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There is nothing more exciting than watching the little ones with the confidence that what you're doing well. To do this, nothing better than to have the help of a reference mark on the market as Suavinex.

With a percentage of sales is considerable and has a diverse background in childcare, the firm is among the most valued by fathers and mothers in the upbringing of their children.

If the time has come to face up to the choice of the better bottle for baby, better do it with the security that it offers a brand as Suavinex. More than thirty years in the service of the customer are not an endorsement and a guarantee of a job well done that has paid off, because there is more to see the acceptance among the families.

The guidelines should take into account when buying a bottle are many and varied, highlighting among them, for example:

- Check the material of manufacture of the bottle. Being the glass less toxic in this aspect, if you have decided to opt for a bottle of plastic you have to make sure always that it is free of BPA. The bottles suavinex comply with the current european legislation in this respect.

- To those afflicted with a hygiene a bottle of glass during the first few months is a good alternative. Suavinex account also with a range of bottles from glass, heat-resistant, and which do not allow the odor or colors are filled. A further sample of the quality products that represents the brand.

- The time comes to decide among the wide range of potential nipples that exist in the market. Although this is a task not exactly simple, Suavinex has nipples with valve anticólico that will allow the baby to enjoy the breastfeeding from the first take.

Nipples anatomical, round, 3 positions to regulate the flow and to choose between latex or silicone.

Among one of the privileges of the brand is the fact that, these dummies have the support of the Spanish Society of paediatric dentistry.

The products Suavinex can be found for sale in pharmacies and parapharmacies, as well as establishments of childcare enabled for this purpose. Affordable prices and exclusive styles of high quality that help in the beautiful work of the maternity/paternity.

For lovers of the trends and always be trendy, the bottles Suavinex have a careful design that is renewed periodically, that is, without doubt, a mark is distinctive that works to renew itself.

Suavinex is the perfect companion for babies most chic, with the guarantee of not only provide design, but also quality and safety of their products.

A detail that love among the little ones, given the character fun and child of the same, but also among the greatest who like to always be at the peak of the wave in terms of fashion for children.

Choose Suavinex bottles and, it creates the trend!