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Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml


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  • Contains euphrasia, witch hazel and chamomile.
  • It provides soothing qualities.
  • Suitable for the care of irritated eyes.
  • Decreases redness.
  • Reduces eye fatigue.
  • Compatible with the use of contact lenses.

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What is Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml?

Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml it is a sterile solution formulated with distilled waters of euphrasia, witch hazel and chamomile in order to provide its soothing and refreshing effect on irritated eyes.

The mixture of effects originated by these distilled waters of natural origin decreases irritation, redness and eye fatigue, and can be used by those who use contact lenses.

Its formulation does not include molecules that generate a vasoconstrictor action, while it includes a physiological pH formulation that favors compatibility with eye tissue, lacrimal fluid and contact lenses.

Why use Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml?

This sterile ophthalmic solution has been developed using a series of distilled waters, among which are euphrasia, witch hazel and chamomile generating an improvement in eye care thanks to its contribution of soothing and refreshing properties.

Its formulation has been aimed at the care of irritated eyes, since they favor the decrease of redness and eye fatigue as a result of its excellent content of natural ingredients.

In addition, molecules with vasoconstrictor action are not used for its elaboration in order to generate an improvement in eye care.

What are the features of Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml?

This ophthalmic solution has been specially formulated to generate an improvement in the softness and freshness of tired, annoying and irritated eyes thanks to its content of sodium hyaluronate that favors the retention of water in the lacrimal.

  • Its formulation has been made from natural ingredients, among which are chamomile, euphrasia and hammamelis.
  • It provides a sense of calm in the eyes irritated by the performance of some work for a long time before any type of screens.
  • It generates effective care for the deterioration caused by exposure to chlorine in swimming pools, tobacco smoke, dry environments or lack of sleep.
  • It can be worn in the company of contact lenses.
  • It provides beneficial soothing and refreshing properties in irritated eyes.
  • It does not include preservatives in its formulation, as it is a sterile product.
  • It does not include molecules with vasoconstrictive action.
  • Reduces foreign body sensation in the eye.
  • Its sodium hyaluronate content generates a moisturizing, lubricating, adherent and viscoelastic effect.

Who is Care+ Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml aimed at?

Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml it has been formulated to generate a sense of calm in the eyes that are tired, annoying and irritated caused by contact with various elements such as pollution, dust, wind or sea water.

Thanks to its content of natural ingredients it generates an improvement in the eyes after being exposed to chlorinated water from swimming pools, sunlight or prolonged work at the computer, since it calms irritation, redness and eye fatigue.

Composition of Care + Soothing Ophthalmic Solution 10ml

Euphrasia distilled water (refreshing), Euphrasia distilled water (soothing), Chamomile distilled water (soothing), Monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Water for injections.

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