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Bleaching Hair

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  • Andean Cream Lightener 100 ml
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    Andean Cream Lightener 100 ml

    Andean Cream Lightener 100 ml family size in promotion as it is the size of the larger manufactures this bleach more sold in the Spanish market. you just look hair black afee your visible parts of the face and legs.

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  • Andean Bleaching Facial Body 30 ml
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    Andean Bleaching Facial Body 30 ml

    Andean Bleaching Facial Body 30 ml Is a type of cosmetic high quality, which gives you an action lightener total or partial depending on what you want, it has a high efficiency and safety when used. Change hair dark to blonde, to match the tone of your skin. Works for hair, face and body

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For many women, the facial hair is very difficult to eliminate. Above all, to pass through the menopause this hair begins to grow even where none existed before, it becomes darker and thicker. However, there are many solutions to make it look otherwise.

One of the alternatives of beauty that exist today is the removal of hair. However, there are many cases in which people get tired of performing this procedure each time, and then, in some cases, the hair removal is not recommended because of the irritation, itching, swelling that occur in some types of skin. If you're tired of depilate or it produces unfavorable reactions, there are a great option are the creams, bleaching of the hair.

This method is simple, quick, for the simple application of the cream lightener, economic, and that can be done in the comfort of home. This option is returning to its peak mainly by women who are already tired of waxing.

At present, there are a varied range of useful products for this purpose, which are specifically designed for sensitive areas of the body. It is very important to take into account all the indications of the product for the treatment to be effective and notes the change quickly.

Some of the recommendations before applying creams, bleaches:

  • Avoid putting the cream bleaching in areas irritated or injured
  • The cream does not come into contact with the eyes
  • Once applied, avoid to be exposed to the sun at least use a sunscreen

Deals creams bleaching

If until now you have not encouraged to test the creams, bleaches, it may be a good time to change the method to avoid those uncomfortable body hair, especially in sensitive areas, and check the results.

In FarmaciaMarket we opened a category for the daily care of the body, in which we are rolling out an area for the discoloration of the hair, by virtue of the growing population is demanding products for this procedure, which has, among other advantages which may be by one's self from the comfort of your home.

In our catalog we include the cream lightener Andean,specially designed for hair, face and body, a cream with efficacy and safety changes in 10-15 minutes, the facial and body hair to dark blonde; a cosmetic high quality produced under control pharmacist of the hand of Laboratory Applications Pharmacodynamic, SA – FARDI – that is a pharmaceutical company of family and independent founded in 1940.

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