Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml


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A daily complement to your beauty as it perfects the features, closes the pores of the face avoiding impurities and dirt, fixes your makeup base and gives you a daily and immediate glow.Smoothes features, Tightens pores, Fixes makeup, Instant radiance. It is unique and exclusive to caudalie.

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Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml it is inspired by an elixir known as the Youth of the Queen of Hungary in the sixteenth century. Although it was inspired, this is not a copy because the formula that Beauty Water has is unique.

It is formulated by a set of ingredients of natural origin, which are filled with fully functional plant extracts, managing to reveal the best radiance in the complexion, in addition, smoothing the features eliminates the opening of the pores.

Due to the use of this product we will be able to prolong the duration of the makeup, which gives it as a functionality to be a guarantor in the dressing rooms of the shows at the moment after the models will go out on the catwalk.

Its mist gives us freshness managing to provide an extremely fast radiance and the perfume it emanates is aromatic thus helping to relax the senses and the mind.

Benefits when Using the Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml

Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml it brings us benefits practically immediately which are completely useful in the daily routine:

  • It causes the facial features to smooth out.
  • The pores manage to close and in this way the face looks more alive.
  • The makeup lasts longer because this product fixes it on the face.
  • It brings a glow to your face instantly.

Compounds of the Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml

Its formula is generated with 100% ingredients of natural origin such as essential oils. It is dermatologically approved like all the products in the line

It is formulated without parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils and other components of animal origin

Application of the Caudalie Beauty Water 100 ml

It should be shaken before each use, should avoid contact with eyes. To improve the results you can spray on the neckline and face. There are multiple ways in which you can use it:

  • You can use it in the mornings as a tonic.
  • It can also be used after applying the makeup base and in this way achieve fix it for hours.
  • This does not have a fixed time in which it must be placed on the face, it can be applied during the day to close the pores and provide luminosity at the moment when the complexion is fatigued and off.
  • In addition, you can place them in the evenings at the end of the makeup removal routine and thus a completely effective purification is generated on the face.
  • Use the spray on the nape and neckline and in this way you will be able to calm the senses and you will feel immediate freshness.
  • It can be used at work in times of stress to calm it down or reduce it.
  • After doing sports or some exercise activity and in this way hydrate, smooth and refresh the features.
  • It is also functional for men since it reduces the discomfort caused when completing the face shaving routine.