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Bottle Tommee Tippee

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For medical reasons or by choice, the case is that there are many parents who opt for the artificial feeding as a form of food for their babies.

With the supervision of a good professional begins the way of the milk formula and baby bottles, a question that becomes at times a cause of concern for parents.

So if this is your case, or if you need to compact the shots of the bottle with the chest by the addition to your workplace, it is desirable that the choice of the bottle right to act with minutia

The choice of the bottle as a means of nutrition for the newborn, makes the dad to be more involved in lactation and be able to share a part in the upbringing of children.

But...what value dads and moms out of a bottle?

Recent studies have shown that we tend to worry the parents are the cramping in the nursing infant, a problem that is estimated to be fighting babies and dads, and that usually lasts for up to approximately three months of life.

The bottle tommee tippee anticolico is suitable for these first days of disorientation in which the small faces so painful situation. The efficient design of the same, by which its aeration system allows you to stop the colic of the baby is one of its main advantages. It can be combined with your nipple for easy grip and smoothness that allows your baby enjoy feeding.

Moms all over the world recommend the bottles, tommee tippee. Brand which has different alternatives on the market, among which stand out: the baby bottles tommee tippee closer to nature-easi-vent or Closer to nature anti-colic plus.

From simple designs ranging from traditional transparent color of the container up of drawings with a cheerful colorful. Decorations in blue and pink that will awaken the interest of the infant when it starts to distinguish with sharp colors and shapes.

The sizes currently available on the market for this brand of baby bottles 150 ml, 260 ml and 340 ml.

The line closer to nature, whose launch was produced in the year 2006, has been without a doubt, a revolution for those who were already loyal to the product and an important step forward for the dads who are looking for made with the most innovative products on the market that will contribute to making the artificial feeding experience fun and unique.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the shape of the bibe, which, given its curvature allows for easy grip by the little hands of the baby.

Make meal time for your baby to be as attractive as possible for him, házte with a bottle tommee tippee, with more than five decades in the service of the pequeñajos of the house and it adjusts to the constant needs of the baby, adapting to the evolution and growth of the same.

To help in this process, the brand also offers other products, such as, for example, bag thermal travel bottle warmer travel, sterilizer electric and electric heater for bottles.

So check our current stock below!

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