Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Tonic 200 ml


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Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Tonic 200 ml

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Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Tonic 200 ml it is a product formulated to be used on combination skin, as it is enriched with ingredients such as natural salicylic acid, grape polyphenols and biological essential oils.

This tonic helps to generate a purification in the skin and disposes it to absorb the daily treatment, generating as a result that the skin is visualized sharper, pores are minimized and imperfections are visibly reduced.

It has a watery and ultra-fluid texture, which facilitates a refreshing result immediately. At the same time it provides a light olfactory interpretation, as a result of a cocktail of essential oils, which emits a feeling of freshness in each application.

Caudalie Vinopure Tonico Purificante 200 ml

Benefits of Caudalie Vinopure Tonic Purifying 200 ml

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Tonic 200 ml it helps to purify the skin, while decreasing imperfections and fine-tuning the skin texture, managing to efficiently close the pores.

It has a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin and biological ingredients, generating as a result that it is non-comedogenic. Its results have been dermatologically tested and it does not have any type of synthetic perfume added.

It is specially formulated to be applied on combination and oily skin that has imperfections.

It has an aqueous and ultra-fluid texture that generates a refreshing sensation thanks to the fact that it includes among its ingredients a cocktail of essential oils that emits a greater freshness after each application.

This ultra-concentrated product includes compounds of natural origin that generates a purifying and moisturizing result that helps to visibly reduce facial skin imperfections.

Its formulation contains salicylic acid, biological rose hydrate to generate greater control in the natural production of sebum, and hyaluronic acid that provides extra hydration to the skin.

Since it is used for the first time, it generates a sweep of the forces on the skin and gives it hydration, calm, toning, cleansing and radiance.

Active Ingredients of Caudalie Vinopure Tonic Purifying 200 ml

This tonic is a treatment that can be used every day especially on combination skin, in order to purify the skin, before performing the usual care treatment that is being used, thanks to its ingredients which are:

  • Natural salicylic acid: causes the skin to appear sharper quickly, pores are reduced and imperfections are minimized.
  • Organic grape water: it includes polyphenols that contain the strongest antioxidants in the plant world that counteract free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging.
  • Rosa damascena water hydrolate: regulates the natural production of sebum in the face resulting in a cleaner complexion and less shine, perfect for people who have oily skin.
  • Peppermint: softens the skin, improving microcirculation due to its oppressive result, and compensates for excess oiliness.
  • Biological essential oils: they have antiseptic results that regulate the segregation of fat, are astringent, toning, purifying, regenerating and moisturizing.

Indications of Caudalie Vinopure Tonic Purifying 200 ml

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Tonic 200 ml it can be used twice a day in the morning and at night on the skin removed makeup, with a cotton pad and avoiding the eye contour. Especially on the face and décolleté with clean skin, since it does not need to be rinsed.