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Camaleon Cosmetics

Lipstick Camaleon a brand of natural cosmetics made in Spain. It is a laboratory that develops treatments cosmetic reliable based on research and innovations to levels cosmetology. Products are based on new trends in cosmetologías and directed at persons, in particular women, who want quality products but they also want to apply to your body-natural products that are not invasive but rather regenerators, which nourish, hydrate the skin without chemical formulas aggressive.

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Lipstick camaleon of Camaleon Cosmetics has headquarters in Zaragoza and is working and developing their tecnólogías since 1980. Has more than two decades and calm to hone their natural formulas, creating awareness pragmatic when it comes to creating the cosmetic products of high quality without resorting to the use of by-products of the petrochemical industry and other ingredients that are harmful to health and to the environment.

Multiple experts in beauty as are the reviews of Hello Fashion, Glamour, and Vogue, among other magazines, recommend their use, and their effects; as well as there are also multiple reviews from their users recommend these products as they have had very good results over a long time.

Among the products it offers Camaleon are make-up products, care and lip care and full-face shield.

Makeup Camaleon

All of the makeup of this brand is vegan, no silicones, no sulfates or parabens, suitable for celiacs and packaging 100% recyclable.

the Lipstick camaleon is trying products formulated with natural active principles and hypoallergenic developed under the supervision of a dermatologist and eye doctor.

Between the makeup, that offers Camaleon are the lipstick, which are drawn to one hundred percent, with natural ingredients that does not take away from its excellent quality and its functionality effective in terms of color. The lipstick from this brand are distinctive as they have a lot of durability on the lips, protegiendolos at the same time of the external effects of environments contaminated.

Between the lipstick that offers this brand and are the most sought after by users are the lipstick, matte lipsticks, permanent and lipstick metallic.

The lipstick matt come in lipstick, matte lipstick matte long lasting. Both of these are lipstick, long lasting, and not breaking down or dry out the lips, but on the contrary. Count with the presence in the formula of aloe vera which gives them a property regenerative to the skin of the lips, nutríendola at the same time, and providing you with softness.

These lipsticks are the best choice to be abreast of the trend of famous and people from the fashion important. With this range you can re-create the makeup of your ídola favorite.

Care lip and resistance

With the lip of Camaleon no need to worry about that lipstick you run while you have fun during the day and night. Thanks to its strength you can do all your activities to be confident and thriving in all its splendor your lipstick Camaleon favorite.

All the lipstick Camaleon feature in its formula, with the presence of three elements that ensure the care of your lips at the same time that the lights splendid. These three elements are the aloe vera essence, rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter. Nourishes your lips and leaves behind the dryness and the appearance is broken. With the lipstick of Camaleon not just a matter of appearance but also the health and conscious consumption taking into account the nature.

The smooth and creamy texture will make you to trust in these lipsticks from the first application. Forget about trips to the toilet constantly to check and touch up the makeup. With these lipsticks will keep you focused on what really matters: making your routines and activities be sure you look splendid at all times.

Facial care

Camaleon has a specific product for every skin type, also when it comes to facial care. This brand has worked in developing specific formulas for each skin type and each type of requirement. Account with serum facial, corrector of bags and dark circles and masks cleansers.

Camaleon Cosmetics invests each day that passes in the development and evolution of their formulas, through rigorous research to be of quality and provide more efficiency to the users.

In addition to multiple types of skins there are, Camaleon based on the production of its cosmetics facial in the certainty of the degree of pollution to which it is exposed today in the city, so that their products are focused on solving this type of problems, among others.

With the production of serums, concentrates of this brand looks to be the perfect complement to the creams. All this while respecting sensitive skin and prone to dermatitis. For every skin type there is a serum for even skin with the presence of acne.

Facial care in Camaleon develops from the facial cleaning up the treatment by incorporating in their formulas of natural active ingredients that enhance the care of the skin, nutriendola and hidratandola completely natural.

In Camaleon know even the facial care not refer only to the use in women, but every day more and more men want to be aware of how to keep your skin facials, healthy, and this is what they have in mind in Camaleon Cosmetics, that is why the products are designed for both men and women.

Camaleon, a brand of cutting-edge cosmetic

Due to the way in which Camaleon designs and develops its products, it can be said that it is a brand of avant-garde where more and more each day it satisfies the requirements of the thought of the post-modern. Products are based on natural active ingredients, developed in a way that respects the animals and the environment. On the other hand satisfies not only the cosmetic needs of women, but also men. Camaleon is part of the thinking, inclusive of the future, forming part of the premise of the consumer aware that there is a need in this era and in the age to come.

All this takes place in addition to creating products of high quality and durability, solving efficiently the aesthetic and cosmetic of this gene