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The Circulation it is known as the process by which the heart drives blood, causing it to move throughout the body, so it is considered a process of great importance for health.

When the blood circulates it generates a distribution of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body, at the same time that it collaborates with the elimination of waste, being advisable to preserve a good circulatory process.

There are many elements that favor and deteriorate blood circulation, among which are age, genetics, lifestyle, diet, various medical conditions, among others.

Why is Circulation important?

The circulatory system is of vital importance since it corresponds to a system of organs induced by the heart, to provide an invariable supply of blood to the body through the blood vessels, resulting in:

  • Provide oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body.
  • Discard any waste or toxins in the body.
  • Blood flow helps with recovery from any wound or injury.
  • Helps balance temperature and pH level in the body.

Can I maintain healthy blood circulation naturally?

The preservation of a balanced blood circulation is carried out by means of any type of movement, while the intake of certain types of food and drinks in the usual diet is recommended.

For some people the realization of hot and cold water baths, as well as taking walks with bare feet on the beach approving that our feet get wet, generate the reactivation of blood flow.

But, if what you want is to generate better results, it is advisable to include in the diet certain foods and perform physical exercise on a constant basis, including foods that provide a high content of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.

In addition, you should consume a lot of fruit, green vegetables, nuts and seeds. If a balanced diet is not made, the intake of food supplements specifically formulated for the care of circulation is recommended.

There are nutritious foods that provide low glycemic index, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products, lean meats and whole grains.

It is advisable to include this type of food in the daily diet, resulting in an improvement in circulation and avoiding the appearance of problems in the heart.

It is essential to reduce the consumption of foods that provide a high content of trans fats or saturated fats, replacing them with some that provide a large amount of essential fatty acids, such as nuts, salmon and avocado.

Causing it to improve blood flow and do not forget to take purified or bottled water in order to improve the hydration of the body, providing a considerable benefit for circulatory function.

What are the nutrients that collaborate with the improvement of blood circulation?

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, as well as perform aerobic exercises and complement the routine with the intake of nutritional supplements with vasoprotective assets collaborate with the improvement of the circulatory system and increase well-being.

The intake of food supplements promotes blood circulation, balancing blood flow and helping the amount of blood that returns to the heart is higher and decreasing the symptoms caused by venous insufficiency, since they provide:

Vitamin A:

It provides antioxidant properties that collaborate with the prevention of oxidation of the walls of the arteries, preventing atherosclerosis from originating, being recommended the intake of 800 micrograms of this vitamin.

Vitamin B:

Specifically vitamin B3, promotes the strengthening of blood vessels improves blood flow, causing it to reach the arms and legs, favoring the creation of red blood cells and preventing the hardening of the arteries.

In addition, vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 collaborate with the blockade of homocysteine, reducing the risk factors of suffering vascular accidents and preventing the deterioration of circulation.

Vitamin C:

In addition to improving the immune system, it helps prevent the creation of blood clots and provides strength to capillaries and arteries.

Vitamin E:

It provides a beneficial antioxidant effect that favors blood flow, causing an increase in the production of red blood cells and the mobilization of oxygen.

Calcium and magnesium:

The calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, while magnesium promotes calcium absorption and prevents the appearance of cardiac arrhythmia, it is recommended to take an average of 800 mg / day calcium and about 375 mg of magnesium.


It provides effective care to the heart, reducing hypertension, while reducing the pains caused by angina pectoris attacks, being suggested the dose of 55 micrograms of selenium per day.

What are the benefits of eating a food supplement for circulation care?

Initially, before ingesting any type of nutritional supplement it is best to go to a health professional to provide guidance when choosing the one that best suits our needs.

Since the intake of nutritional supplements can generate a lot of benefits, since they provide all those nutrients that are not ingested with the usual diet and provide an improvement to the normal functioning of the circulatory system.

Its contribution of nutrients contributes to the increase of circulation, since a supplement that is quite complete has an effective dose of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fish oil.

In addition, it is essential to take supplements that provide vitamin E, since they collaborate with the reduction of suffering from heart disease, since it causes an improvement in blood circulation.

At the same time, there are scientific studies that have shown that ginkgo biloba generates an improvement in circulation since it favors the enlargement of the veins and arteries, collaborating with the mobilization of blood to platelets throughout the body.

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