Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Agua Refrescante 50 ml Expand
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Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Refreshing Water 50 ml


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Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Refreshing Water 50 ml a very fresh fragrance to be able to use daily, a cologne with a lot of impregnation and coming all from extracts of the wine. white rose, pink pepper and watermelon with wine notes make this fragrance one of the best sellers. To try to buy Fleur Des Vignes is to be right for sure.

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It is a water that provides a refreshing effect, with a light texture as a result of the mixture of delicate flowers and notes that help energize the skin such as grapefruit, mandarin and cedar.

This fragrance is very fresh so it can be used daily, as a cologne with a pleasant aroma thanks to the fact that it contains among its ingredients wine extract, which makes it a refreshing non-photosensitizing water,

It can be used at any time, especially in summer, for this reason it can be exposed to the sun, without the risk of any reaction.

Benefits of Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Refreshing Water 50 ml

It is a product that contains a very fresh fragrance that can be used daily, as it is very easily impregnated.

It is the result of a mixture of ingredients of natural origin such as wine extract, white rose, pink pepper and watermelon, which make this perfume an excellent option to be used in any season of the year.

It also contains among its ingredients grapefruit, mandarin and cedar fragrance that give this refreshing water a fresher, revitalizing and delicate aroma.

It contains a very current essence that can be used daily and that provides an excellent aroma generated by ingredients of natural origin, which can be used several times a day.

 Because you must buy Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Refreshing Water 50 ml

It is a water with a refreshing effect that generates a more invigorating, light and delicate aroma that can be used by anyone who likes natural aromas, among other characteristics are:

  • It contains a very light texture.
  • Among its ingredients are very delicate flowers with the stimulating details of sour fruits and cedar.
  • It does not contain any photosensitizers among its ingredients,
  • Its presentation is a 50ml container.
  • It contains a very soft and refreshing aroma.
  • It contains wine extract among its active ingredients.
  • Its aroma is very fresh, revitalizing and delicate

Indications of Caudalie Fleur Des Vignes Refreshing Water 50 ml

You can steam this water during the day every time you need to touch up the smell, as a result it contains a stimulating, docile aroma and with a very delicate aroma thanks to the fact that it contains grapefruit, mandarin, cedar extracts.

This refreshing water can be added to clothing and white linen such as sheets, towels, among others to always get a pleasant aroma all the time.

It is a product to be used externally,:

  • It does not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate and ingredients of animal origin.
  • Its presentation is a 50ml vaporizer.
  • It does not contain artificial dyes.
  • It was not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested by dermatologists under strict tests.