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Care of Eyelashes

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  • Vita Pos eye Ointment Ocular 5g Vita Pos eye Ointment Ocular 5g
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    Vita Pos eye Ointment Ocular 5g

    Improves the tear film. Protects the ocular surface. Night use No preservatives. Contains No water You can apply up to 6 months after opening

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  • Kamisan Ofta 28 Wipes
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    Kamisan Ofta 28 Wipes

    Kamisan Ofta 28 Wipes, sanitary pads, sterile, single-use hygiene periocular in adults and children, without preservatives, gauze natural cotton with a solution of natural plant extracts.

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  • Sesderma Seslash 5 ml Sesderma Seslash 5 ml
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    Sesderma Seslash 5 ml

    Sesderma Seslash 5 ml belonging to the range of care for your eyes. Promotes growth of eyelashes and eyebrows that will make your look more penetrating. thanks to its fatty bubbles transported in the active principle to the root of the same. Growth and thickness tested with the guarantee of sesderma a laboratory where to buy quality at the best price..

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