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BIBI Chupetes accesorios

Bibi is a brand that manufactures a variety of accessories suitable to adapt to the growth of the baby. The professionals who work in the making of the same have a lot of experience behind their backs, so they manufacture a few accessories varied, quality, without any toxic product, ensuring the trust of parents.

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Us offers from pacifiers, baby bottles, teats, as well as a series of miscellaneous items.

Do you want to know because this brand is one of the most valued of the market? Read on to discover some of its main features.

Features of bibi pacifiers and bottles

Discover their original pacifiers!

The pacifier is an accessory complements essential for the baby; it will be your inseparable companion that will help you to calm down before their tantrums, to reduce the pain you can expect to experience in the time that we begin to leave their teeth, and, in addition, will give you a look of the most adorable.

In the market we can find a great variety of pacifiers... however, at the time of the truth they are all very similar: they follow the same lines, so it is not easy to find any that really is different.

In this case, the bibi pacifiers stand out to others:

Innovation: can You imagine a pacifier that has written the lyrics of “Pope of The best” or “Mommy I love you”? Or do with the drawing of teddy bears sleeping at night, or eating fruit? Well stop imagining because this is precisely what you will find with the pacifier brand bibi.

Are pacifiers very original; perfect for our baby starts to mark its own style from a very young age. In addition, they can also be a perfect gift for a mom who just had your baby, or as a complement to a cage.

Different materials: The brand also offers us a pacifier, silicone or latex. The pacifiers bibi latex could cause any type of allergy in certain infants; it is for this reason, so the brand gives us the alternative of choose from silicone, avoiding that nothing bad can happen.

Anatomical: in Addition to all the above features, you must know that we are talking about models, pacifiers, and anatomical; that is to say, that will suit the mouth of the small, avoiding that it can enter the air when you're using it. So you will help prevent colic.


The brand also brings us some bottles like the original that their pacifiers; we can find them with the messages of “I (heart) mom” or “Dad, " The best”, among many other possibilities.

You can find them in different capacities, as well as with some different features to suit all types of baby.


To be able to complement the bottles, the brand also offers us different models of nipple (of the mouth more or less wide, made with material of silicone or latex, as well as different characteristics to contemplate).

If you are looking for a quality brand that you really guarantee the best results, you have just found.