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Chilly Pharma is considered as a great expert in the feminine hygiene feminine, since you know the different requirements of women in different stages of their lives, by providing products that provide greater care to the intimate area and avoid unpleasant inconvenience.

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  • Chilly Pharma Prevention 450 ml
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    Chilly Pharma Prevention 450 ml

    Gel for intimate hygiene. Includes a Ph 3.5. Contains 450 ml of gel intimate. Encourages self-care. Improves the acidity intimate. Increases the natural defenses.

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  • Chilly Pharma Anti Discomfort 450 ml
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    Chilly Pharma Anti Discomfort 450 ml

    Presentation of gel intimate. Includes a Ph of 7.5. Contains 450 ml. Can be used daily Reduces and relieves itching and burning. Includes a complex prebiotic.

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  • Chilly Pharma Sensitive 450 ml
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    Chilly Pharma Sensitive 450 ml

    Chilly Pharma Sensitive 450 ml

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  • Chilli Fresh Deodorant Fresh 150 ml
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    Chilli Fresh Deodorant Fresh 150 ml

    Chilli Fresh Deodorant Fresh 150 ml Indicated especially for women, it provides 100 percent freshness without aluminum salts lets you breathe freely through your body, favoring the natural cycle of perspiration. With tea extract and lime gives you an efficiency of 48 hours duration. It leaves the skin to breathe naturally and fresh. what you will find at...

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This innovative line of gels for intimate hygiene includes in its composition a Complex Prebiotic that provides nutrition and hydration, while fortifying the defenses intimate natural to possible discomfort.

Its products have been developed for each woman to devote greater attention and to feel empowered on a daily basis. This line is fairly comprehensive in that it includes gels the intimate care, which is of vital importance to every woman.

The innovative formulation of the gels is developed with the aim of providing greater hygiene and the feeling of freshness that require the most delicate zones, while retaining the balance of the intimate area of women.

Why choose Chilly Pharma for the intimate hygiene?

This line of gels for intimate hygiene includes a formula distinctive thanks to its components that provide more hygiene, while they bring a lovely sense of freshness. Bringing different products, among which you can choose according to each need.

Among its components can include natural menthol with the aim of providing a superior feel of freshness that can last throughout the day, at the same time that you can use a mixture of aloe and witch hazel for generates a feeling of relief at the appearance of irritation.

In its products you can find other ingredients such as thyme, sage, and glycerin that generate excellent results when there are circumstances of high risk of infection, as, for example, menstruation, or menopause.

In addition, they can expect to extract olive oil it improves the hydration of the mucous membranes, as all of these components have been selected because they bring you relief, freshness and collaborate generating a clean up so pretty soft.

What is the difference between the products of Chilly Pharma?

All products that includes the line Chilly Pharma have been tested and approved by gynecologists, certifying that are suitable to be used daily and include 3 variants with pH-specific, and different, which suit the requirements of every woman.

Includes in its composition a complex prebiotic with the purpose of improving the natural defense system of every woman, thanks to its content of a flora of beneficial bacteria called lactobacilli.

These bacteria work together with the prevention of the natural form of the most common annoyances in the intimate area.

In addition, the Complex Prebiotic hydrates and nourishes the lactobacilli to improve their reproduction and fortificándolas defenses intimate and natural, while it collaborates with the improvement of the ability of the mucosa to defend themselves.

Includes pH differentiated to suit the degree of acidity of the skin, as that this item distinguishes each woman, and must not be altered in the intimate area to prevent the bacteria that result in various pains.

The line Chilly Pharma includes three gels intimate hygiene thanks to their different pH, which generate excellent results for each need and collaborates with women in the conservation of the natural balance.

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