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Care of Herpes

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  • Avene Cleanance 400 ml
    Avene Cleanance cleansing Gel 400 ml

    Does not include soap in its formulation. Brings purification to the epidermis. Respects the physiological pH of the skin. Creates a effect Seborregulador and soothing on the skin. Presents high tolerance. Your presentation is done in a format of savings in 400 ml.

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  • Sawa Scales Mermaid Sawa Scales Mermaid
    -7,46 €
    Sawa Scales Mermaid 33 ml

    Action epigenetica. Effect antienevejecimiento. Antioxidant Moisturizer and protector of your skin. Haze Facial. Easy to apply. Protection against blue Light.

    22,95 € -7,46 € 15,49 €
  • Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask
    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml a formula enhanced with dual power for healing, best formula, and that is far more effective, with studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. In account format drops secures all the effectiveness that you need to be able to enjoy all the regenerative power and healing of the rosa mosqueta pure repavar.

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  • La Roche Posay Micellar Solution 750 ml
    La Roche Posay Micellar Water 750 ml

    Micellar water ultra sensitive skin in sizes of 750 milliliters. Cleanses the skin while removing makeup effectively. Leaves skin unimportant dirt. Soothes and refreshes the skin without drying it out. With physiological pH no soap. no alcohol. no dyes. paraben free. 

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  • Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml
    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml

    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml of 100% grapes bio. Extracted from the grapes during the grape harvests, this mist soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin at any time of the day. It is perfect with water calming for your skin as it hydrates and prepares your skin worn at any time of the day, Revitalizing natural. Replaces the thermal Water.

    8,03 €
  • Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml + Cream Hands 75ml
    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml + Cream...

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml, repairs scars of all kinds and burns, good for all type of skins for the body and face care, it is an oil of 100% of purity that brings smoothness and elasticity to your skin, both face and body. They come in two formats for your application Roll-On and Account drops. Now gift hand cream 50 ml

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  • La Roche Posay Thermal Water 300 ml
    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 300 ml

    Includes antioxidants. Provides a sense of calm. Can be applied to face and body with sensitive skin. Improves skin cleansing. It causes greater toning and freshness in the skin. Prevents skin aging.

    13,95 € -31.2229% 9,60 €
  • Bio Oil 60 ml
    Bio Oil 60 ml

    Bio Oil 60 ml innovative treatment anti dryness of the skin and pathologies type stretch marks or scars. Thanks to purcellin Oil is a product sold as it contains Vitamins A and E with natural oils calenduila, lavender and rosemary as well as chamomile. It is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. For all skin types. Even sensitive

    10,99 € -9.4714% 9,95 €
  • Caudalie Water Beauty 100 ml Caudalie Water Beauty 100 ml
    Caudalie Water Beauty 100 ml

    Caudalie Water Beauty 100 ml a daily allowance to your beauty as it perfects the traits, it closes the pores of the face, avoiding impurities and dirt, set your base makeup and gives you a glow daily and immediate.Smooths the features, tightens pores, Sets makeup, Glow immediately. It is the sole and exclusive caudalie.

    29,88 €
  • Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g
    Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g

    Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g

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  • La Roche Posay Thermal Water 150 ml
    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 150 ml

    Relieves sensitive and irritated skin. Protects against external factors. Prevents skin aging. Prevents cellular oxidation. It creates a sense of calm, softens and decongests. It can be applied on children and adults.

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  • Rilastil Cumlaude Quadri G F 30 Ampoules Gift
    Out of stock
    Rilastil Cumlaude Quadri G F 30 Ampoules micellar Water Gift

    Rilastil Cumlaude Quadri G F 30 Ampoules Gift of micellar Water 250 ml Rialstil that blends perfectly with the power of anti-wrinkle and firming the blisters quadri gf cum laude. An offer of price and promotion that buying the rilastil quadri, get gift packaging original Micellar Water 250 ml of summumde gift. Power of ferulic with hyaluronic acid,...

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Often appear small sores on the lip, which is referred to as cold sores or Herpes Labialis , and is nothing more than a very common infection that manifests as small, painful blisters in the mouth.

Herpes labialis is the outward expression of an infection linked to by the Herpes simplex virus type 1 or HSV-1, which can be contracted during infancy or before the age of 20 years.

After the occurrence of the first infection, the virus becomes dormant in the nerve tissues to be able to be revived on certain occasions, and generate new lesions, which explains the recurrence of herpes on a recurring basis.

It is estimated that more than half of the population is a carrier of the virus. although, this does not mean that all people are quit a sore on the lip, since many of them are infected and carry the virus without having symptoms ever.

How is it spread Herpes Labial?

HSV-1 is spread very easily through the fluid-containing blisters on the lip or in the saliva, even in people who do not have an active infection at the time. It may facilitate their spread:

  • When using a device that can be in contact with the herpes of another person such as towels, cups, cosmetics, toiletries, among others.
  • Using particles of saliva in the air as coughing or sneezing.
  • Contact personal or intimate with an infected person.

What Symptoms are experienced with the Herpes Labial?

The symptoms may become evident over a period of between two and fourteen days after contact with the virus for the first time and can last up to three weeks, being generally less intense when they appear the following times.

Mostly the infection by this virus is asymptomatic or causes mild manifestations that go unnoticed. Some people produce ulcers in the mouth at the time of entering into contact with the virus, while others show no signs.

Before the onset of the plague, people feel a tingling, itching or burning in the area, to the time you can feel a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, fever, and/or swelling of the local lymph nodes.

When the virus manifests itself externally is in the form of ampoule, covered with a clear liquid, appearance transparent, sometimes yellowish the closer they are to break.

After the blisters break, they release the liquid to form a crust over the wound that is left over, which usually heal at the end of the day and usually completely disappear after several weeks without scarring.

What are the Factors that trigger the Herpes Labial?

What causes this infection from coming back every time is the virus that falls asleep in the nerve cells of the skin of the face and when the conditions that favor the infection, wakes up and begins the cycle again. Some Causes cold Sores that boosts are:

  • An infectious process, for example, a cold.
  • Menstruation.
  • Episodes of fever.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun without proper protection.
  • The cold.
  • Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy.
  • The mild problems in the skin of the lip, such as dryness or cracks.
  • The stress, the tiredness and anxiety.

What is the Treatment for Herpes Labialis?

The Treatment of cold Sores is to generate relief through the intake and application of antiviral drugs, Cream Herpes Labialis and dressings, which will help to create protection and to decrease the intensity of the infection, but not the cure.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use local cold for the relief of discomfort and avoid touching the lesions to avoid the spread of the virus, the infection of the affected area or hinder healing.

In addition, it is recommended to wash the injury with antiseptic soap to being infected and getting worse, to the time that you should avoid the intake of hot drinks, spicy foods, salt, and acids which may irritate the wound.

How to avoid the spread of cold Sores?

To prevent the spread of cold Sores , the recommendations are the following:

  • Don't kiss anyone while supplies last injury.
  • Do not share utensils.
  • To prevent the lips from drying out.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

Cold sores and genital, are they the same?

The cold Sores is known as the type 1, or HSV-1, while the herpes simplex is of type 2 or HSV-2, and is the one that is behind the vast majority of cases of genital herpes.

Although, it is important to mention that oral sex can result in HSV-1 is found in the genital area and HSV-2 in the lips.

HSV-2 can be spread by a single pathway, and it is through sexual intercourse, in contrast, HSV-1 is spread very easily, therefore, it is more common and occurs in people of any age, even in children.

Do Herpes Sores can infect babies?

Not only adults can suffer from cold sores, also the children. In fact, children under 5 years can develop on the inside of the mouth, reaching confused with cold sores.

Also, the babies are sucking the thumb may carry the infection to the tips of the fingers, which is known as ‘herpes whitlow’.

Most of the infections occur during childbirth and in the first days of life, can lead to more serious consequences. Past 28 days, and outside of the neonatal period, the disease usually does not generate serious complications.

The infection on to the baby through the milk itself is practically impossible, and so has only been registered a case in 1979.

What foods you should avoid when you suffer from cold Sores?

It is advised that people prone to outbreaks avoid foods that contain arginine, which could enable the virus, among these are oatmeal, granola and wheat germ.

As well as, products with high content of sugars and white flours, such as white breads, chocolate, 75% cocoa, pastries and soft drinks. You must also avoid the consumption of eggs, seaweed, nuts, coconut, and whey.

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