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  • Bonflex Collagen 60 Tablets
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    Bonflex Collagen 60 Tablets

    Bonflex Collagen 60 Tablets with glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, boswellia serrata is a collagen of high quality that takes care of you. A container monthly manufactured under pharmaceutical standards. they are high-quality ingredients and formulated thinking in the care of your body from the inside out. With vitamin C that improves for the formation of...

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  • Bonflex Collagen 120 Tablets
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    Bonflex Collagen 120 Tablets

    Bonflex Collagen 120 Tablets a complex of collagen plus hyaluronic acid that covers all the needs to recover injuries and supplement the diet since your first day, Recommended by experts contains a collagen-bioactive type 2, maximum quality and with a composition that is carefully detailed. High-quality collagen plus hyaluronic acid plus boswellia serrata.

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  • Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml
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    Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml

    Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml is a cream to sports massage, with natural ingredients and effective help to be able to have better feelings to rest the body. Suitable for professionals and individuals to be able to use in a professional massage, therapeutic, preventive, physiological, sports, or relaxation. You will feel a sense of relief and comfort...

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  • BonFlex Gel 100 ml
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    BonFlex Gel 100 ml

    BonFlex Gel 100 ml is a gel that provides heat for the physical needs of your body, recover injuries effectively and also provides heat to prevent future injuries or tears. Find all the range bonflex and combinalo with tablets or powder to ensure your complete recovery. At a price of offer you will find the best offer online bonflex gel retriever.

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  • Bonflex Recovery Collagen 397.5 g
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    Bonflex Recovery Collagen 397.5 g

    Bonflex Recovery Collagen 397.5 g with collagen bioactive is one of the few collagens with warranty pharmaceutical manufacturing, and use, therefore their use is recommended by specialists to be one of the brands sold on the market. A great price, you will find the full range bonflex joints from pills to powder, and gel. Great price deal to purchase...

    25,00 € -16.1901% 20,95 €
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