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Bimanan is a diet that is rich in proteins with their new 3-2-2 Pro, Also available on the add-ins Bimanán Sustitutive

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After more than 30 years in the market, biManán pro has established itself as the method for slimming for excellence. Bimanán has extensive experience in food and diets aimed at weight reduction and long-term maintenance. Bimanán remains at the forefront of nutritional research incorporating continually with the latest advances in nutrition and health. The method bimanán, in addition to helping you lose weight in a healthy way, safe and effective, it helps improve your health.

Composition bimanan

Bimanán pro is committed to develop world-class products to improve the health of people and to focus its research and development efforts in identifying and addressing unmet needs. Always acting with integrity and honesty, and concerned with the environmental resources and by the community that surrounds us.

In 1978 born Biomanán within the Merck group.

In 2007 came the change of name of Biomanán to biManán with the goal to protect and clarify the concept of organic Agriculture.

In 2008, there was the sale of biManán the group Nutrition & Santé Iberia, SL

In 2009 biManán renews its entire range of replacement: a new image, more attractive and new recipes more tasty.

Finally, in 2010 biManán launches biManán Pro, a diet of last generation, hyperproteic and hypocaloric based on the exclusive method 3.2.2.

Nutrition & Santé, multinational company in the group japanese Otsuka, a leader in nutrition-oriented health, is present in various fields such as child nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition of people with situations physiological or pathological particular, functional foods and food supplements.

Bimanan is a brand that specializes in all kinds of products intended for weight loss. You have a lot of experience in diets and food-oriented weight loss, as well as in the fact of being able to keep it for the maximum time possible. In the formula of each of the products we can see that it has integrated the latest in terms of nutrition and health are concerned.

The client will take home a whole series of products and offers non-negligible.

Always and when combined with some sport regularly, as well as with a healthy diet, the results are not going to take a while to arrive.

In this section you will find articles related to the brand bimanan but, in order to have it easier to choose, we've prepared a selection of product highlights:

The main products of Bimanan

Bimanan Replaced

These products are intended to replace 1 meal, good for 2 sticks, or two shakes. It is characterized by a very simple method, effective, and at the same time easy to meet. The fact replace 1 meal will be that we keep in our weight, while if we do it with 2 adelgazaremos.

Another of its great advantages is that we can replace the food that we want: it can be breakfast, lunch, dinner...

In each of the shakes or bars corresponding'll have all the essential nutrients of the food, so we can go on a diet, making sure that our health will not be in danger at any time.

It is a type of article is very easy to consume and adapt to the day-to-day, even serve to offset some of the excesses that we have been able to commit in a timely manner.

Bimanan Pro

This range of products are hiperproteicos, for what they are intended to be included in a weight loss diet. These products are not hungry, because it can be combined with vegetables, salads, milk, etc

They provide fiber, vitamins and minerals, so you do not need to consume any other type of product supplementation.

In addition, they favor the maintenance of muscle; this way if we use them to complement a sports training, our muscles will always be in the best conditions.

Bimanan Complete Diet

And we ended up with this range which is supplied in the form of shakes; with 5 shakes a day our body will have all the nutrients that you need to avoid any problem of inadequate nutrition. In particular, we will receive less than 900kCal/day, it will be very easy to lose time.

We will have up to 3 days to make the complete replacement. This method has been tested by a series of tests, so that it meets with what might be expected of him.

In addition, the brand also has a line of bimanan Protein Diet (protein 100% plant), as well as Bimanan add-ons (solutions for specific problems).

Take a look at the section and you will get what you are looking for.

Preguntas frecuentes de Bimanan

Bimanan es una marca española para el cuidado de la figura, cuida tu linea favoreciendo una pérdida de peso con diferentes complementos alimenticios y a tu dieta.
BiManán lleva más de 30 años ayudando a mantener el peso y cuidado de la figura, con sustitutivos que ayudan a sustituir una comida evitando la ganancia de peso y favoreciendo el cuidado de la figura. La ropa de la cultura
Barritas y batidos componen también un amplio Vademecum de la marca biManán.

BiManán podrás encontrar una amplia gama de productos.
BiManán barritas con una gran variedad de sabores y de composiciones para el cuidado de la línea, dimanan barritas ricas en proteínas y bajas en hidratos de carbono para completar una dieta saludable.
BiManán batidos con diferentes composiciones y sabores para diferentes necesidades. Batidos sustitutivos para sustituir una comida y favorecer la pérdida de peso. Batidos biManán complementarios a tu dieta como parte de una dieta proteica.
Imana dietas completas para 3 y 5 días cómo preparatorio completo tanto de barritas como de vatios y complementos para favorecer perdida de peso y el cuidado de la línea.

Bimanan posee una amplia gama de diferentes productos para sustituir,la dieta biManán están cuidadas bajo estrictas condiciones con una combinación tanto de vitaminas minerales y composición nutricional para favorecer una pérdida de peso y un cuidado de tu figura.
Podrás tomar tanto barritas cómo batidos con una composición nutricional adecuada para su fin.
Bastará con tomar un batido o una barrita como sustitución de una comida con el objetivo de favorecer la pérdida de peso o cuidar una dieta saludable.

Al tomar biManán podrás sustituir una comida y aportar a tu cuerpo todas las necesidades nutricionales diarias pensado específicamente para favorecer la pérdida de peso y el cuidado de tu figura.
Tanto las barritas como los batidos son perfectos como sustitución de comida.

En nuestra plataforma online encontrarás toda la marca Bimanan disponible para comprar. BiManán barritas baratas para comprar así como batidos biManán a buen precio.
Recibe en menos de 24 horas en tu casa para comenzar una dieta biManán saludable. Encuentra todas las gama Bimanan para comprar mejor precio online.