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Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml


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  • Light fluid texture.
  • Free of oils.
  • It is absorbed quickly.
  • Includes Retinsphere Technology.
  • It promotes daily care.
  • For oily skin and/or acne-prone skin.

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Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml it has been formulated in order to improve the hydration and barrier function of the skin when it is dehydrated and sensitized, decreasing sebum and shine to collaborate with the preservation of a clean and healthy skin.

With its use, the deterioration caused by UV radiation is avoided, providing greater sun protection thanks to its SPF 30 protection factor, while generating a moisturizing and restoring effect of the skin barrier.

It causes a mattifying and sebum-regulating effect that is quickly visualized, while providing a reduced keratolytic effect.

Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml

What are the benefits of using Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml?

This day cream provides the hydration required by sensitive skin due to the dryness that anti-acne treatments usually cause, while generating a matte effect that lasts all day.

It decreases the natural production of sebum, mattifies the face and generates an effect of decreasing brightness, while providing a feeling of lightness as a result of its rapid absorption without leaving oily residues.

It has a fairly light texture that generates a velvety finish while providing greater care against solar radiation thanks to its high protection factor of 30.

Its mixture of components causes the restoration of the skin's barrier function, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness on the face.

How does Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml work?

With its use, the face will feel cleaner and healthier since it mixes active components with a sebum-regulating and mattifying effect that collaborate with the reduction of excess sebum and the appearance of shine.

Its composition causes the restoration of the skin's hydration levels in a fairly fast and lasting way, while it provides a gentle keratolytic action that causes the restoration of the skin and prevents hyperpigmentation.

This cream restores the feeling of comfort in irritated skin after dermatological treatments, while its SPF30 provides greater care against deterioration caused by solar radiation.

What active ingredients does Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml include?

Biretix Hydramat Day Spf30 50ml it includes in its formula the following active components:

  • Hyaluronic acid and Arginine: they prevent the amount of transepidermal water from decreasing, trapping water and improving the skin while preserving its hydration.

  • Zinc, Niacinamide and Vitamin E: it originates its sebum-regulating, antimicrobial effect and intervenes in the restoration of the skin barrier.

  • Porous silica microspheres and Skin Smoother System: reduces excess sebum on the skin and produces a matte result, reducing the brightness of the face.

  • Photo-stable chemical filters: they cause greater protection thanks to their SPF 30 and their effective mixture of broad-spectrum ultraviolet filters protecting against UVB and UVA rays.

  • RetinSphere technology: includes new generation retinoids mixed with Papain, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Bisabolol and natural hydration factors.

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