Blemil Ae 800 g


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  • A formula for babies with constipation problems and intestinal transit difficulty
  • It helps the baby to poop easily and daily.
  • Designed to provide all the necessary nutrients.
  • It helps to strengthen defenses.
  • Designed for newborn babies.
  • It contributes to the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.
  • It has a pleasant taste.

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It is a milk specially formulated for infants, since it helps to generate the complete satisfaction of the nutritional needs of the infant, from the moment of the baby's birth until he reaches 6 months of age.

Consumption of Blemil 1 Ae it helps to generate a positive interaction in digestibility, since it favors that the bowel movements of these are softer and more frequent, achieving to be quite functional for the smallest of the house.

This breast milk supplement contains various nutrients in its composition in order to promote the development of the baby, intervening in the defenses, creating an aid originating a healthy intestinal flora.

The use of this food can be used when breastfeeding cannot be carried out or it is insufficient, as a result of its advanced composition, thanks to the fact that it has been elaborated by Laboratorios Ordesa for its extensive research.

Components of the Blemil 1 Ae 800 g

It contains ingredients related to breast milk with a high concentration of palmitic acid in the beta position of triglycerides, LC-PUFAs, oligosaccharides and nucleotides, in addition to:

Beta Palmitate: it provides a broad favorability in the absorption of the fat fraction, calcium and magnesium, developing the bioavailability of nutrients and decreasing the creation of calcium soaps at the intestinal level.
Therefore the compounds are completely responsible for the hard stools that generate constipation, as a consequence the addition of beta palmetto improves the reduction of stool consistency offering an increase in frequency.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: specifically DHA (omega 3) and AA (omega 6), it offers the normal development of vision and the brain, in the same way a great reinforcement of the immune system.
Prebiotics: in the form of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), developing the intestinal flora in a healthy way throughout the digestive tract.  
Nucleotides: it creates an intervention in the maturation of the digestive system and immune function.

Main Characteristics of the Blemil 1 Ae 800 g

Blemil 1 Ea 800 g it should be used when it is considered necessary in the intake of the baby, aged from the first day of life to 6 months, since it contains a completely advanced formula:

The formula of blemil ae contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Prebiotics (FOS), Immunoglobulins and Nucleotides in a balanced way.

Blemil 1 ae is sent to the market in a container containing a content of 800 mg for daily use.

Indications of the Blemil 1 Ae 800 g

Blemil ae 1 milk is indicated for use in infants from the first day of life, when the intake of breast milk is null or insufficient to cover the nutritional needs of the baby

Blemil 1 Ea 800 g it has a very simple preparation since it is quite similar to that of a normal bottle, using the flat measures that have been indicated by the pediatrician.

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