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Calmatopic thanks to their products, the skin of our little one is protected, and that when the smaller they appear in your life to become the center of the universe. Be complete and is absolutely quiet, it becomes a difficult task because unconsciously you care about the well-being of your children, however, as concerns grow, allergies, also increase. Any fact or detail: a kiss, a hug, the first word, a good grade in the school or a birthday you will steal a smile. Accompanied to this is also, be aware of your child with their work, with the environment, whether that be a child are exposed to different environmental factors that can affect your skin.

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  • Calmatopic Stick 14 g
    Calmatopic Stick 14 g

    It is a bar of very easy to apply. For small bumps and bruises on the children. It is a product that has decongestant effects and anti-inflammatory. Soothes the pain quickly. Has in its composition a number of plant extracts. It is a bar that is formulated based on Arnica.

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  • Calmatopic Roll On
    Out of stock
    Calmatopic Roll On

    It is a topical product for bruises and shock. This gel provides immediate pain relief. Contains in its composition three medicinal plants: Mint, Arnica and Harpagafito. It is a gel for easy application and absorption. Comes in Roll-On. Has properties decongestants and pain killers.

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  • Calmatopic No Longer Pica Rolll On
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    Calmatopic No Longer Pica Rolll On

    Among its ingredients are Licorice and Lavender or Lavender. It is a product that soothes the pain and edema very quickly and efficiently. Is indicated in the lesions caused by bites of insects and mosquitoes. Indicated in rashes and reactions in the skin by contact of plants and jellyfish. It is a gel with relaxing properties and comforting. It is very...

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How does the Calmatopic?

Calmatopic is a product of the laboratories of the Vineyards, which was founded in the year 1911 by the pharmacist Peter Vineyards, driving the research of new and original formulations. Through research, Laboratories Vines researches, develops, produces, and markets drugs and pharmaceutical products in a broad aspect of therapeutic areas, which include dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics and general medicine. In its commitment to research and innovation, creates the brand known as Calmatopic, intended to relieve the small bumps that may be the smallest of the house.
Laboratorios Viñas seeks to improve the health and quality of life for people through innovation and the excellence of its therapeutic orientations, strategic, and contribute to the well-being of families

Why use Calmatopic?

The products are designed to relieve discomfort caused by insects, jellyfish or plants, compared also to those small bumps which can occur in different places like for example, at the park, the school, in the beach, at home or at any other place.
Calmatopic is 100% recommended. Thanks to its different presentations facilitates the application in different areas of the body, and can be used as many times as you want.

How and when you use Calmatopic?

At the time that the child begins to take its first steps to develop a facility for the bumps and falls, being usual to give blows to the head, in the forehead and in the area of the mouth, in general when it won't hurt the knees, it is hurt your face.
Sometimes it's just a bump. In these cases, many parents do not know what to do, don't know how to deal a blow to a child. When it comes to a slight blow, as a contusion light can be applied Calmatopic, as several of their products are made from Arnica, which is a natural compound that has analgesic properties as anti-inflammatory, in addition to acting by stimulating the circulation of blood thus achieving not appear fearsome bruising.

Application of the products Calmatopic

Thanks to its small and convenient presentation are ideal for transporting at any time and in any bag or purse to have on hand at all times.
Apply at the time of the coup, always and when you have no wound, that is to say, it is made for bruises and bumps, not to cuts or open sores. Apply with gentle movements and circular to stimulate circulation in the area. and can be repeated by your application as many times as you need. It is necessary to avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes and the mouth area.

Composition of the products Calmatopic

Our products use 100% natural ingredients such as:
Arnica: it has properties antiinflatorio, decongestant and astringent. It is used for bumps or bruises, the pain decreases and prevents the appearance of bruising. Tears or distenciones and muscle pains, in this case helps to relieve the pain and prevent inflammation. Blisters, values, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial prevent infection and relieve the feeling of pain.
Devil's claw: this is one of the natural anti-inflammatory more powerful. It also Provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Other important compounds of Calmatopic are:
? The matricaria maritima, which is used to relieve marks for its soothing and moisturizing properties.
? Licoriceis used for its anti-irritant on the skin.
? Lavender, the latter relieves discomfort of the skin.
? It also contains Mint, this herb is perhaps one of those plants known by the most people, not just as an ingredient common since time ancient, but to be used in the development of different home remedies and natural. The mint is also a natural choice for the treatment and care of the skin. The oil is especially rich in turpentine and menthol, there is a plant widely used in the production of oils for massage, especially when there are sports injuries, as it acts as a refreshing skin.

Importance of carry products Calmatopic

When you have a small child is always the expectation of any thing, children are human beings, just as restless and uncontrollable, which are always in motion, in any carelessness can have any type of accident, whether in low or high levels. They are exposed to blows or falls that generate discomfort and discomfort to continue to carry out their routine activities. That is why it is always important to bring the products Calmatopic, that generate confidence, security and peace of mind for those moments, because in a single application can be observed in its effectiveness.
Nothing is more important than the safety that it provides a product, and it is to know that you have an ally in the care of your little one makes that as a mother you feel more calm and can give you the freedom you need, because for nobody is a secret that a child is synonymous with fun, freedom, risk, factors that go hand in hand with danger, accidents.
Calmatopic is a product that does not need a prescription, it can be used and purchased at all times. Let's remember that our children are exposed to the grinders of insects both in the home and the school; the plants which by its composition cause piquiña and irritation of the skin.