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Cb12 is the brand name of omega pharma to combat bad breath effectively, to buy from your online pharmacy at the best price in internet. A mouthwash sold in the whole of europe by its composition innovative

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  • Cb12 Mint Menthol 250 ml
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    Cb12 Mint Menthol 250 ml

    Cb12 Mint Menthol 250 ml Antihalitosis of effect 12-hour in-your-mouth, neutralizes all chemicals and processes that cause bad breath in the mouth. Simply take 10 ml by mouth after meals, rinse 1 minute with the solution and spit it out. Fresh breath thanks to this formula, Swedish with sodium fluoride.

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  • Cb12 Mild, Soft Mint 250 ml
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    Cb12 Mild, Soft Mint 250 ml

    Cb12 Mild Mint Soft 250 ml yn touch more smooth that the cb 12-classic, manufactured in sweden and patented by omega pharma is an insurance policy against bad breath and freshness in the mouth, With an effect of 12-hour combat halitosis since its first use. With sodium fluoride.

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  • Cb12 Menthol Mouthwash 500 ml
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    Cb12 Menthol Mouthwash 500 ml

    Cb12 Menthol Mouthwash 500 ml in size intrmedio is the mouthwash for daily cleaning more comfortable and most used in the Spanish market. At a bargain price to buy with savings at the best price of non-pharmaceutical chemist online.

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  • Cb12 Menthol 1000 ml Format Saving
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    Cb12 Menthol 1000 ml Format Saving

    Cb12 Menthol 1000 ml Format, Saving the best-selling format of a liter at the best price online pharmacy and non-pharmaceutical chemist. Best price online in mouthwash of halitosisi cb12.

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Surely at some point of your life you have suffered from halitosis or better known as bad breath, or you've been near a person with this unpleasant problem; this is a battle in which you can fight with special products for this type of discomfort that are so uncomfortable and unpleasant when you open your mouth and these close to someone, to have a range of special products as the CB12, with them you will be able to deal effectively with this unpleasant problem, it is very common and usually all at some point so we suffer.

Description CB12

CB12 is a trademark of the lab Omega Pharma, which has focused on the study of this type of cases and their products, in the washing as chewing gum (boost), the struggle of a powerful anti - halitosis , and bad breath. Do not produce any side effect for your use and will provide protection to the teeth. For its technical base of chlorhexidine and zinc acetate responds to a fresh breath, and fluoride protects the teeth without harming the enamel.
The halitosis and bad breath are very common and their causes are numerous, including a few we can mention: digestive problems, discomfort, mouth gums or teeth, have the habit of tobacco or cigarette even to some food; for this reason we must protect and attack this problem with the appropriate products, and unwavering.
In certain opportunities is not only a precise problem, for this it is necessary to record daily, usually after waking up the problem is serious and critical, bad breath arises and if you are a person is a smoker and addicted to coffee even more, all of this can lead to a mass that will increase the problem. There are various ways of combating this evil breath, and range of products that are effective to make disappear immediately that complication, however, you have to be very cautious and be aware of what is composition, because the ingredients that they use to manufacture the product may not make you well.

Variety of products CB12

? Of 1000 ml menthol, to combat the bad breath of the whole family.
? of 500 ml mint/menthol, powerful in battle with bad breath and maintain a mouth with a freshness for at least 12 hours.
? 250 ml mild/mint, this new product with a result freshness of 12 hours
? Boost chewing gum, the easiest way to stay with the breath fresh and pleasant throughout the day.
CB12 mouth rinse that counteracts and not disguised as bad breath, in addition, contains fluoride, which gives you the benefit of strengthening the denture is supported clinically and its development was at the University of Oslo, Norway. The results of these products are very effective, they leave a breath clean, pure and pleasant that you will spend moments of closeness with other people without having to worry about your breath and will last for 12 hours.

Prevention of the bad breath with CB12

Prevention of bad breath:
? Good oral hygiene and dental.
? Brushing at least twice a day.
? You can use an interdental brush to rub in between the teeth.
? Use a mouthwash as the CB12 for improvement.
? Avoid smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and coffee in excess.
To demonstrate the virtue and power that has the CB12 we used a gas chromatograph, of these there are very few in the world, this autentifico the good results of the product, and they were surprising to the people who use it. To use the product you just need to remove the cap and tilt the bottle down, then press the dispenser that has a button color is red, and its internal device will download properly the exact amount of 10 ml, this must be done two times a day.
Advantages of mouthwash CB12
? Feeling of freshness throughout your mouth.
? Controls bad breath and halitosis.
? Eliminates bacteria that are produced by the remnants of meals, not to get a good oral hygiene.
? Protection against cavities, by the fluoride it contains.
? Its duration is about 12 continuous hours.
? Battle against fluids sulphur that occur in the mouth, which stimulate the bad breath.

How does it work CB12?

This mouthwash is the first to treat halitosis for 12 continuous hours, your prescription is excellent, remarkable and magnificent, is registered to the base of zinc and chlorhexidine, with little concentration, removes gases sulfur in the air emitted by the mouth, and paralyzes the alignment of the substances that produces the halitosis, also weakens and counteracts the bad breath is produced by the garlic, onion, fish, etc., it Is easy to use, you're just doing gargle and enjuagas your mouth with a portion not to exceed 10 ml for 1 minute, after spitting out the component, if you want to safeguard your breath for 24 hours only you have to perform two times a day the procedure, that will also help you avoid cavities.
Can also be used by the children from 12 years old onwards, let us remember that the bad breath not only adults, for this unpleasant problem is there is no established age. CB12 is a taste quite nice, the simple reason is because it gives you an exquisite taste and freshness throughout the day, and effectively if you use it after the last oral hygiene of the night, thus it will give the same result, and you wake up with fresh breath.
To finish it should take in account that nothing better than a good breath when you head to speak to another person, for this reason is mainly due to make a good oral hygiene and, where possible, try to maintain healthy teeth and avoid the vices in excesses, such as drinking coffee all the time, or alcohol, smoking, etc, If you have these habits theres nothing better than to use your mouthwash CB12.