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Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets


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Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets a protein snack to save the day of hunger, great complement with which you can continue with your care appreciating the flavor of chocolate as if you ate sweets. A great flavor for a high protein content combined with very low carbohydrate content which will make it easier to take care of yourself. With 158 k cal for each envelope of 35 gr. Buy at the best price online offer your bodybell method.

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What is Bodybell Chocolate Flavor Soy Beads 6 sachets?

Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets it is a snack that has a high protein content in order to reduce the feeling of appetite between meals, so it can be ingested as a supplement to the daily diet.

In its composition has been included a delicious chocolate flavor to avoid the need to eat sweet foods, helping to preserve a low-calorie diet and achieve the weight request effortlessly.

For its preparation it has been sought to provide a high protein content coupled with a reduced content of carbohydrates, providing a delicious flavor.

What benefits does the intake of Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets generate?

These Pearls have been formulated with the purpose of collaborating with the realization of dietary regimes to reduce or preserve weight, without having to go hungry and consuming a food with a delicious flavor.

Its composition allows it to be eaten mid-morning or for snack, reducing the need to eat between meals, consuming a snack with an excellent flavor and healthier.

With its consumption, a feeling of satiety is generated with a food that has a low caloric intake, preventing the consumption of excess calories which usually come from the intake of fats and sugars.

What components does Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets include?

These soy pearls have a delicious chocolate flavor and has been enriched with calcium, since this mineral is essential for the normal functioning of the human body, while promoting the care of teeth and bones.

It also includes a dose of sodium, in order to collaborate with the balance of blood pressure, water balance and the amount of blood in the body, while promoting the digestive process, improving the absorption of nutrients and energy.

This snack has a reduced content of lipids and carbohydrates, since by ingesting a small amount of carbohydrates a faster loss of fat is generated, preventing you from consuming lipids or fats in excess.

What are the features of Bodybell Beads Soy Chocolate 6 Sachets?

Bodybell Chocolate Soy Pearls 6 Sachets they are snacks specially made in order to reduce appetite, while providing a reduced amount of calories and has a higher intake of protein.

  • They contain a balanced and superior nutrient content.
  • It has a delicious flavor.
  • Promotes weight loss without having to go hungry.
  • It can be consumed as a delicious snack.
  • It is consumed simply.
  • It is a hypocaloric food, since it has 157kcal for each sachet of 35g.
  • It provides lots of protein, 15g per sachet.
  • It provides a reduced amount of lipids and carbohydrates.
  • Each pack includes 6 sachets.
  • It contains allergens such as soy and milk, while its manufacture is carried out in equipment where nuts, peanuts, eggs and wheat are handled.

Bodybell Composition Chocolate Flavor Soy Beads 6 sachets

Soy balls (soy protein, rice flour, cocoa, yeast: calcium carbonate, flavoring), chocolate coating (sugar, vegetable oil, milk proteins, cocoa, emulsifier: lecithin, flavorings, sweeteners: sucralose).

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