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Capricare is a brand that uses whole milk of goat and one of its main features is that it is able to be able to respect the basic components of milk (how they can be minerals, vitamins and fats).

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  • Capricare 1 Start Milk 800 grams
    Out of stock
    Capricare 1 800 g

    Capricare 1 Start Milk 800 grams milk which is much more digestible than the rest, and manufacturing in new zealand is already here to be able to be consumed by the smallest of the house. Improvement cramps and digestion of drinks that cause discomfort to the baby. Recommended by pediatricians and specialists is an option but as a memory of the baby for...

    23,95 €
  • Capricare 2 Milk Below 800 grams
    Out of stock
    Capricare 2 800 g

    Capricare 2 Milk Below 800 grams milk which is specially designed for the digestion of the smallest of the house, thanks to its formulation this especially recommended for the treatment of gas and colic in the baby.

    23,95 €
  • Capricare 3 Growth 800 g
    Out of stock
    Capricare 3 Growth 800 g

    Capricare 3 Growth 800 g a goat milk promotes the digestion of the baby. Improvement thanks to its large tolerance in infants, formulated and manufactured for babies over 12 months and is perfect as a complement to journal and an easy way to feed with less cramps and gas

    23,95 €

This is a great advantage in comparison with other brands and is not used skim milk after adding vegetable fat with the goal that you can reach out to compensate for the flavor and the price.

It is for this reason, and for that we have before us a food for the baby, much more comprehensive than any other option that you can find in the market and as it could not be of another way, then you will be able to know all the products of Capricare that we have on sale, but before that, please allow us a few seconds so that you can know the main features.

Features of the milk of Capricare

Increased absorption of fat: One of its most outstanding features is that you get an absorption of up to 45% more medium-chain fatty acids that the milk comes from the cow. Thanks to this, it can be digested more easily by the body of the infant.

Attracts small: Another of its characteristics is that it has a very mild flavor, as well as with a tone sweetness that will appeal to the small, from the first moment. In addition, it will also stimulate the sense of smell, making it easier to settle for it.

Choice of milk: As in the majority of related marks, Capricare provides us with milk start (capricare 1) and milk (capricare 2).

It contains more components of the character cell: goat milk is very similar to breast milk as it is able to release a series of cellular components such as free amino acids, and nucleotides; perfect for the little one begins to see strengthened its digestive system, in addition to the nutrients it needs to go to evolve.

Energy: The milk capricare, having been created from whole milk, it has a level of fatty acids higher, which makes the small to receive the energy it needs (you should know that about 45% of the fats that your baby needs for its development comes directly from the achieves of the milk).

Digestible: in Addition, it is a milk that is considered a much more digestible because, even, is recommended for babies who are allergic to casein, as well as any other type of element that can contain breast milk.

Price: in Addition, the price of capricare is not high for its incredible properties, within the limits of the pocket of the titles released dads.

Below we leave you the best brand products and very competitive prices, we has been to earn the trust of hundreds of customers who leave their reviews on capricare in the store. I just pull up a chair!

Capricare is the main milk recipe for babies, consummate cream-based whole goat, is an excellent choice for breastfeeding, although it is mainly the duty to be is feeding a baby with breast milk, this choice of milk is going to be the best after breast milk. For infants is a special formula that you can use with bottles, prepared to respond perfectly to a proportionate development of the child. Capricare, is the first milk for infants guaranteed by studies accredited.

Why Capricare?

The company executing this food is innovative, it is an industry in new zealand called DGC (Dairy Goat co-operative), this product is marketed in different countries, and the primary guarantor of the change in the european procedure. Inquiries and studies relied upon for which EFSA, european member manager of the security of the power supply, it will deliver a verdict favourable, checking a result of clinical studies, the product based on goat milk, whole plays the european requirements for the process perfect for a newborn nourished with this recipe for children.

The main benefits of Capricare for infant feeding are:
? Preserves the natural elements of the milk, such as vitamins, fats, and minerals, usually those recipes that children of some companies use milk lightened and then add fat vegetables to complement it.
? There are infant formulas that are processed with complexity, because you break down the milk, Capricare is characterized by a process of developing spontaneous and natural, you just place the whole milk with vitamins, minerals and some other livelihoods to perform a complete and nutritional formula for babies.
? This milk contains an outstanding absorption of the unpleasant fatty, cream whole goat contains 45% more fatty acids than cow's milk. It has Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are sourced from the original layout of the goat milk.
? Enriched and dignified with all the vitamins and minerals that are needed for the effective development of a child.
? Have a taste and smell nice for him to drink.
? Goat milk is different from cow, because it retains its elements celulosos, has brilliantly a summary of discharge that releases cellular elements existing such as nucleotides and amino acids.
? Capricare, being made with goat's milk contains fatty acids that are located naturally in the milk fat.
? These formulas are clinically approved with a comprehensive review of more than 20 years, on the good nutrition that has the goat's milk for babies.
? Feeding and digestion more manageable.
? The degree of constipation is less.
? It is beneficial for the prevention of obesity in children.

Why choose goat milk Capricare?

? Approximately 5% of babies under 2 years old are allergic to cow's milk, however this means that goat's milk is the best, but if you have a lesser degree of cause allergy in the infant.
? The most favourable to the infant is the mother's milk of the breast, but in the event that for some reason you are not able to give, offer alternatives, such as the infant formula.
? Goat milk is the most similar to breast-feeding, has no preservatives, flours or sugars increased.
? Goat milk Capricare allows for bowel movements that are soft, regular and with less discomfort.
? The stools are similar to that of children who are breastfed, they help to step in digestive tract and relieve the illness.
? It comes in two presentations, for newborns, for continuity when the time comes to supplemental feeding.
? It is the best option if you can't breastfeed your baby.

In contradiction of other types of milks, goat's milk is considerably better digestive in the feeding of infants, because their proteins are treated with more effectiveness than other milks. The reason is very simple, the goat milk in the stomach for something-type cheese that is softer, more delicate and inconsistent that access to the intestinal enzymes to work more favourably.
Goat milk Capricare is a basic element and is suitable for its proteins, to feeding in the newborn and prepared for continuity. Even so, we must take into account that you should not cross the goat milk with cow's milk, because there is a significant reactivity hazard, this is proven by clinical studies, also you can even have allergies to just use goat milk; although, at present, have not been provided sufficient data allergic reactions only to the albuminas of this milk.

What is special about goat's milk Capricare?

It is a food that is optimal for your baby, you basically know that nothing is better for the baby than breast milk, but if for some reason you can not feed the child with breastfeeding in the chest, then the best option that is proven clinically happens to be the milk of a goat, this favors the growth and development of your baby thanks to its protein, vitamins, and minerals.

There is a set of infant formulas are from the milk of cows that are manufactured and processed with the removal of the whey, goat milk uses a natural and easy that 100% of its proteins are used, and 55% is your fat component. Capricare retains a quantity of goods that are natural and good feeding of the infant, the main of them is that, as is whole milk has a process of production of natural, thus allowing this to retain their minerals, fats and vitamins.
This goat milk has many advantages, and one of them is his good smell and taste, and the most relevant and important that it plays absolutely all the measures that you have to have a formula, so as to become the baby food clinically certified, so you can give your baby cow's milk Capricare with any confidence.