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Birch Oil Weleda Anti-Cellulite 100 ml


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Weleda Birch Anti-Cellulite Oil 100 ml a natural oil from a mixture of birch leaves, rosemary and butcher's broom that are activators of the skin which will cause the movement of liquids and deposits that you need to gradually make cellulite disappear. It also contains wheat germ oil and jojoba with nourishing power which will make your skin look hydrated.

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Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml it is a product created with the aim of providing tuning and smoothing to the skin, thanks to the fact that it helps to eradicate efficiently the dead cells that it may contain.

Birch Oil Weleda includes fine pearls of natural waxes that achieve generate a cleansing gel which helps to eliminate dead skin cells, thus achieving skin renewal, although respecting considerably the natural balance of the skin.

Weleda birch oil it offers gentle cleansing agents that contribute to deep cleansing and a wide dermatological tolerance, so it can be used on sensitive skin.

Weleda birch oil in its formula contains fine oils of sesame and peach stone that generate greater protection of the skin in terms of drying, while providing a natural aroma based on essential oils.

These oils are coniferous and citrus managing to originate in the skin an effect of well-being, reason why also, the skin looks velvety and smooth instantly being perfect to be used as a firming treatment.

Properties of Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml

Birch oil weleda it contains an exceptional ability to create fluid mobilization and provide cleansing to the body, also serving as an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells creating an irresistible healthy appearance.

Weleda birch oil it includes an exfoliating compound, in addition, birch that stands out as the main component, white beeswax and sesame oil stand out as ideal active ingredients for skins that need hydration and nutrition.

Weleda birch oil it provides a great action of luminosity and preservation of youth, but these results are obtained only if the product is used properly and for a long time.

Different studies confirm that the results obtained after seven days of application are quite noticeable, so 88% of people tested say that the product does not dry out the skin on the contrary it is smooth and very soft.

It also contains a Nature ecological certificate of natural and organic cosmetics, as this stands out thanks to the fact that it can be used on sensitive skin, due to its wide range of products dermatological tolerance.

Benefits of Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml

Birch oil weleda it includes a formulation based on ingredients of natural origin, so it does not incorporate any of the following components, dyes, preservatives, or synthetic perfumes

Weleda birch oil is found free of substances of petrochemical origin, by product this reason is dermatologically approved, in addition, in addition to being 100% biodegradable and can be used by vegans. In addition, it originates:

  • Gentle exfoliation: it has fine pearls from natural wax such as Carnauba and Bee that generate as a result the stimulation through the massages of the microcirculation of the skin.

In addition, the skin can be seen and feel velvety and smooth immediately after use.

  • Delicate cleaning: it is a super soft and cleansing cream that does not contain preservatives, dyes or synthetic perfumes, which gently removes dead cells, while respecting in the best way the natural pH of the skin.
  • Promotes well-being: includes in its formula organic Sesame oil and Natural Essential Oils that generate a delicious unique aroma of conifers and citrus, so that the moment of the shower is completely pleasant for the senses.
  • Excellent WELEDA quality: contains extracts of leaves and pearls of natural waxes.

Active Ingredients of Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml

Birch oil weleda it is formulated integrating a specific line of anti-cellulite treatments that includes birch, in order to act synergistically and beneficial for the skin.

The initial step to have beautiful skin starts in the shower, for this reason the Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml it offers the gentle eradication of dead cells found in the skin, through light massages that they activate microcirculation. 

Thanks to its beeswax and carnauba content, it includes fine pearls that provide an exfoliating action for the skin, achieving the incorporation of a lotion that has a creamy base and that offers a rolling and exfoliating effect.

 Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml it contains delicate surfactants that have a sugar base in order to offer a smoother cleaning thanks to apricot oil, and its wide content of fatty acids and organic sesame oil.

In addition, these ingredients take care of the skin and turn the moment of the shower into an intensive care that offers well-being because of the coniferous essential oils and citrus fruits they also provide a great aroma, very fresh and suggestive.

Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml includes a natural exfoliant that helps to prepare the skin for the next care in an optimal way, providing a firming and reduction of birch anti-cellulite oil of Welda.

Therefore it is recommended to use this product at the time of the shower, since it ensures the exfoliation of the skin in an optimal way, resulting in the eradication of dead skin cells.

At the same time it achieves the activation of the renewal of the skin and the empowerment of it forming a beneficial anti-cellulite effect.

How to use Birch Oil Weleda 150 ml

The use of Birch oil weleda at least once a week repeatedly, so that the product can work properly providing the desired results.

Weleda birch oil it should be placed on the skin a sufficient amount in order to extend it in the different parts of the body during the shower, with gentle massages performed with circular movements.

Weleda birch oil it should be rinsed with plenty of warm water until no residue is observed in the body. Also, it can be used as a previous step to anti-cellulite treatments.