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Blemil Confort 800 g


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Blemil Confort 800 g it is the Anticolico milk of laboratorios ordesa special for colic treatments and digestive discomforts, avoiding your well-being, thanks to the palmitic acid and to the carob seed prevents constipation and regurgitation in babies.

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It is a dairy supplement with dietary properties that can be used for special medical uses, since it can be consumed as the only food source in the baby's life from birth to reaching six months of age.

It is recommended to intake of blemil confort up to the sixth month of life, because after this period of time the infant starts a diversified diet, which should be monitored by the pediatrician.

It is indicated to be used as a treatment against lactating colic, constipation and other mild digestive disorders, while it is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the baby.

The intake of Blemil Confort 800 g it offers a balanced diet, in addition, due to its hydrolyzed protein content it helps to originate a great digestion, absorption and tolerance.

The fat it contains is found with a wide content of palmitic acid in beta position, achieving a better use of absorption and eradicating the possibility of constipation by preventing hard stools from being generated.

The incorporation of carob seed flours favors its use in infants generating an excellent consistency, while eradicating gastroesophageal reflux since it includes fiber in its formulation.

Features of the Blemil Confort 800 g

Blemil Confort 800 g it is created starting from a high content of proteins extracted from whey that is partially hydrolyzed, helping in digestibility and absorption, favoring its tolerance.

  • Blemil confort it has a high content of carob seed flour that gives the formula a great consistency, improving the reduction of episodes of gastroesophageal reflux.
  • It contains a soluble fiber action that helps improve intestinal transit by supporting the role of ß-palmitate in the prevention of constipation.
  • It offers a great contribution of lactose.
  • Blemil confort 1 it exerts stimulation in the maturation of the digestive system decreasing the signs of immaturity in the intestine which intervene in the colic of the infant providing alterations of mobility or intestinal spasms.
  • It decreases the creation of calcium soaps which are one of the causes of constipation, eradicating the possibility of hard and very infrequent stools.

Indications of the Blemil Confort 800 g

It is indicated to be used from the first day of life, since it works positively as a dietary treatment to avoid colic, constipation and different mild digestive disorders.

It can be used in the case of babies with ages over 6 months that still contain a certain degree of digestive immaturity and a low tolerance to lactose can use the blemil plus comfort.

How to Use the Blemil Confort 800 g

The use of the Blemil confort it should start at the moment when the bottles, the nipple and the rocks have been properly sterilized in a closed container of water which has been allowed to boil for about 10 minutes.

Then water should be boiled, it should be allowed to stand, and then place the water in the bottle and add the level measurements of the blemil plus comfort, to culminate the bottle is closed and stirred until the powder has completely dissolved.