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  • Peptide Voltage 60 tablets
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    Peptide Voltage 60 tablets

    Peptide Voltage 60 tablets is a food supplement for stress, which contributes to its improvement through a dual mechanism of action known and tested by specialists. Prevents narrowing of blood vessels and also promotes vasodilation to intervene in the path of nitric oxide. A dual mechanism for combating hypertension in a natural way. You should take 2...

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  • Peptide Glucose-60 Tablets
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    Peptide Glucose-60 Tablets

    Peptide Glucose-60 Tablets is a food supplement anti hiperglucemico that contributes to maintaining normal levels of glucose in the blood through two mechanisms of action of tested and tested in the studies. Increases the bioavailability of chromium that increases their spending. Increases the secretion of insulin following the intake.

    25,95 €