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Are you looking for baby bottles to feed your baby?. If your answer is yes, let me tell you that you're in luck as you are on the site already indicated that in Farmaciamarket we have a wide repertoire of bottles of different brands, bottles of all sizes and shapes possible, plus a host of useful accessories such as bottle heaters, sterilizers, rods cleaning of bottles, bags, thermals, kits, feeding bottles or teats.

What you can do Farmaciamarket for you

In Farmaciamarket you can buy online bottles to drink from the most prestigious brands such as Chicco, Avent, Suavinex, Nuk, Mam, Dr Brows ... and nipples of various materials and diameters, also nipples anticólicos.

Bottles Anticólicos

In addition, you will benefit from attractive discounts, promotions and packs-gift very seductive, including products from the most prestigious brands.

We offer in addition to customer support to resolve the possible questions that could emerge, and a service of delivery of the orders of the fastest on the market of our country. If this were not enough, we invite you to visit our blog where you can find interesting articles about all kind of food products and personal care, plus practical tips for the use of your products in the most satisfying. What more can you ask for?.

How to choose the bottle most appropriate

It is essential to take into account the age of the small, choose a size that fits him best, as well as a nipple that will provide the power.

Hygiene is vital to prevent the baby can get sick by microorganisms generated by a poor cleaning of the bottle, so it is essential that the bottle has its walls more smooth as possible and without twists and turns. This way you will be able to seamlessly access all the inside of the bottle, after using it, to disinfect it (sterilize it completely.


Choose bottles of glass, or in their default, plastic, heat-resistant, to be able to sterilize it conveniently with steam at high temperatures, thus finishing with all of the germs that may be present.

By following these tips, you will be completely sterilized the bottle but it is the nipple, you want to clean it thoroughly and your hands. Wash well before and after to prepare and use the bottle as our skin is full of microorganisms that we are immune to the adults, but not younger, with their defensive systems even brand.

You can also choose from bottles practical, such as for example bottles, leak-proof, to prevent that the bottle may turn over when to support him in any surface while feeding into “sin”. In addition there are certain bottles that feature an upper valve to regulate the flow rate that will leave your content through the nipple.