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Breast pump

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  • Nuk Electric breast Pump, 2-phase Nuk Electric breast Pump, 2-phase
    Nuk Electric breast Pump, 2-phase

    Nuk breast pump e-motion in two-phase system, dualogic ensures a correscta extraction is similar to the suction effect of the baby.

    79,94 €
  • avent breast pump manual comfort
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    Avent breast Pump Manual Comfort SCF 330/20

    Avent Philips breast Pump, manual pump, has a system that is motion adaptive to the chest so comfortable producing a removal easy and comfortable for the milk, so a manual of the mother controls the pull with small pulses of a valve at all times controlling the speed of the same, with the best views of consumers and specialists.

    70,00 € -35.7822% 44,95 €
  • Acofarbaby Breast Pump Manual Acofarbaby Breast Pump Manual
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    Acofarbaby breast Pump manual

    Acofarbaby breast Pump Manual, a soft rubber bulb to suck on the chest and fácilitar the output of breast milk, once the tank is full is emptied out gently, in a bottle for luegfo darselo a baby.

    6,99 €