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Find all the baby milk market leader and the infant milk more, you can now find blemil on offer on the internet, buy at the best price.

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  • Blemil Optimum 2 Protech 800g + 800g + Blevit Optimum 5 Cereales 800g
    Blemil Optimum 2 800g + Blevit Optimum 8 Cereal 800g

    Blemil Optimum 2 800g. Blevit Optimum 8 Cereal 800g Pack is made up of milk, more grain with a savings of 20 %

    64,95 € -26.1755% 47,95 €
  • buy cheap Blemil Plus AR 800 g buy cheap Blemil Plus AR 800 g
    Blemil Ar 800 g

    Blemil Plus AR Anti-Regurgitation 800 g - It is a special milk for babies with regurgitation problems that causes them to assimilate the milk poorly and vomit or easily return the contents of the stomach causing discomfort and bad sensations. 

    24,40 €
  • Blemil Plus Optimum 2 ProTech Continuation Milk 1200 gr Blemil Plus Optimum 2 ProTech Continuation Milk 1200 gr
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Blemil Plus Optimum 2 ProTech Continuation Milk 1200 gr

    Blemil Plus Optimum 2 ProTech Continuation Milk 1200 gr

    32,95 € -10.4643% 29,50 €
  • Blemil Plus 3 Optimum Growth 1200g
    Entrega en 24 horas
    Blemil Plus 3 Optimum Growth 1200g

    Blemil Plus 3 Optimum Growth 1200g

    29,50 €
  • Blemil Plus AE 800 g Blemil Plus AE 800 g
    Blemil Ae 800 g

    A formula for babies with constipation problems and intestinal transit difficulty It helps the baby to poop easily and daily. Designed to provide all the necessary nutrients. It helps to strengthen defenses. Designed for newborn babies. It contributes to the proper functioning of the intestinal flora. It has a pleasant taste.

    25,80 €
  • Blemil plus 2 forte Nutriexpert 800 g
    Blemil plus 2 forte Nutriexpert 800 g

    Blemil 2 Plus Forte Nutriexpert 800 grams is the new formula enhanced ordesa laboratories with omega 3 and 6 that enhance and complement the diet of the baby in addition to nucleotide and probiotics that complement this formula leader. Package of 800 grams

    20,00 € -7.49% 18,50 €
  • Blemil Plus 3 Growth 1200 g
    Blemil Plus 3 Growth 1200 g

    Blemil Plus 3 Format saver 1200 grams it is a milk growth made from cow's milk, adapted to the nutritional needs and digestive capacity and degree of maturation of the child, from the first year of age, it is a food of high nutritional value because it contains among other nutrients Nucleotides, Prebiotics, and Probiotics (Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria).

    25,00 € -12.8025% 21,80 €
  • Blemil Optimum 2 Protech 800 g
    Blemil Optimum 2 800 g

    Blemil Optimum 2 800 g the innovation made milk by laboratorios ordesa with nutrients from breast milk such as osteopontin dairy, mfgm b. infantis IM1 and Gos which provides optimal protection and ensures optimal growth. Improves tolerance and digestibility rich in B-palmitate and MFGM as it has a more complete lipid profile PALM OIL FREE

    25,00 € -9.58% 22,61 €
  • Blemil plus 1 forte Nutriexpert Format 1200 g
    Blemil Plus Forte 1 1200 g

    Blemil plus 1 forte Nutriexpert Format 1200 g milk baby more sold on the market at the best price online non online, a perfect size for their conservation with the guarantee and quality of blemil. 800 grams go to 16.63

    27,60 €
  • offer buy Blemil Plus Comfort 800 g offer buy Blemil Plus Comfort 800 g
    Blemil Confort 800 g

    Blemil Confort 800 g it is the Anticolico milk of laboratorios ordesa special for colic treatments and digestive discomforts, avoiding your well-being, thanks to the palmitic acid and to the carob seed prevents constipation and regurgitation in babies.

    26,99 €
  • Blemil Optimum 1 Protech 800 g
    Blemil Optimum 1,800 g

    Blemil Optimum 1,800 g it is a newborn milk born in 2018 with all the benefits of b-palmitate that ensures the correct lipid profile formulated without Palm oil in its composition. They incorporate key ingredients to improve immune and digestive development. With dairy Osteopontin more milk fat blood membrane they are key to the novelty of this formula.

    25,50 €
  • Blemil Optimum 3 800 g
    Blemil Optimum 3 800 g

    Blemil Optimum 3 800 g a novelty in growth milks for babies over 12 months, formulated without palm Oil is designed to improve protection, visual cognitive development, optimal growth and with a high tolerance and digestibility with the guarantee of laboratorios ordesa. No added sugars and No palm oil

    20,95 € -6.9069% 19,50 €
  • Blemil Optimum 2 Protech 800 g+ 800g Duplo Promotion
    Out of stock
    Blemil Optimum 2 Protech 800 g+ 800g Duplo Promotion

    Blemil Optimum 2 Protech 800 g+ 800g Duplo Promotion

    49,95 € -22.1301% 38,90 €
  • Blemil Plus 2 Forte 800g + 800g Duplo Promotion
    Out of stock
    Blemil Plus 2 Forte 800g + 800g Duplo Promotion

    Blemil Plus 2 Forte 800g + 800g Duplo Promotion

    39,95 € -25.0238% 29,95 €
  • Blemil 3 Plus Growth 800 g
    Out of stock
    Blemil 3 800 g

    Blemil Plus 3 growth 800g. - Is The milk of growth of ordesa laboratories, from the first year of life until they go to a feed of commercial milk, formula is more complete on the market providing all the needs of the child.

    16,01 € -21.9244% 12,50 €
  • Blemil Plus Premature 400 g
    Out of stock
    Blemil Premature 400 g

    Ordesa Blemil Premature 400 grams is a milk hipercalorica special for children with many needs from the beginning, this formula meets all their needs and provides them with all the energy they need, the ordesa laboratories take care of your baby from the beginning.milk ideal from the first day to have babies with low weight-for-your formula hipercalorica....

    21,99 €
  • Blemil plus 1 forte Nutriexpert 800 g
    Out of stock
    Blemil Plus Forte 1 Nutriexpert 800 g

    Account with Lactoferrin Contains lactoalbúmin and Nucleotides To help you build a better digestion Contains a total protein is quite similar to breast milk

    20,80 €
  • buy Blemil Plus 2 Forte 1200 g buy Blemil Plus 2 Forte 1200 g
    Out of stock
    Blemil Plus 2 Forte 1200 g

    Blemil Plus 2 Forte Saving Format 1200g it is the market's leading follow-on milk in nutriexpert format, enriched with acids DHA and ARA they make them together with omega 3 and omega 6 to be a very very complete formula.

    26,28 €

Nutrition for your baby is vital to its growth. It is for this reason that the well-known brand in infant nutrition, Blemil, offers formulas that incorporate the latest and most cutting-edge technological advances in the field of pediatrics.

Blemil is the result of the vast experience of Ordesa Laboratories in the field and nutritional research. With its big variety of milks and formulas for newborns and children,meets all the nutritional needs of infants with innovative options that cater to the international recommendations are more stringent in the area of power during the entire childhood.

Optimal nutrition for your baby

Milk for infants

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding as the sole form of nutrition for the infant during the first six months of life. However, for separate reasons, sometimes this is not possible, and for these cases, there are baby milk perfectly tailored to the stage of the digestive system of the child. Blemil Plus 1 is designed to be used between 0 and 6 months, and provides all the nutrients necessary for optimal and healthy development of the newborn from the first day of life.


Blemil Plus 2 Forte is a milk that was created primarily for the feeding of infants 6 to 12 months and has an ideal and innovative formula that, through optimal nutrients, developed the defenses of the child and strengthens your digestive tract, as well as contributing in the development of the brain and visual function of the infant.

Formulas of growth

Once the baby reaches his first year of age, Blemil continues to provide options to continue to grow healthy and strong not only in the physical plane, but also in the intellectual. It is advisable to include at least half a litre of Blemil Plus 3 in the daily diet, since, among other elements, with an adequate content of protein, calcium, iron, and 13 vitamins. There are several different forms that include fruits and cereals.

Special milk

Blemil also think of the infants during the growth may be in need of special requirements of nutrition, either by digestive discomfort or allergies or intolerance to any food. It is as well as offers elaborate presentations with bases of rice, or soy, or for premature infants or lactose intolerant. It's about options especially created to prevent discomfort due to constipation, regurgitation and colic.

Blemil, that with its range of products for infants, helps strengthen the baby's growth, and is that for many centuries even if the science had not yet reached a progress in the feeding of the baby, the mother given to them the milk of her breast, called the breast milk, it would provide the nursing infant vitamins and minerals necessary for them to be able to enjoy excellent health. However, today we find children who are left to take chest in a short time, or for health conditions, the mother may not provide you with the little milk, and that is when we seek the way to replace this valuable food product that contains the same characteristics, as it is Blemil.

Blemil, the best food for your baby after the mother's milk.

Other tests have determined that the breast milk is irreplaceable in the feeding of the baby, there is no formula milk that match the chemical conditions of the milk, but has managed to maintain a good development, the vitality and the energy required in the child with infant formula as in the case of Blemil, which has all the necessary trace elements in the growth stage of the child from birth until 12 months of age.
One of the developments most notorious of the TWENTY-first century in relation to preparing food for the babies are the formulas milk, these are characterized by all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to feed the child, taking into account the proper amounts, measured in milligrams that is needed by the infant for feeding, it is important not to fall into an excess of any vitamin or mineral that is not eliminated by the body. Today the vast majority of infant formula are made of synthetic vitamins, as the demand for the product is so large that there would be no time making it with milk, this brings advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of formula milk in certain time depending on the constitution of the baby, it can cause diarrhea or constipation, depending on the degree of tolerance of the milk.

How does the Blemil?

As we have already mentioned above the breast milk is the best food for the baby, especially for the first few months of life, but when that is not possible, they should look at other alternatives, quality and secure to ensure the child's diet. For this reason Ordesa laboratories creates the milk Blemil, incorporating the latest scientific advances and the pediatric research in order to achieve formulas that go hand in hand with innovation nutritional.
What makes your composition is unique in the market is the combination of great ingredients, cutting-edge, which are known internationally and are the direct result of many investigations precursor in the nutrition of children, is highlighted in addition to the ongoing work of our pediatricians.
The different formulas that offers Blemil manage to be retrofitted to the digestive system of the baby, supplying the nutrients required for its growth and development.
Its wide range of products offers customer-specific solutions suitable for babies with little absorption of nutrients, digestive discomfort mild as colic and spitting up.

Benefits of taking Blemil

Products intended for infant feeding are made to provide your child with a variety of elements to help their growth, and to develop, among other things, her physical development intellectual, but between the benefits offered by Blemil can find the following:
? Provides protection for its content of vitamins C and D.
? Strengthens the growth, thanks to vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus.
? Participates in the development of cognitive and visual.
? Contains Iron and acid alpha-linolenic acid
? Accompanying them on the physical and intellectual development of the baby
? Is adapted to the nutritional needs.

When resorting to the Blemil?

The most frequent reasons why mothers choose to provide formula milk to feed your baby are:
? Because the newborn has a reflex of suction is weak, especially if it is premature to
? For very important reasons you must get away from the child of the mother, when the mother has a health problem and need to administering medications that are incompatible with breastfeeding
? Because it has to go back to work
? A rare case but it can happen, is that the mother is not producing breast milk, and therefore not able to feed the little one.

Advantages of taking Blemil

The main advantages of supplying milk formula are the following:
? Gives you more ease to the mother of their activities.
? Allows you to know that exact portion of milk takes the child.
? The mother should not change your diet in function of the breast.
? Infants who drink formulas do not have the need to eat in time periods as short, since it takes more time to digest.
? Thanks to the easy preparation, good flavour and texture have made the milk Blemil be the best option for many families throughout the world.
? This proven scientifically.

However, the use of the formula because it does not have to be exclusive, since it can serve as a complement to breast milk. When this is so, it is called mixed feeding. It is usually resort to it when the mother needs to be incorporated into the work, but Blemil recommends that:
? You must wait for the baby to have about 3 or 4 weeks, because up to that point will be displayed reluctant to accept a new type of suction.
? At the time of feeding the baby a bottle, the same is supplied by another person in order to avoid the rejection of the milk.
? If use is made of the milk formula only sporadically, it is preferable for the child to take a single bottle during the day, with the goal of avoiding the interruption of the production of breast milk.
? You should start to replace breast milk, milk formula every 3 or 4 days, if the mother has to return to work.