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One of the big brands that currently exist in the care of the smallest of the house is Chicco, ranging from children's toys, chew toys, diapers, clothes, strollers... All this at the best price to buy for cheap and in promotion here in farmaciamarke

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Chicco has gone from being a brand, the more in charge of the child care to become practically an empire centered in the children, encompassing present several lines of products:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding (lingerie labor, breast, lingerie, postpartum, discs breastfeeding and fittings, nipples, and baby bottles, sterilisers and bottle heaters, pillow breastfeeding)

  • Hygiene and protection products for bath time, hydration, diaper change, bath accessories, hygiene oral and nasal humificadores and thermometers for children, baby monitors, anti mosquito, creams and ointments).

  • Objects for the ride and journey of the children (strollers, car seats, marsupios, travel bags, strollers, travel cots, car accessories, accessories for car seats, bags, cars baby, cars for children off-road, etc.)

  • Textile and footwear (clothes from 0 - 8 years of age and shoes up to size 34)

  • Food (high chairs, elevators, robots of kitchen utensils and cutlery to be used by children)

  • Toys (chew toys, carpets, textures, sounds and colors, music, etc.)

  • Relaxation and rest (cots and barriers of bed, pacifiers and accessories, parks, swings, hammocks and chairs, bed clothes)

  • Gift Packs of (hygiene, toys, textiles, furniture for children, ...)

The motto of the brand is “Chicco, where there is a child” and it is not surprising taking into account the wide range of products which develops, in the best qualities and to test all kinds of small naughty, so in regards to safety, the brand Chicco analyzed to the smallest detail, in compliance with all the standards of quality and protection. For this reason, it is not surprising to see how more and more people flock to this brand to cater to a baby that not only their products are practical and insurance, of the first quality, but also feature an ergonomic design to grab them more comfortably.

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If all this were not enough, Chicco is the last in relation to the products used, knowing first-hand the results of the scientific analyses on all kinds of materials, refusing to use those products that have the slightest suspicion. So, Chicco only used materials are completely harmless, so that only the family of the infant care to see it grow healthy and happy.

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