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Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g


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Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g it is a drink made with Caramel flavor that has in its formula little amount of lipids and carbohydrates, but at the same time a high concentration of proteins.

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It is the ideal supplement to be taken at breakfast since it is appropriate to start the day with an excellent contribution of energy, this product is completely special because its base is protein.

Since the base of this product is natural protein, it is extracted with the best quality of different derivatives known as milk, soy, and eggs, managing to generate a better digestion as well as an excellent assimilation of nutrients.

Benefits of Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g

Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g this drink can be used in different diets that have a protein base, specifically indicated to reach the solution of lipoinflammation that is located in the cells of the adipose tissue.

This shake manages to help in the non-recovery of the weight that has been lost, due to the concentration of proteins that the product has high biological value.

It is excellent to be used in diets that are low in the consumption of carbohydrates and fats, improving that the body manages to use correctly the reserve of fats that in it is as a source of energy

In its formulation you can find an approximate of 8 amino acids which are necessary for the functioning of the body and, in addition, they have a chemical index that is above 100.

And these can be mixed with other ingredients managing to provide the body with an excellent satiety effect, since additionally it has a low composition of lipids and carbohydrates that is essential since it does not generate interference of any kind with the diet.

Features of Bodybell Cocoa Pot 450 g

Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g it is a drink made to be ingested in the morning period and thus manages to offer a start to the day with the best energy.

  • It is enriched with proteins and has a low composition of carbohydrates and lipids.
  • The value of its energy content is 90 kcal included in each ration of 25.5 and 77 kcal if the ration is 21.3 g.
  • It is composed of ingredients such as milk, soy and gluten which are usually allergenic so if it has contraindications with any of these components avoid using the product.
  • It is manufactured by equipment in which they are manipulators of ingredients such as egg and celery.
  • It offers a large amount of protein per serving, resulting in superior satiety for the remainder of the day.
  • It is made with a presentation that makes it a completely economic product providing a net content of 450 gr.

Preparation of Bodybell Candy Jar 450 g

This shake should be prepared in an amount of 200 ml. from cold or natural water, the contents in the liquid should be dissolved in a vigorous way to promote the preparation to be effective or you can use a blender to improve this process.

Then proceed to heat it in a bowl or using a microwave and then it would be ready to be consumed once a day at breakfast thus offering the best contribution of energy.