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Cerave is a leading brand of loreal laboratories to be able to enjoy cosmetic at the best price online offer

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Do you want to take care of your skin with products that are exclusive to it?

Every day our hectic life style and plaintiff, it wreaks havoc on our lives, both in emotional and physical way. Our skin is not saved from this premise. Every day we expose our skin to too many pollutants product of the city or a product of our own life-style.

That is why it is not uncommon that we start to notice signs of poor health in our skin, from noticing the very dry skin to begin to experience disease on the skin than before, we are not affected. It turns out that when the skin ends up not take care of themselves, begin to appear illnesses product of these oversights.

Our skin, through the years pass, after the 30 specifically, it begins to stop producing, in the same way the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and if we add to that the impact of external agents, we are in trouble.

Cerave is an american brand dedicated to the development of product to the skin. With patented technologies and the use of ceramides in your formulas, it is one of the best options in the marketplace with respect to the care of the skin. So then we extend this information which of insurance you are interested in.

Since when does Cerave?

The brand Cerave began his clinical studies near the start of the new century, with the help of the research of dermatologists who developed a product line of skin care, implementing a mix of 3 ceramides, essential fatty acids and other lipids.

Cerave began its journey with three key products: moisturizing cream, a hydrating lotion and a hydrating cleanser. Soon these three products began to have a huge success in the people and they began to be recommended to patients by dermatologists, through they were spreading their good results in the skin.

Currently, Cerave has a complete range of products designed for face care and body care.

But what is it that makes the products Cerave unique in the market?

Technology MVE

Since its inception, Cerave patented a technology unique in its style, whose acronyms come from the phrase in English Multivesicular Emulsion Technology. Thanks to this technology, the scientists Cerave have been able to create a technology for the ingredients of these formulas penetrate and be released into the skin gradually.

The formula of all the products Cerave contain this technology, which consists of a union between water and other ingredients that have a specific structure that allows them to so microscopic create small gap junctions in the cells of the skin, releasing it slowly all the ingredients for 24 hours. What allows the skin to be hydrated throughout the day without needing to apply more than once in any of these products.

This technology is the hallmark of this brand, as it guarantees the protection remains of the skin barrier.