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Cerave Cleansing Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml


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  • For normal to dry skin.
  • Facial cleanser.
  • Moisturizing effect.
  • Preserves the skin's natural barrier.
  • Contains ceramides.
  • Gently removes dirt.

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Cerave Cleansing Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml it is a cleanser specially formulated to clean and moisturize the skin of the face, while collaborating with the conservation of the balance of the natural barrier of the skin without generating dryness.

Its formula contains ceramides that replenish this component naturally in the skin, does not generate foam, but gently removes dirt, oil and makeup; while, improves hydration levels from its first application.

It does not include fragrance in its formulation, it is a non-comedogenic cleaning product, does not generate dryness and does not irritate, and can be used on normal and dry skin thanks to the fact that its formulation has been designed by dermatologists.

Why use Cerave Moisturizing Cleanser Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml?

This cleansing and moisturizing gel has been developed as a result of various dermatological studies in order to remove dirt from the face, without causing the deterioration of the skin's natural protective barrier.

It is a non-comedogenic product so it does not clog pores and its content of MVE technology causes an improvement in the removal of dirt, while regulating the natural hydration of the skin for approximately 24 hours.

Its content of ceramides causes an improvement in the repair and restoration of the dermis, since it restores the natural ceramides found in the skin, generating an effective cleaning without deteriorating the protective barrier of the skin.

How does Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Work Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml?

This cleansing gel has been specifically formulated to care for the skin lipid barrier, while providing strength and repair, since its mixture of components provides nourishing and soothing properties.

It includes in its formulation an innovative and patented technology known as MVE that improves the hydration of the skin, while preserving it for longer by releasing its components in a controlled way for 24 hours. Being its main active ingredients:

  • 3 Essential Phyto-Ceramides: they provide a repairing effect of the skin's lipid barrier.
  • Hyaluronic acid: improves the moisture of the skin, creating a controlled hydration of the skin and generating more effective results thanks to its more intense penetration.
  • Glycerin: provides its nourishing and moisturizing effect.

For whom is Cerave Moisturizing Cleanser Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml indicated?

Cerave Cleansing Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin 473 ml it includes a fragrance-free and soap-free formulation so it can be used on all skin types, from normal to dry and sensitive thanks to its mixture of hypoallergenic components.

This cleansing gel can be used in both adults and children in order to preserve a deeper hygiene of the skin, while providing greater care and protection.

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