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Blevit Digest Happy Bellies 150 g


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  • It comes in the form of an infusion.
  • It helps to have a good digestion.
  • Suitable for consumption in babies, adolescents and adults.
  • Calms colic and stomach upset.
  • Made from natural products.
  • Activates the respiratory system.

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It is an infusion that favors the digestive process, which has been made based on plant extracts such as chamomile and fennel that generate excellent results by promoting digestion, calming colic and other digestive discomforts.

Its intake helps in the improvement of cases of mild digestive disorders such as colic, since it helps to generate the elimination of accumulated gases, while favoring heavy and slow digestions, decreasing digestive problems.

Thanks to its chamomile content, it collaborates with increasing the feeling of rest and relaxation, since it can be prepared both hot and cold, providing a delicious flavor that favors its intake.

Why buy Blevit Digest Tummy Happy 150 g in Pharmacy Market?

It has been made with ingredients of natural origin in order to favor infants from their first months of life, although it can also be ingested by school-age children, adolescents and adults.

In addition, it favors pregnant women, since its intake collaborates with the relief of some mild discomforts that may arise during pregnancy such as gases and heavy digestions.

Its continuous use collaborates with the maturation and regulation of the gastrointestinal system, while helping to improve digestion while reducing some discomfort such as colic and constipation.

Its relaxing and soothing action helps to reduce the appearance of nightmares and the discomfort that arises when the first teeth appear, while its ingredients of natural origin help to tone and invigorate the muscles.

It also reactivates the respiratory and immune system, improves the normal development of the nervous system, promotes blood circulation by increasing the transport of oxygen to the tissues.

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This delicious and beneficial infusion includes extracts of ingredients of natural origin such as fennel and chamomile, in order to avoid and treat mild digestive problems such as colic.

These components prevent various discomforts and feelings of restlessness from originating in the baby, as it helps the expulsion of accumulated gases to originate.

How to prepare Blevit Digest Tummy Happy 150 g

The preparation of this infusion is carried out by diluting the powder of Blevit Digest Happy Bellies 150 g in cold or hot water, although it can also be added to any commonly ingested drink, be it fruit juice or milk.

In the case of babies who ingest milk, it can be added to milk bottles, since it provides a delicious flavor, without the need to add sugar or any sweetening product. It is recommended to take 1 to 3 doses a day.

Its intake will depend on age, so it is suggested to be done as follows:

  • Up to 2 months: about 2.5 g in 50 ml of liquid is recommended.
  • From 2 to 6 months - 5 g in 50 to 100 ml of liquid.
  • Up to 1 year - 10 g in 100 ml of liquid.
  • From 1 to 8 years - 20 g in a cup or a glass of liquid of 200 ml.

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