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Caudalie is a brand originated in France that mainly specializes in the active principle of the vines and grapes, as well as the many advantages that this item is in the application on the skin and the cells that compose it.

The formula of their products have been designed with a complete series of active principles of natural character; not only do they produce some effects are much more prominent in the skin, but are considered to be completely respectful with the environment.

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Caudalie is a company dedicated to the development of products for the care of the skin, used extracts of natural products that contain a concentration of assets with multiple properties that generate large benefits for the skin.

In this company gives great importance to the assets that are of natural origin, while respecting the environment primarily and thinking about the well-being of the skin.

Their products are developed on the basis of extracts of grape vines and grapes that come from vineyards of France, these contain an unlimited wealth of nutrients.

In addition, their products contain oils, waxes and vegetable shortenings, water, vegetal and floral.

Benefits of Caudalie

Caudalie is a cosmetic brand that makes their products with ingredients of natural origin, and environmentally friendly, preserving in this way, a maximum of efficiency and giving them a greater sensitiveness.

The variety of cream caudalie contains a large amount of assets of natural origin that include antioxidants quite powerful, which are fundamental for any type of skin, since that day-to-day are exposed to pollution, stress and the passage of time.

Among the ingredients of natural origin are the polyphenols, viniferina, resveratrol and water of grape, but also feature products that include a large amount of vegetable oils extracted from flowers, plants and fruits.

The products of this well-known brand to help generate a greater effect on the beauty and the sensitiveness, as a result of the care that they include in their preparation and the large number of studies that ensure the validity of your cosmetics.

The dermatological testing to prove these products are made in people that they are voluntary, not in animals and in addition, its products have passed tests for allergies.

Products for the Basic Routine of Beauty Caudalie

Before using the products Caudalie it is recommended to perform a deep cleansing facial, which is very important at the time of any beauty treatment that makes the skin more beautiful and healthy.

For this it is recommended that the Foam Cleanser Caudalie, which generates a cooling effect and is very gentle with the skin, helping to eliminate any kind of impurity and contamination in the face.

It is then suggested to use a tonic, for in this way clear at a deeper pores, while it is closed, so that the product is indicated in this case it is Caudalie Vinopure Tonico Cleansing 200 ml.

Another very important aspect in the beauty routine is hydration so it is recommended to use cream caudalie Vinosource Serum Sos Desalterante 30 ml, which moisturizes and brings more comfort to the skin.

Although it is also recommended the use of caudalie stain including Caudalie Resveratrol Balsamo Lifting Eyes 15 and Caudalie Resveratrol Fluid Lift Redensifying Spf 20 40 ml that hydrates, firms and generates solar protection to avoid and treat the appearance of dark spots around the face.

For the eyes, a product of excellent quality and that it generates very good results is Caudalie Premier Cru Cream Eye 15 ml, as it helps to minimize wrinkles, preventing the lid from falling, while eliminating puffiness and dark circles.
Products from Caudalie have a high content of ingredients of natural origin, although it also contains synthetic ingredients which in some cases are beneficial and elementals, as they are:

  • The molecules in biotechnology, which are very effective in removing the signs of age.

  • Perfumes, to improve the sensory life of all products.

  • Preservatives, accredited by the certification body biological, to protect ideally formulas.

  • Solar filters, to take care of the skin in a more efficient way.

Creams Caudalie to Use according to the Age

There is No exact age that it is recommended to start the use of any treatment to reduce the signs of aging, for being the reason cream caudalie has multiple lines.

  • The line Vinosource can be used when you have 20 years, as it has among its antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients that prevent the signs of aging.

  • The line Vinectiv to improve the skin at the time they appear the first signs of the age, that is to say, the small crow's feet, managing to take care of and fill the first wrinkles and lack of illumination of the face.

  • The line Resveratrol, it is recommended that you use when you notice that the skin begins to lose the consistency and that the oval of the face down lightly.

  • The line of Premier Cru, helps to improve the signs of age, wrinkles, firmness and spots that appear with the age ripe.

Active ingredients of Caudalie

The products produced by the brand Caudalie are made in a large percentage of ingredients of natural origin, extracted from the vine which can generate a large amount of benefits to the skin.

Among the ingredients that it contains can be named the water of grape biological, vegetable oils, the active natural moisturizing, shea butter, emulsifiers, sage and chamomile, the shortenings of apricot, ginseng, waters vegetables and orange and lemon extracts of verbena de Indias.

The oil extracted from the seed of grapes contains polyphenol proanthocyanidin, which generates an excellent defense, which helps to counteract the result harmful that generate free radicals and the damage of dna.

Contains antioxidants extracted from the grape seed, which are much more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C together, flavonoids and polyphenols that are found in the skin of the grape compensate for the action, devastating of free radicals derived from oxygen.

Caudalie makes products that are targeted especially to generate a cosmetic more healthy and natural, because they do not include parabens, or phenoxyethanol or mineral oils or artificial colours in their development.

In addition, this excellent brand contains among its ingredients 3 patents are very important as they are:

  1. The extraction of polyphenols from grape and its use in the cosmetic as a very powerful antioxidant.

  2. The cosmetic use of resveratrol of vine shoots, which generates an antidote wonderful in the fight against aging of the skin.

  3. The viniferina of the sap of vines, a molecule that is found in the sap of the branches of the vine which contributes to the minimization of the spots and brightens the complexion.

Chests of Products Caudalie

This brand contains cream caudalie collaborating in the care of the skin of the oxidation generated by the sebum, rekindling the microcirculation, generating a glow more natural, to fight against redness and correcting wrinkles.

These products caudalie spain helps to look like this, a skin more youthful, luminous, and similar.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Herb Night Cream 50 ml Pack Cashmere 15 ml

This pack contains two caudalie offers involved in the comprehensive care of the skin, a cream resveratrol lift night cream 50ml which restores and redensifica the during the night, mixed with a cream cashmere 15 ml to generate a smoother skin without wrinkles.

This combination is perfect as it contains two creams, one to be used for night and another for the day, prepared especially for all those people who like to put the night cream to visualize its effects the next day.

In addition, it contains a cream caudalie day in order to have a skin that is much more silky and wrinkle free. These excellent products work on the skin day and night as a result of the hyaluronic acid ceramides and resveratrol from natural origin.

Caudalie Chest Corps Gourmand Gift Case

Contained in this pack cream caudalie for the hydration of the body and the hands, with which you can enjoy the best caudalie offers hydrating, since it includes cream body and delicious 225 ml hand cream 75 ml caudalie is a wonderful brand.

This means that this combo includes a hand cream sole and a cream for the excellent body of Caudalie.

Caudalie Cream Hands 30 ml Lip 4.5 g Pack Duo

This hydration pack is very necessary as it contains a hand cream 30 ml splash mini to be able to transport to any place fairly easy and can use at any time, and space.

It also includes a lip 4.5 g that can be used at any time, as this pack provides a moisturizing effect to the hands and lips which are able to control the cracks of these areas and can repair the effects of aging.

Caudalie Chest Corps Spa Gift pack

It is supplied by a balm delicious body of 225 ml Treatment spa vinotherapie Caudalie and gift contains a bucket of beautiful wood with all the quality of caudalie the best caudalie offers that you can find this double pack of body care.

Caudalie The Des Vignes 50 ml gel 50 ml Lotion 50 ml

This pack contains a colony of the best-selling of the des vignes more a hydration pack as with the sequence of a container of lotion 50 ml that contains the same fragrance.

Accompanying this pack is a bath gel that contains the same aroma therapy what makes this pack is very necessary since this fragrance is exquisite.

Line Premier Cru Caudalie

As a result of the union of the three independent lines, Caudalie has created a line of Premier Cru, which is a caudalie stain that is based on the mixture of these 3 patents on anti-aging.

This union results in the supply of 4 high quality products to fight the signs of aging of the skin of the face.

The mixture of these 3 molecules of anti-ageing increases the action and the effect of each one of them separately, which gives as a result a line of high-end products that combat the extreme, against wrinkles and blemishes, creating firmness, hydration and radiance.

This line produces an excellent effect anti-wrinkle, anti-pollution and antirostro tired, already collaborating in the fight against the potential effects that are generated by this busy lifestyle and against the passage of time.

This line of four products deep, which combine three ingredients of natural origin such as vitamin C, vitamin E and grape polyphenols and the extract of picea, which work synergistically.

These products help lengthening and intensifying the powers of antioxidants in the dermis and generate an excellent fight against the free radicals that are forged in the skin as a result of the conditions generated by the passage of time and of the style of life.

The full line of Caudalie Premier Cru is constituted by the following 4 products that help especially to improve the appearance of the skin making a healthy impact and lozano, such as:

Premier Cru Elixir

It is the union of dry oil serum to cure and hydrates the skin deeply, while fighting the signs of more intense of the age.

The elixir is recommended to be used on all skin types, whether dry as mixed, as a result of the oil that you use is dry-comedogenic.

Premier Cru La Creme

It is an anti-wrinkle cream that helps minimize the dark spots on the skin, as it produces a result antioxidant and moisturizing that is wonderful to use whether it is day or night.

Contains an aroma and texture that are exquisite and can be used either alone or accompanied with the elixir of this same line of caudalie spain.

Premier Cru La Creme Riche

It is a cream that creates a moisturizing effect that rejuvenates of visible form the skin, reintegrandole its density natural, in addition to being despigmentante and antioxidant.

Premier Cru the Eye Cream

It is an exceptional cream caudalie that is so special signs of the bags and circles under the eyes, making smooth and provide greater firmness to the skin while it moisturizes and nourishes.

You have here at the best price to offer the wide variety of Products, caudalie.