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Capillary treatment

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What benefits does the use of Hair Treatment bring?

The main purpose of any treatment for hair is to generate an increase in its strength and vitality, while collaborating with the generation of a healthier appearance, so it is advisable to be constant in its application and do it for the right time.

Each treatment must be applied optimally and for a certain time, since it provides a large amount of nutrients that go into the hair fiber and collaborate with its reconstruction, reduces frizz, frizz and protects moisture.

There are different types of treatment that allow the reconstruction and moisturizing of the fiber, resulting in the hair can be visualized with greater luminosity and care with the application of chemicals.
Some treatments provide effective protection against exposure to natural elements such as the sun, water, dyes, among others; while generating an increase in strength and elasticity to the hair and can close split ends making it grow healthy.

To obtain and preserve healthier hair it is important to apply products aimed at each type of hair, in order to provide the greatest possible care to the hair, providing the best results and a longer duration.

One of the most used treatments are Hair Treatment Masks and moisturizers, since they generate their results in a few minutes and do not require heat to act, so they are very simple to use and can be easily entered into our routines.

What types of hair products and treatments exist?

Depending on the type of problem that is sought to solve, one or another treatment can be used, being important to consult a specialist before using them in order to examine the state of our hair and scalp. Among the most used treatments are:

  • Conditioner: it is usually used in order to increase the brightness of the hair, softness and makes styling easier, so it can be used every day.
  • Ampoules: its formulation includes oils and proteins that restore the hair its luminosity and strength, being recommended to be applied once every week or every 15 days.
  • Creams: they provide hydration and can be used on oily, dry or dyed hair, while benefiting hair frequently exposed to the iron and dryer as they provide vitamins and proteins that collaborate with the repair of hair fibers.
  • Masks: they increase the resistance and softness of the hair thanks to their repairing properties that are superior to those of the conditioner. It is recommended to apply after washing the hair every 15 or 30 days, depending on the deterioration of the hair.
  • Hair lotions: they are aimed at those who suffer from baldness and favors the treatment of head lice.
  • Keratin: provides proteins, vitamins and oils that penetrate the hair fiber and collaborate with its reconstruction, making it brighter, improving its growth and closing the split ends.

Are there other types of Hair Treatment?

They excite hair treatments aimed at dermatological care and are performed by hair health specialists to preserve, fortify, increase the luminosity and resistance of their patients ' hair.

These treatments usually avoid the use of chemicals such as medications and among the most important, advanced and without side effects are:

Hair Mesotherapy

It favors the biostimulation and nutrition of the cells that are in the follicular units, causing as a result that the hair arises with an increase in its strength and vitality, so it provides proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, among others.
For this technique a compound is provided that improves the natural and healthy growth of the hair, becoming one of the best options for its care.

Platelet Rich Plasma

The patient's own blood is extracted and with the use of an advanced technology mechanism platelet disruption is generated that will favor the obtaining of growth factors that will be injected again.
With its use, the follicles that are in a state of aging are rehabilitated and an increase in their resistance is provided.

Low Level Laser Therapy

It consists of applying low intensity laser light to the scalp in order to reactivate the cells of the Follicular Unit and increase the blood microcirculation that feeds them.

Why apply hair treatment?

Each hair treatment is aimed at improving hair care, since this is one of the essential and most visible parts of our body, so preserving healthy hair improves the self-esteem and security of each person.

All those people who suffer from hair loss, baldness or problems related to poor hair care, generate a deterioration in their health and psychological state, so it is of great importance to visit a specialist when you visualize any problem in this area of the body.

It is important to apply hair care products to exposure to stress, rush, pollution of the city and poor nutrition, among other elements to prevent visible symptoms of weakness.

There are many people who require the use of treatments aimed at hair care, but it is of great importance that a specialist checks the condition of the hair and recommends products aimed at each type of hair and scalp.

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