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Usually we will take care of every one of the parts of our body with care. It is as well as we take care of in the end our face, our hair, hands, and skin. Not so our feet. We have No idea what that meant until we are not producing any discomfort that keeps us from that walk with fluency.

The feet are our support and they are also the most recienten to walk, to use a shoe set, walking barefoot, exercise, etc therefore, foot care and protection are of particular importance.

The best deals for the care of the feet

In Pharmacy Market we have opened a category for the care of the body where we have added an item specific to the care, maintenance and care of the feet.

This area of the body, due to its importance and delicacy, must be subject to a daily care. In this sense, our catalog of products for the care of the feet includes not only soap but creams for the repair, exfoliation and hydration of this area of the body, powders, deodorants, treatments for warts and cracked feet, calluses, as well as the necessary equipment to perform a daily cleaning and proper.

In the field of foot care Pharmacy Market offers the best brands in the market such as Nailner , Funsol®, Dr scholl, REVA Health, Hansaplast versions of pen and brush, spray; products to resolve the hardships, stick to treat and prevent dry feet and heels cracked, moisturizing creams, strips, calluses, treatment for warts, deodorants, powders, among others, that are targeted to the daily attention and care and to the prevention of calluses, and other discomfort own feet.

Some of our brands

Dr Scholl is a company dedicated to the production of footwear and products to the feet, with over 100 years of experience and presence in more than 70 countries in the world, founded in Chicago in 1899 by William Mathias Scholl.

Today, the company remains faithful to the passion and original philosophy of its founder: to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through his feet, the hand of Bayer for the Latin America market and to the North, and by Aurelius AG in its remaining markets worldwide.

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