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Cleaner Acne

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What is a Cleaner Acne?

the Cleaners of Acne are those products that has the purpose to reduce the excess fat, eradicate dead skin cells, dirt, and generate an improvement in the keratinization of the follicle pilosebaceous.

Thereby the preparation of the skin for the application of cosmetic products, or for the use of a specific treatment against acne, because its daily use has been shown to achieve the balance of seborrhea, without damaging the function of your skin.

The ingredients used in the products cleaners skins acneicas are azelaic acid, salicylic acid, triclosan, benzoyl peroxide, and chlorhexidine gluconate, since it reduces the inflammatory lesions and non-inflammatory.

What benefits brings us use Cleaners Acne?

With the use of this type of cleaners results in the elimination of the fat that is stored in the skin of the face, with the aim of preventing the development of acne.

In the same way, its components help to regulate the development of excess fat and to fight against the bacteria that cause the formation of pimples and blackheads.

These products are non-comedogenic, because they include active ingredients that do not generate and prevent the clogging of the pores, because when you close the pores originates as a result of the formation of blackheads and pimples.

Does not include in its composition ingredients fatty, as the skin that is prone to suffer from acne causes too much sebum, the natural way, and what is required is to generate the opposite effect.

Contains components comedolíticos with the purpose of unlocking the comedones or blackheads and whiteheads, while opening the clogged pores.

In turn, include components keratolytics, as these ingredients lead to the dissolution of the plugs, hard skin and collaborate with the natural process by which the skin shedding dead skin cells.

What are the Cleaners of Acne?

Currently on the existence of different forms of cleaners of acne, but the most recommended are the cleaners intermediates that include a pH similar to that of the skin.

These cleaners provide a deep cleaning with a wide level of exfoliation, in which mixing of the particles, natural or synthetic, and among the more common are:

  • Soaps, cleaners: they are characterized by their different presentations and it is not always required to be used with water, so that it can be supplemented with substances seborreguladoras, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory or scrubs.
  • Lotion micellar: is a solution of a water-based, neutral surfactants, non-ionic, which are grouped into micelles that act as microcaptores.
  •  Gels: perform the cleaning by using surfactants and water, low foaming and include a bottom loading of surfactant.
  • Cleaners do not foaming: they include a bottom loading, surfactant, so that clean by solubilizing the fat to the emollient phase, they are the least used in skins acneicas.
  • Tonics Wipes dry: originate the physical cleanliness and emulsion.
  • Wet wipes: generate the hygiene and physical dissolution.

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