily, administered in different doses according to the need to treat.
? Works as a decongestant, in addition to producing a sense of calm in the moment of performing the massage.
? It works as a perfect complement to a diet completely daily, and balanced.

When can be used the products Colder?

? Mode of employment: you must take between 4 to 6 tablets well repeated between breakfast or at lunch time, in order to complete a daily amount of 4800 mg/day-
? Need sports or treatment: It should take between 4 to 6 tablets a day, since these can provide all the needs of complementation that our body demand for a particular physical activity.
? In need of beauty: it should take between 2 to 4 tablets per day, taking effect just the right amount to everyday life, without having to proceed to a larger expense.
Warnings before consuming Colder
? If you are allergic to any element that contains such a food supplement we recommend that you refrain from consumption.
? You must keep it in a cool place.
? May not be taken by nursing mothers.
? Cannot be administered to children.
? Do not take more than the dose prescribed.
? Not come into contact with the eyes.
? If you have any adverse effect following the intake of Twine, it is necessary that you go to the doctor.

Where can I Buy Colder?

It can be purchased at the pharmacy near your area or in your default around his enclosure, also these products can be requested for via online, as there are an endless number of pages pharmaceutical that gives you the ease of being able to acquire the product that you want or need for the moment. Without leaving behind everything depends on the place that best suits him or clearly out of that context that you as the buyer to feel confident in the way how you're going to purchase, do not hesitate any more and get Colder

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