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Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g


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Bodybell Bottle Cappuccino Drink 450 g a drink with all the amount of proteins necessary for the bodybell method is perfect for flavor and texture to be able to complete your protein-rich diet. A low content of carbohydrates and fats makes this product a market leader substitute for kot or optifast. Bet on the quality of bodybell.

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Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g it is a drink to make a delicious snack flavored cappuccino, which has a practical presentation of 450 grams per container to be handled in a more simple and convenient way.

This drink is the clear example that dieting does not mean going hungry or consuming boring foods, since this smoothie can be consumed at any time of the morning and has an exquisite Cappuccino flavor.

It is enriched with proteins of the best quality, with a low content of lipids and carbohydrates. Additionally, it contains an energy value of 93 kcal per serving of 26 g which is excellent to be consumed in the mornings.

Benefits of Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g

Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g it is a product of excellent quality, which generates a high intake of protein per intake, so the intake of this product translates into satiety for the consumer and a delicios food that can be consumed at any time of the morning.

This shake generates an excellent way to eat a delicious food in a healthier way, since performing a weight loss regime does not mean that you should go hungry.

This drink is excellent for those mornings when you want to eat a food with an exquisite flavor and that at the same time is healthy, this as a result of its content so low in lipids and carbohydrates.

It is excellent to help generate an exclusive intake of purified and fractionated protein foods that collaborate in their absorption directly, managing to restrict carbohydrates and fats almost completely.

This product especially helps to generate an inclusion of vitamins in the daily diet, helping to avoid certain nutritional deficiencies that generate some problems such as weakness and fatigue, which make people end up leaving diets.

It maintains an excellent taste and its presentation is not expensive. In addition, it generates a great supply of proteins that helps avoid sagging, feeling hungry and tiredness, with excellent results that continue in the long term.

Characteristics of Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g

Bodybell Cappuccino Bottle 450 g it is a very delicious cappuccino flavored drink that is wonderful to be consumed in breakfasts, snacks and as desserts, thanks to its high protein and low fat components.

  • Its effectiveness is clinically proven under strict tests.
  • It helps you lose weight faster, more effectively and with a lot of health benefits.
  • It is enriched with proteins of the best quality, has a low content of lipids and carbohydrates only 4 g per serving of 26 g.
  • Its energy value can be measured at 93 kcal per 26 gr.
  • Contains allergens such as milk and soy.
  • Its manufacture is carried out in equipment where other ingredients such as egg, gluten and celery are also used.
  • It can be used as a delicious snack.
  • Its presentation is a container containing 450 grams.