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Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml


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  • Treatment for acne.
  • Favors facial washing.
  • It contains salicylic acid and purifying clay.
  • Suitable for oily skin.
  • Removes black dots.
  • It contains no fragrance, no parabens.

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What is Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml?

Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml it is a product formulated for the realization of facial washing and collaborate with the fight against acne since it contains in its composition salicylic acid, which is a beta hydroxy acid or BHA.

With its use, a fairly gentle exfoliation is performed and dead skin cells are discarded, minimizing blackheads and the appearance of pores, while promoting the treatment and prevention of acne.

You will be able to find it in Offer and enjoy a transparent gel that turns into a gentle and foamy facial wash, thanks to its components it causes an exfoliation that effectively cleanses the skin without leaving the feeling of moisture.

¿By What To Buy Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml in Pharmacy Market?

This cleanser has been designed to effectively control acne, so it contains an oil absorption technology and collaborates in the prevention of the appearance of new outbreaks thanks to the purifying clay included in its composition.

Its components promote the absorption of excess oil and its niacinamide content calms the skin, while it has a formulation that does not include fragrance, nor parabens and is non-comedogenic to provide greater skin care.

Your Price it is unmatched since it includes in its formulation 3 essential ceramics, such as class 1, 3, 6-II, which have been selected for the results they generate in the conservation of a healthier and more beautiful natural skin barrier.

It is important to note that ceramides are naturally present in the skin and constitute half of the lipids of the skin barrier, since their composition has been designed by dermatologists who specialize in proper skin care.

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It is recommended to buy this cleanser since it is a fairly gentle treatment that provides special care to the entire face, with its use the elimination of imperfections is favored and collaborates with the prevention of new outbreaks.

It includes a selection of components that reduce the appearance of pores without generating dryness in the skin, since it causes an effective exfoliation and cleansing in dry, irregular and rough skin without generating deterioration in the skin barrier

Benefits of Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml

Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml it is a cleanser formulated to generate an improvement in the texture of the skin, while effectively eliminating dirt and sebum that accumulates on the face, providing greater care for its content of essential ceramides.

For its preparation, salicylic acid has been used that collaborates with the elimination of dead skin cells, gently exfoliating, together with three essential ceramides that favors the conservation of the skin's natural barrier and Niacinamide that soothes the skin.

Composition of Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser 236 ml

Salicylic acid, purifying clay, three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II)

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