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Cold Sores

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  • Vitis Cpc Protect Oral Spray 15ml
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Vitis Cpc Protect Oral Spray 15ml

    Favors the daily care. Generates a protection oral active. Preserves the oral health. It is easily applied. Can be used outside of the home. Presentation of 15ml.

    6,00 € -28.4083% 4,30 €
  • Aftex Gel 15 ml
    Aftex Gel 15 ml

    It comes in the form of a gel. It is used for canker sores and mouth ulcers. Contains hyaluronic acid. It is harmless to ingest. Has preventive power. Comes with cannula applicator.

    12,00 € -20.8458% 9,50 €
  • Aftex Forte Gel 8ml
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    Aftex Forte Gel 8ml

    It has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. Is to treat ulcers and canker sores extended. It comes in the form of a gel. Comes with applicator mouth. Complies with the legislation of sanitary products. Reduces the pain.

    13,00 € -13.4385% 11,25 €
  • Oroben Oral Gel 15 ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Oroben Oral Gel 15 ml

    Attends a canker sore.The pain decreases.Reduces irritation.Hydrates the mucosa.Causes effect adherent-Decreases the healing time.

    12,00 € -33.725% 7,95 €
  • Aftex Mouthwash 150ml
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Aftex Mouthwash 150ml

    It is a mouthwash for mouth ulcers. Prevents the appearance of ulcers. Is the presence of ulcers in the mouth. Contains hyaluronic acid. Does not contain alcohol. Complies with the legislation of sanitary products.

    10,00 € -10.46% 8,95 €
  • Bexident Thrush Spray 15 ml Bexident Thrush Spray 15 ml
    Bexident Thrush Spray 15 ml

    Its components originate a protective layer that helps to lessen the immediate pain.Prevents external agents to generate an increase of the infection in the area of the mouth.Provides hydration to the area that has deteriorated, increasing your healing.Intervene favorably the process of healing.It generates a feeling of relief that you feel...

    13,00 € -28.4238% 9,30 €
  • Aftex Spray 30ml
    Aftex Spray 30ml

    It is an applicator in the form of a spray. It is used for treating canker sores and mouth ulcers. It is harmless if ingested. Contains hyaluronic acid. Relieves the pain. Accelerates healing.

    12,00 € -8.7458% 10,95 €
  • Aftex Film Oral Gel 10ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Aftex Film Oral Gel 10ml

    It is a gel in your mouth. It is for canker sores very extensive. Contains hyaluronic acid. Does not contain alcohol. It is suitable for pregnant women. It does not cause burning.

    12,00 € -17.115% 9,95 €
  • Aftex Baby Oral Gel 15ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Aftex Baby Oral Gel 15ml

    Is to treat canker sores and mouth ulcers. Contains hyaluronic acid. Does not contain alcohol. Relieves the pain. It is for use in babies. Meets the health requirements.

    12,00 € -23.3667% 9,20 €
  • Bexident Thrush Gel 8 ml Bexident Thrush Gel 8 ml
    Bexident Thrush Gel 8 ml

    When applied creates a protective layer that creates a sense of relief immediately before the pain.Generates a care in the area preventing deterioration caused by the effect of external agents, preventing the development of infection.Provides hydration in the damaged area generating cure quickly.Working with the healing process.It generates a...

    10,00 € -24.98% 7,50 €
  • Bexident Thrush Mouthwash 120 ml Bexident Thrush Mouthwash 120 ml
    Bexident Thrush Mouthwash 120 ml

    Its components generate a protective layer that provides effective pain relief.Provides an excellent care of the area in the face of various external agents, preventing the enhancement of the infection.Generates an extra hydration in the area deteriorated with the purpose of accelerating their healing.Their components improve the healing...

    12,00 € -14.9975% 10,20 €
  • Lacer Mucorepair Gel Topical 30ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Lacer Mucorepair Gel Topical 30ml

    Restores the health of the mucous membranes.Promotes healing.Improvement in the reduction of inflammation.Topical use.Help in the healing.Creates a protective barrier.

    12,00 € -18.325% 9,80 €
  • Aloclair plus Mouthwash 120 ml
    Out of stock
    Aloclair plus Mouthwash 120 ml

    Aloclair Plus Mouthwash for mouths with lots of canker sores with difficult access that with a rinse is easy to cover, ideal for orthodontics, damages for dentures or dentures

    18,95 € -13.4738% 16,40 €
  • Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml

    Oddent Mouthwash liquid is a liquid application on wounds in the mouth promotes healing by the acid hyaluronic acid, ideal use in wounds orthodontics, dentures, and dentures.

    9,20 €
  • Oddent Gel 20 ml Oddent Gel 20 ml
    Out of stock
    Oddent Gel 20 ml

    Oddent Gel is a gel with hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid that fácilita the healing of oral tissues with wounds caused by dentures, dentures and orthodontics.

    9,20 €
  • Puranox Spray Antironquidos 75 ml
    Out of stock
    Puranox Spray Antironquidos 75 ml

    Puranox Spray Antironquidos 75 ml, prevents and reduces snoring with an effective system in spray with a 60 doses, to be applied directly in a throat so simple and practical with a formula 100 % natural

    29,95 € -46.7475% 15,95 €
  • Aloclair plus Gel 8 ml
    Out of stock
    Aloclair plus Gel 8 ml

    Aloclair plus Gel 8 ml gel with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid for treatment of cold sores, not stings and is of quick absorption and healing. Relieves fast scar and pains in the mouth of bumps or ulcers.

    12,95 € -20.8411% 10,25 €
  • Afta lacer Mouthwash 120 ml
    Out of stock
    Afta lacer Mouthwash 120 ml

    Afta lacer Mouthwash 120 ml

    12,95 € -19.2523% 10,45 €
  • Afta lacer Gel 8 g Afta lacer Gel 8 g
    Out of stock
    Afta lacer Gel 8 g

    Afta lacer Gel 8 g

    9,95 € -23.601% 7,60 €
  • Afta lacer Spray 15 ml Afta lacer Spray 15 ml
    Out of stock
    Afta lacer Spray 15 ml

    Afta lacer Spray 15 ml

    12,95 € -23.1776% 9,95 €
  • Oroben Colutorio150ml + Mouthwash 75ml
    Out of stock
    Oroben Colutorio150ml + Mouthwash 75ml

    Adheres to the mucosa.Provides a protective barrier.Originates actions moisturizing.Avoid contact with external agents.Reduces discomfort painful.Decreases the duration of canker sores.

    12,00 € -29.215% 8,49 €

The cold Sores are ulcers that occur in the oral mucosa, also known as open sores and are one of the pathologies of the mouth that has more recurrence in conjunction with the decay. Have a small size of about 5 mm approximately

Have a whitish or yellowish color mostly, in the area of appearance are surrounded by a bright red area, but these are not contagious or cancerous. In addition, it should be noted that canker sores are not herpes labialis or cold sores.

Aftas Bucales

Causes of cold Sores

Cold sores also called ulcers are generated in the mouth due to the emergence of viral infections, for biting, self-inflicted or may not know the why of them.

These applying for that can be compromised with the problems of the body's immune system and tend to be associated with the following causes:

  1. May occur because of the automordeduras and by the friction produced by the denture.
  2. It is also produced by external elements, such as hot liquid, chemicals, drugs, or toothpaste.
  3. Sometimes food allergies can produce.
  4. If you have any infection or problems with the immune system depressed also have the possibility of the occurrence of canker sores.
  5. Another factor that has an important role in the appearance is the emotional stress.
  6. Hormonal disorders can be caused in the same way.
  7. Has a very close relationship with the use of tobacco.
  8. The behçet's disease, tends to produce, although fewer in number, according to studies in the area.
  9. It can also be caused by an injury generated by an arrangement in the mouth.
  10. A Product of a mouthwash made with a lot of force.
  11. Can result from the decrease of certain minerals and vitamins in the body, such as iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.
  12. This applying for that can also be inherited.
  13. Women tend to be more likely to get a canker sore than men.

Symptoms of cold Sores

Cold sores are evident on the lips, both below and above and in the interior area of the cheeks, presenting the following main symptoms:

  • Have a white or yellowish.
  • Tend to lead to a degree not very wide of pain.
  • In most cases the size is not very large.
  • There are cases in which the applying for that are extreme and lead to fever and general malaise.
  • Can be generated in patches in the mouth, which is then transformed into a canker sore.
  • You can change its color to one gray when it begins to heal.

Prevention of cold Sores

To prevent the playback of a canker sore it is recommended to generate a daily routine of oral hygiene right. Similarly, we should avoid certain factors that cause cold sores are more likely to appear in the mouth as they are the stress and tobacco.

The Prevention of canker sores are very simple, but experts advise a certain amount of care among which we can mention:

  1. Maintain oral hygiene of continuous and adequate daily.
  2. Eat a varied diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables.
  3. Add to your diet foods that have vitamin C and omega-3.
  4. Do not consume hot meals to avoid burns.

Types of Canker sore

We have found three different types:

  • The first has the characteristic of having wounds that have a size less than 1 cm and are found on the exterior of the mouth, and in a very small number, this being the most common of the cases with a percentage of 80% of those who know.
  • The second is a little more aggravated because that is composed of wounds that are larger than the size of 1 cm, these being deeper and in greater numbers.
  • And, finally, there is the third type which is evident in many wounds with a very small size, approximately 1 to 2 mm facing grouped among them.


Diagnosis of cold Sores

Their only diagnosis is evidence at the time of the appearance of the wounds as explained above, that is to say, applying for that with a smaller size that have a white color with a perimeter of red around the oral mucosa.

Tests and exams for cold Sores

The trusted physician can often perform diagnostic tests to observe the ulcers if the patient is prone to the recurrence of these.

If your canker sores are persistent, that is to say, continue to appear you must perform tests to try to find the causes of this, such as: herpes infection, erythema multiforme, lichen planus, epidermolysis, and allergies to medications.

In strong cases, you may need more tests than usual and even a biopsy to try to find the additional causes of canker sores. These ulcers in the mouth are not any type of cancer, and also tend not to become him.

Treatment of cold Sores

Up to now it has not been found a specific therapy for the treatment of this condition, but in the same way you can apply topical treatments to local or mouthwashes that contain anti-inflammatory medications such as triamcinolone, carbenoxolone, dexamethasone, or antibiotics such as minocycline, tetracycline.

And in rare cases are often used treatments with immunomodulatory local or oral, the healing of these wounds may have a duration of between 7 to 14 days in which you must follow the necessary care for which is not

Risk factors for cold Sores

This disease in its origin is not generated by any kind of risk to your health. Only if applying for that tend to come back, and each relapse happens that their size and number are seen in the increase.

You should go to the doctor to make a full assessment because it can have the possibility to see associated with another pathology for which will appear but you have the right treatment.

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