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Carmex is a Spanish brand which is highly recognized worldwide due to its extensive track record of 89 years in the market of cosmetic labial and its 130 products are highly effective for the care lip.

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The brand Carmex was created by the american Alfred Woelbing which already had a set of lip balms and other cosmetic products. With the passage of time this company was gaining fame thanks to their effective products for the care lip.

Carmex is a company that is characterized by providing you with the best lip balms to their consumers in order to prevent such damage due to external agents, that is to say, changes of high temperatures, such as cold, heat, wind, or dust.

Most of the lip balms on the brand Carmex contain a formula that is based on ingredients of natural origin to give the lips hydration, moisturizing effect, soothing and restful.

These lip balms from the brand Carmex help combat dehydration, solar radiation, and other effects in the environment that cause damage on the lips. The labial help to regenerate the skin of the lips leaving a smooth texture, smooth and supple.

Benefits of Carmex

Carmex contains a wide variety in products for the care and improvement of the lips, which enables their consumers to choose the one that meets their needs in terms of colour, size, taste, scent, and cost is concerned.

The texture of the lip balms Carmex tends to be thick so just a small amount to protect and heal the cracks in your lips. Its moisturizing effect and moisturizing it is durable and is water resistant.

The labial Carmex can be used by men, women, and children older than 4 years. It is ideal for those who make outdoor activities such as surfing, scuba Diving, Kite surfing, Rafting, Running, Skating, Sky, among others that involve being exposed to high temperatures.

Carmex uses ingredients repairers, moisturizers, emollients, and healing in their balm to prevent dryness, or the appearance of cracks on the lips. It is also effective when these are damaged as it has regenerative properties on the lips.

The lip balms Carmex have a SPF 15 protection to prevent uv rays from penetrating the thin skin of the lips resecándola. All lipsticks contain Vitamin E which has an antioxidant effect on the cells of the lips.

Carmex is a solid company that have submitted their products to rigorous testing at the level of a dermatologist, in order to guarantee their consumers with products that are effective and of high quality. Never been tested on animals and their products are compliant with governmental regulations.

All products of the brand Carmex currently are used by millions of people, and it has been checked that this brand sells approximately 130 units per minute. In addition, these lip balms are highly recommended by pharmacists americans.

Carmex is the ointment N-1 for lips recommended in the market for the magazine Pharmacy Times. Their formats are comfortable to wear anywhere because the containers tend to be small which makes it easy to carry it in bags, wallets, and even in the pocket.

Two of the balms most widely used of the brand Carmex are the cherry and strawberry, as they leave a feeling of freshness and relief from chapped lips in addition to its healing power, which begins to notice after a few days.

The lip balms Carmex are not greasy, does not leave residue or lumps. In each application will provide all the benefits that the lip needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

These ointments for the lips of the brand Carmex can be used as a makeup base, they can be applied before and after the lip that you use usual to secure it better and hydrate your lips with each application.

Depending on the presentation of the lip balm Carmex your choice and taste, these will provide a different experience on your lips. These lip leaving a soft glow and bright that it makes them look nice and plump.

The brand Carmex has a classical presentation in a jar, and other in-tube with smells super delicious. These various formats will allow both men and women, choose the one you like or suits your needs.

Can buy them in pharmacies, parapharmacies or supermarkets, but it is more advisable to make the purchase online because this way you will be able to get the products of the brand Carmex at best prices.

Features Carmex

The lip balms Carmex are made from natural ingredients, some of the ingredients used for its preparation cause the following effects on his lips:

Lanolin: this component present in the lip of the brand Carmex help to maintain hydration and moisture in the lips, avoiding these look dehydrated and cracked.

Camphor: this component provides the lips a feeling soothing and refreshing which relieves the burning sensation and pain that is felt on the lips when they move and are broken.

The menthol exerts an antibacterial action, which is very useful for relieving the itching and inflammation that causes the cold sores.

Phenol: exfoliate lips removes dead skin and removes dryness in the lips.

Cocoa butter: has emollient properties and moisturizing for the lips cracked.

Beeswax: creates a protective layer on the lips which keeps them hydrated and protected against external aggressions.

SPF 15, which keeps lips protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Indications of Carmex

The lip protectors Carmex applied on the lips before you are exposed to high temperatures or outdoor activities. Can also be applied before the lip color that used to it, and reapplied again after 2 to 3 hours.

Avoid applying the lip Carmex in other areas of the body. Keep this product out of reach of children and once opened will have up to 24 months for their use. Do not expose the lip balm Carmex at high temperatures.

Do not apply the lip Carmex about children under the age of 4 years. If you notice any backlash after its application, discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not apply if you are allergic to some of its components.