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The brand Chelino is the line of diapers and baby products are developed by Laboratories pigs following S. A. U. ©

There are three reasons that drive the products Chelino:

- the QUALITY, offered as synonymous with protection and comfort in Chelino Fashion & Love with the latest advances in technology to keep the skin of your baby dry and protected from irritation, to the time that brings comfort and great freedom of movement - DESIGN, Chelino has produced attractive designs can choose in each size diapers, between two designs integral to show off your baby fashion, all the time. Another good news: it's so cool don't need covers-diaper

- PRICE to launch its fun children's products at very competitive prices, Chelino have decided to combine the quality of a manufacturer with the advantages of white label, so that you can save money without sacrificing quality.

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  • Chelino Changer 6 units
    Chelino Changer 6 units

    It is a changer, disposable. It works to put down the baby. It is used as a supplement to the change of the diaper. Each pack brings you 6 units. It is easy to folding. Is compact.

    3,00 € -26.6129% 2,20 €
  • Chelino Diaper baby size 6 17-28 kg 27 units
    Chelino Diaper baby size 6 17-28 kg 27 units

    Chelino Diaper baby size 6 for children ages 17-28 kg that contains 27 units made with derm-protection which is rich in fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 that protect baby's bottom from the very first moment.

    7,95 € -12.6332% 6,95 €
  • Chelino Nature Size 6 27 Units
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    Chelino Nature Size 6 17-28 kg 27 Units

    Are diapers designed for babies between the ages of 17 and 28 kg. Are diapers eco-sustainable. Are anti spill. Can last posts 12 hours. They were designed under testing of a dermatologist. Are hypoallergenic.

    8,95 € -12.7989% 7,80 €
  • Chelino Diaper Baby Size 2 3-6 kg 28 units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Diaper Baby Size 2 3-6 kg 28 units

    Chelino Diaper Size 2 for babies from 3 to 6 kg of weight, contains 28 units and this made with components dermoprotectores with an emulsion of blackcurrant, aloe vera extract, it releases fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 protecting the excess skin from the bottom of your baby

    6,00 € -17.5403% 4,95 €
  • Chelino Diaper baby Size 3 4-10 kg 36 units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Diaper baby Size 3 4-10 kg 36 units

    This is a diaper proven both clinically and dermatologically tested. Are diapers with anatomical design and Ergonomic. They are made of hypoallergenic materials. They have excellent absorption properties for its dual-core Containing Aloe Vera and Omega 3 and 6. Have an excellent quality-price ratio.

    7,50 € -20.6452% 5,95 €
  • Chelino Diaper baby size 4 9-15 kg 34 units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Diaper baby size 4 9-15 kg 34 units

    Chelino Diaper size 4 for babies from 9 - 15kg contains 34 units and are crafted with premium materials in laboratories, pigs following and a formula to dermo protection and the exclusive derm-bands that protect your baby.

    6,95 € -14.2857% 5,95 €
  • Chelino Diaper baby size 5 13-18 kg 30 units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Diaper baby size 5 13-18 kg 30 units

    These diapers contain Aloe vera and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6 They have an outer cover that's decorated makes it fun and modern. They are perfectly adapted to the baby's body. It has excellent absorption that provides comfort to the baby. It has elastic bands to side which allows you a better fit. Are diapers ecological

    6,95 € -14.2857% 5,95 €
  • Wipes chelino
    Out of stock
    Chelino Wipes Dermosensitive 60 units

    Are made to a base of sweet almond. Containing Aloe Vera. Do not generate foam. Have regenerative properties. Are invigorating. Containing jojoba oil.

    2,00 € -24.8485% 1,50 €
  • Chelino Nature, Size 1 28 Units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Nature, Size 1 28 Units

    It is of diapers designed for newborn babies. Part of the Nature line of Chelino. Are manufactured in Spain. Are hypoallergenic. The packaging brings 28 units. They are eco-sustainable.

    7,00 € -21.35% 5,51 €
  • Chelino Nature Size 2 3-6 Kg 28 Units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Nature Size 2 3-6 Kg 28 Units

    Are disposable diapers hypoallergenic. Designed for babies weighing between 3 to 6 kilograms. Each package of this product comes with 28 units. A product is eco-sustainable. Have dermobandas. Do not have latex or perfume.

    7,00 € -30.6843% 4,85 €
  • Chelino Nature Size 3 36 Units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Nature Size 3 4-10 kg 36 Units

    This pack brings 36 units of diapers. These diapers are designed for babies between 4 to 10 kilograms. Are diapers hypoallergenic. Contains natural ingredients for the skin protection. Contain barriers anti-spill. They are eco-sustainable.

    7,95 € -19.4855% 6,40 €
  • Chelino Nature Size 4 9-15 kg 34 Units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Nature Size 4 9-15 kg 34 Units

    These products are for children between 9 and 15 kg. Each package brings 34 units. Part of the Nature line of Chelino. Are manufactured in Spain. Are hypoallergenic. Last up to 12 hours.

    7,95 € -19.4855% 6,40 €
  • Chelino Nature Size 5 13-18 kg 30 Units
    Out of stock
    Chelino Nature Size 5 13-18 kg 30 Units

    This package contains 30 units. Are diapers adaptable to children that weigh between 13 to 18 kilograms. Feature technology eco-sustainable. Are hypoallergenic. You do not have latex or perfumes. Come by size.

    7,95 € -19.4855% 6,40 €

The offer Chelino Fashion & Love includes:

  • DIAPERS: more slender, with maximum absorption - Thanks to the research and technological advances, the quality of the diapers have experienced a great advance in recent years, offering more comfort to your baby, while ensuring a greater dryness and best protection, reducing skin irritations

  • BIBS: they are disposable and with a particularly attractive design, for the baby to be always with a flawless look and clean, while the moms only have to worry about seeing your little happy. The Bibs Chelino Fashion & Love have two adhesive strips to ensure a great subject to be fastened to the clothing, baby, without staining or leaving a trace. The fold at the bottom collects the food fall of the baby's mouth preventing staining her clothes. Being made with technology 3dSystem are waterproof, have microtextura absorbent to prevent stains and have a great softness for the protection of the delicate skin of the “sin”

  • SWIMMERS: Chelino Fashion & Love presents their diapers swimsuit, ideal for smaller children can also enjoy the beach and the pool. Are disposable diapers designed not to swell with water, ensuring the correct hygiene of the baby. With the aim to offer a perfect grip and a great comfort, these diapers come with their elastic waistband. The floodlights Chelino Fashion & Love are the ones that have barriers antiescapes which offer the baby the maximum protection and parents with a great peace of mind. To get rid of after the enjoyment of the baby, easy side opening by tearing facilitate easy access to the task. Presented in two sizes, the M for infants 9 to 15 pounds, and the L for infants more than 15 pounds

  • WIPES: Chelino Fashion & Love Wipes have touch creamy and smooth thanks to its formula-based emulsion of oils related to the baby's skin, without generating foam to prevent the risk of irritations on the basis of natural elements as the sweet almond oil that provides hydration to the skin and the gel of aloe vera with properties regenerative and toning and soothing properties for irritated skin. Its aroma is very pleasant, alcohol-free and quick and easy opening by means of an adhesive label that keeps the moisture and aroma from the first to the last wipe. Two formats: case of 20 pcs (ideal for wearing out of the house), and the case of 60 pcs (for home use)

CHANGERS: disposable to ensure a change more hygienic. It comes with a folding easier that makes it possible to open with only one hand. We also have taken care of their measures, suitable, 50 x 70 cm. Have a top layer of a very soft and ultra absorbent, keeps baby's skin always clean and protected. Its bottom layer is waterproof to prevent the baby from staining where you are lying. Sold in boxes of 6 units, to comfortably wear both inside and outside the house.

Are diapers in anatomy, the thick part is absorbing, in the groin is usually more tightly to the comfort of the baby, the back and wings are manageable and flexible, that way it is fitted to the waist small. Also, have some tapes that are tightened at the legs not in excess, so as to prevent the escape of something. Slip and pleasure, are the goals of the quality of Chelino, diapers retain the skin of your little one dry and prevented from irritation, and provide you with a spectacular pleasure and independence of the movement, are excellent and do not cause any discomfort to the baby.

Development of the diaper Chelino

This diaper has three principal axes, is the description given in the management of pigs following; this is a diaper that meets the most modern techniques and features with the formulas and best benefits in the market, increasing the safety, regularity and protection of the skin with the meaning “dermo” that has three dynamic elements (aloe vera, essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, and the extract of ambiaty) for greater defence and protection of the skin.
In the background, the fashion, this has dabbled in the world of diapers innovándolos with their designs, fragrance, and elegance, and in third place was transferred to a feeling of tenderness, finish, and protection, apart from quality and affordable price to the buyer; Chelino offers to customers the best, and it has provided all the requirements for the development of the new product. So the little ones of the house will feel more comfortable and it will be easier to tour with the diaper without causing discomfort to some, come in the color white and with some of the designs-simple but pleasant.
How does it work Chelino in the day?
The dynamism of the baby during the day and night are very different, usually on the day he was changing the diaper of a baby from 4 to 5 hours and supports afinadamente, very little is irritating to the tail and legs, therefore it can be said that the raw material with which they are made are gentle with your skin. Spills are not common, although at some point it has happened that the escape of something. Its design is simple and the smell is pleasant, in the ride of the baby in the day, all diaper tends to yield, either by the movements of the small, or by the depositions made, however, by the bands that brings to adjust in the legs is more firm and are subject better.

How does it work Chelino during the night?

If the baby is a newborn, you should change the diaper at least two times a night because after they grow up and spend the 6 months, you will change only once in the night, given that they have a I put up phenomenal, once in the morning when he wakes up that is going to change does not have the pompis wet, visibly the diaper it looks very bulky, but it is normal for the hours of use. The most important thing first of all is the little one, for that reason we have created this diaper with love, with exclusivity and full of color, always the baby feel at ease, comfortable and dry.
How is the design of Chelino?
It is created with an amount of differential-exclusive, the first diaper with a complete scheme for each measurement or size ubicarás two complete designs that will allow you to boast of the baby at any time and place, their delineations are so comprehensive that make it unnecessary for the covers-diaper. It is very important to keep your baby dry and clean, that and food are two fundamental things for the little one, so you should be very aware of the review to the baby constantly, so as to avoid that spend more time indicated by the diaper, and this may cause irritation.

Features of the Chelino

? Barriers: this diaper is designed to be ergonomic for their continuous ribbons that are highly elastic and approve the better the coupling to the baby's body, preventing possible spills through its double security method.
? Diffuser: the ducts of leisure work at the maximum speed and efficiency in the distribution of the urine throughout the diaper, thus avoiding the unpleasant sensation of moisture in a remarkable space, this way it is distributed in a larger space.
? Elastic: the flexible wings of the Chelino are made to conform exactly to the waist of the baby, providing the best fit and well-being, by retaining fully despite the movements and concerns of the baby when you move.
? Core: this is the method of absorption, this responds to the rapid filtration of the humidity, it is profiled to absorb all the moisture despite the position in which they find in small.
? Anatomy: it is the part of the crotch more closed to the perfect fit of your baby, and thus, to provide more ease in your movement and comfort.

How to take care of the area of the Chelino?

? Protect your little one with the diaper neat, clean and dry so as to avoid irritation and discomfort.
? When you change the diaper, see that this is in the packaging, or in its effects in the diaper bag.
? Use protective cream or powder is not irritable.
? Use wet wipes when I go to change.
? A towel to dry it well and put your cream anti-allergic.
? Avoid letting the diaper put a lot of time up to 4 hours.
? Use a mild soap, and a special exclusive for the baby.
? Dry well before putting on another diaper and add your cream to avoid rashes.
? Always keep to hand something to entertain you while you change the diaper, so you will be easier to do.
Good and definitely the care of your baby is most important, that is why you have to be very aware and attentive when it comes to hygiene, and diaper change, when they're babies and they don't know or talk to, where else is there to focus and be very alert, because one slip can cause a skin irritation or a rash that may cause burning and discomfort to the small.